Anthony Toma’s Nine9 Is Providing Models And Actors With World-Class Services

Anthony Toma believes in writing down his ideas. He also tries to ask questions that could poke holes in them. According to the founder and chief executive officer of Nine9 Talent Agency, this process ensures that his ideas are viable. When he is unable to poke more holes in his ideas, Anthony presents it to his team. He then challenges the bright minds to try their best and bring the idea down. The team generates solutions for the ‘holes.’ If no more holes are identified, he presents his idea to the public. Click Here for Nine9 reviews .

However, he did not did not take this approach when incorporating Nine9. The idea of forming this company surfaced when he was looking for a side business to add to his grocery business. He looked around for the right business. Eventually, he purchased a modeling and acting related franchise. Toma expanded this business by opening 26 franchises across the United States. The business was headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company’s dismal performance did not discourage him to develop other ideas. He decided to found a new company and model it according to his visions. To this end, he incorporated Coral Reef Productions in 2003. Nine9 is the current version of the business. Nine9 at Instagram .

According to his interview with Ideamench, Toma’s day is characterized by many activities. The business leader starts his day by getting his kids ready for school. He then enjoys a couple of rhyming games with the children in the car as he drives them to school. For Toma, these activities energizes him for the day and gets his mental juices flowing. He then drives off to work while listening to audio books on business building and motivation. Before starting his official duties, Toma logs in to his social media platforms to check on various trending issues and world news.

About Nine9

Nine9 has been operating in the casting industry for 15 years. The American company focuses on helping its models and actors. Unlike other casting agencies, Nine9 offers world-class services. The company offers a commission-free environment and also provides its models and actors with a tailored talent benefits programs. for more .


Agriculture Projects In Africa May Be Worsening Segregation

Climate change, food insecurity, low crop yields and significant growth in the population are four of the factors that will dictate the agricultural and economic shape of Africa during the next century. Even if the continent’s countries can successfully negotiate more lucrative trade deals and policy reforms, Africa will still have to produce more food for its people.


For this to happen, updated agricultural practices have to become the norm, and it’s up to smallholder farmers to make this happen. This requires having information that is relevant to the area and accurate. Unfortunately, smallholder farmers in Africa have limited access to these details, and this is largely due to a lack of modern technology.


Agricultural extension services could prove to be a solution to this problem. The services involve employing extension officers who promote the incorporation of new technology and methods. However, this program is severely under-funded. It’s also fairly common for government extension officers to be responsible for thousands of households, and this is difficult and sometimes impossible to manage.


As a solution for the government extension officer shortage, many governments in Africa are embracing the farmer to farmer extension program. This is where local members of the community become leaders for farmer and deliver necessary information to those who are growing and cultivating food for the area.


Fourteen months of fieldwork was conduct to see whether the farmer to farmer program is effective. Six countries in southern and eastern Africa participated in the project.


African farmers reported that there are several factors that make the system dysfunctional. One of the issues was trust, since some lead farmers were not approachable due to gender or religious biases. Lead farmers were also handling certain agricultural issues correctly, according to the farmers under their leadership. Jealousy was also a huge factor, since the lead farmers were often supplied with all they needed to try new technologies, while the farmers under them still struggle financially and agriculturally. This led many farmers to feel as though the system is unfair and does not benefit African communities as a whole.


For more information on agricultural disparities in Africa and possible solutions, check out the Huffington Post website.


Is The U.S. Facing an Economic Downfall in the Poultry Agricultural Industry?

Could the United States be facing an economic crisis in the agricultural industry similar to the farmers’ debt crisis in the 1980s? There is the possibility that it may happen when we observe the events that occurred during those times. Farmers were consumed in debt which caused them to lose their land, equipment and homes. It affected global economies because of incurred loan debts and decreased assets value. The same thing happened in the mortgage industry beginning in 2007, which resulted in homeowners and entrepreneurs losing their assets.





In the 1980s, farmers relied on bank loans to purchase new equipment and inevitably increased prices for their farm products, such as chickens and turkeys. The profitability margin increased for many farmers, but only lasted for a little while. The agricultural debt in the U.S. increased to more than $350 billion by the end of 1981. Farmers were heavily in loan debt with low value of assets. According to The Huffington Post, over 60,000 farmers lost their farm and homes between 1981 through 1986.



It appears that farmers who raise poultry, including chickens and turkeys are subjected to loan debt compared to large chicken factories. Companies, such as Perdue and Tyson contract with farmers to produce the products. The poultry farmers obtain loans and put their whole possessions up for collateral without knowledge of the outcome. Just because the interest rates are low during the time of the loan, the Federal Reserve can interest rates at any time.



But, what happens when farmers have to refinance at a higher interest rate? It causes financial stress, risk, and burden on the farmer and his or her family. To start a chicken farm business, the entrepreneur needs approximately $1 million or more in capital. That’s an enormous debt for farmers considering one chicken is sold at approximately five cents per pound. So, who’s really bringing in high revenue, the chicken companies and manufacturers.



Farmers incur mostly financial debt and risk, rather than profits when they use their assets as collateral to receive loans from banking institutions. The banks are protected by federal government agencies, including Farm Service and Small Business. Who is protecting the farmers when they are encouraged to get loans and eventually default? Maybe the government can do something to start protecting the farmers who do all the hard work to raise chickens and turkeys.

Who is Vincent Parascandola?

Vinny (Vincent) Parascandola serves as the senior executive vice president at the AXA Advisors, LLC. His responsibilities include recruiting, sales, retention, management development productivity, and also developing of experienced and new financial experts. Vinny Parascandola has worked in the industry for more than 25 years. He has managed to acquire a lot of experience. He started his professional journey in 1987 when he worked as an agent at Prudential. He was named as the National Rookie of the Year during this time. Vinny Parascandola later went on to work at MONY Life Insurance Company where he served in various regional and local positions in field management.

Vinny Parascandola went to work for AXA Advisors in the years 2004 after working for some years at MONY Life Insurance Company. He started by serving as the President of the Advantage Group. The Advantage Group was a unit of the AXA Equitable that was formed to attract financial experts who are seasoned. He also served as a co-manager of AXA Advisors’ New York Metro Branch. Parascandola has been able to win many management awards in the course of his career due to his exemplary leadership skills. These include the master agency awards and the GAMA’s career development.

Vinny Parascandola is a motivational speaker who speaks at industry conferences and companies. He is a GAMA member and a former president of the Florida Chapter. Vinny also served as the Chairman of the field officers committee of LIMRA. Vinny went to study at the Pace University, New York where he managed to acquire his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. The AXA Advisors, LLC is a retail and dealer distribution channel for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. It is a top financial protection firm. The firm is among the premier providers of annuity and life insurance products in the nation. AXA Advisors has a network of about six thousand financial experts. Vinny Parascandola attributes his success in the financial world to commitment, passion, and hard work. He serves as a mentor to young and upcoming individuals who wish to venture in his line of work.

José Henrique Borghi: Creating Effective Ad Campaign

José Henrique Borghi is a highly reputable and experienced marketing experts and advertising serices provider. José Henrique Borghi has been rendering high quality advertising services to organizations, establishments and business owners. He is co-founder of Brazilian top rated ad agency Mullen Lowe, which is well known for delivering superior services.

Businesses need to promote their products and services to the right audience using effective advertising message. Credible advertising agencies can manage all aspects of your marketing and advertising to ensure successful outcome.

Many companies and business owners find it difficult to choose the right ad agency to handle their marketing, advertising or business promotions. There are many advertising agencies offering to provide the services. Many of them may be able to provide advertising and marketing promotions to businesses and organizations, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting high quality service.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, José Henrique Borghi is fully committed to providing clients with the highest quality service possible. José Henrique Borghi and his staff work closely with clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. His purpose is to help clients get more customers and increase their revenue. He does this by learning about the client’s business and their expectations, and implementing effective and proven strategies. Every time José Henrique Borghi gets a project from a client, he strives to provide top notch service and guide them to success in their business promotion.

Coming up with appealing and engaging marketing or advertising message or campaign is not an easy task. Achieving great success in this regard takes a skilled and experienced team of creative professionals.

By hiring José Henrique Borghi, you’re getting experience and expertise from a highly reputable team of professionals who has the resources and industry connections necessary to reach your business goals.

No Remorse Living Room Furniture


So you are in the market for some new living room furniture. How do you choose that perfect couch and recliner? Which brands will last, are easy to clean, and are comfortable? We all want the best bang for our buck and with a bit of research you can narrow your choices down so that the day you make your purchase the only thing you will need to know is the color.


According to the British and American Chiropractic association recliner reviews, a good recliner can actually ease chronic back pain. Trying one out on the showroom floor isn’t the best way to determine if a recliner is right for you., a website where customers rank pretty much everything, ranked the top three brands of recliners as Powel, Simmons, and Catnapper and all three have high reviews on Amazon as well. rank these as the top three in durability, price, and comfort, Flash Furniture’s leather rocker recliner, Home Elegance glider reclining chair, and Roundhill Furniture dual rocker recliner chair.


Sofa’s or couches are the primary resting place during waking hours. Because of this fact, if you have pets or small children you will want something durable and cleanable. Small living spaces will need more compact sofas; while larger can accommodate a versatile sectional. ranks these three as the best couches: Becona soft touch sectional sofa (perfect for homes with kids and pets), Serta Palisades (easy to clean), DHP Emily Convertible (best for small apartments). All three had a 9+ rating out of an available 10 points.


According to, these are the three top rated best sofa/couches: B & B Italia, Smith Brothers of Berne, and Thomasville furniture industries.


No matter the size of your living area, or the number of household occupants, purchasing furniture is an investment. Doing some comparisons before you purchase will save time and money. There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse when it comes to the furniture you sit on every day! There are many good companies and options to choose from, take your time and choose wisely.

Greg Finch: A Famous Name In Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries are such type of surgeries that deal specifically with the skeleton and muscles problems in a human body. This type of surgery resolves the problem which arises in a skeleton, ligaments, attachments and tendons. Few other problems arise from injury to the backbone or damage as people ages. The range of treatments includes amputation, traction, hand reconstruction, joint replacement, spinal fusion, etc. Few other types of ailments that an orthopedic specialist treats are broken bones, sprains, strains and dislocations. Occasionally, orthopedic surgeries include the addition of a foreign material to a human body such as wires, pins, screws, tongs, etc. to hold the bone or an artificial bone in its place. With the latest technology, there are improvements made in the replacement of joints and bones and the materials that are being used for the replacement purpose and Greg Finch has learned that such method by working with the leaders of spinal surgeries. Here are few common surgeries used in orthopedics:

  • Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a complicated procedure, and you should be very careful when picking an orthopedic surgeon. But if you are in Australia, you can pick Greg as he is the expert in spinal surgeries. There are different ailments that lead to such surgery. However, the most common reason is a severe back pain. Such back pain is severe enough that it obstructs day to day life of a patient. Once that surgery is done, a patient experiences lesser pain and improvement in daily activity and movement.

  • Total Joint Replacement Surgery

People who are diagnosed with severe joint pains or severe arthritis are advised to go for an orthopedic surgery known as total joint replacement surgery after having a detailed discussion with Greg Finch as he is leading surgeon in Australia for such surgery. This surgery allows a patient to gain improved range of motion. While the treatment is going on under the observation, surgeon assessed damaged parts of the joint and replaces it with plastic or metal parts which are almost identical to the human bone to allow normal movement without any pain.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who is a well-known specialist about dealing cases in a minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), cervical spine surgery including disc replacement and much more. Due to his expertise in such field, he is not just a famous doctor in Australia, but when a patient meets him, he becomes his fan because he cares for their patient with utmost care.

After gaining his FRACS, Dr. Greg Finch spent a couple of years working with leader surgeon in spine surgery in the leading countries such as the USA and Germany and the UK to learn about new technologies and methods and have expertise. He has a special interest in MISS as mentioned above but he is an expert of in all aspects of spinal surgery.

Success Stories of Nine9 That Prove This Works

Nine9 is the best acting agency on the net today. They have open applications that they have to allow for countless people to get the chance to grow and succeed in this industry. Nine9 Talent Agency is the agency that can help anybody grow as an actor. With diverse talent in their database, they can guide you to achieving your dreams as an actor.

Jordan S. is a new person to the world of acting who loved the growth she has attained from this agency. She landed three acting jobs in a span of just two months. She has done work in promotional modeling for a company.

Allen D. is another actor who has been booked on countless different shows over the years. He has been featured in roles that have brought him to Netflix and The CW. Oxygen, Sundance TV, and other channels have all had him be a part of their shows. The agency loves sending him out to auditions and getting him out there.

Lily M is a young actress who just started in this industry. She recently landed a role in a new pilot for Nickelodeon. She submitted for a nationwide casting opportunity, and she submitted both her headshot and resume and eventually was asked to audition. She had a Skype audition, but the agency helped prepare her for the Skype audition to help nail down her acting as effectively as possible. is Making Things Easier For Dieters cleanse is a herbal cleansing product designed to help the body delete toxins from the body. Removing these toxins is thought to help heal almost all types of ailments found in the body. While the cleanse is taking place in the body it purges things like excess weight which could be caused from blockages caused by the toxins.


There are different formulas when it comes to the Cleansing product by Each product targets a specific area of the body for the toxin removal.


The first product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the blood and lymphatic system. It includes natural ingredients such as dandelion root, burdock root, nettle leaf, and even kelp.


The second product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the cardiovascular system. It includes ingredients found in nature such as hawthorn berry, cinnamon bark, ginger root, and even garlic bulb.


The third product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the liver, spleen, and gallbladder. It includes all natural ingredients like turmeric root, licorice root, goldenseal root, and beet root.


The fourth product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the lungs and respiratory system. It includes a combination of all natural ingredients such as fenugreek seed, ginger root, marshmallow root, and rosemary.


The fifth product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. This product contains natural ingredients like corn silk, coriander seed, celery seed, and goldenrod herb.


The sixth product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is geared toward cleaning toxins out of the colon and digestive tract. Some of the natural ingredients found in this product include cayenne pepper, wheat grass, barley grass, and even black pepper.


The last product in the Full Body Cleanse kit is activated charcoal. This product works in the body to cleanse the entire body of things like heavy metal toxins.



The cleansing kit by comes complete with a Full Body Cleanse booklet that explains the correct type of a diet that is needed for the cleanse to work. The booklet also comes with a list of answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the product. Those who have tried the product have found it helps supply them with more energy and a clearer mind. It has also helped them to lose weight.

How Do Organic Farms Keep Production Efficient?

Organic farming is becoming all the rage nowadays. You can’t go into any supermarket without finding information and products specifically made using organic methods. Organic farming is far different from any other type of production available. If the farm is certified USDA organic, they must follow strict regulations and guidelines in order to achieve and maintain that seal of approval. This means that the farm cannot use any type of chemical pesticide that is harmful to the environment and consumers’ health.


The problem with organic farming is that production can be slow and the yield of crops can be small because chemicals are not being used. The farm cannot use growth hormones or chemical growing agents because they will lose their USDA organic seal. Because of this, many farmers are using natural methods to grow their crops and keep the plants in good shape. There are many natural methods to get crops to grow stronger and for longer periods of time. Greenhouses are often used in organic farming because they use the natural sun to encourage growth and vitality. Because the plants are protected in a greenhouse, pests are often not an issue for these particular farmers.


Organic farming is more expensive to those working on the plants and this price is reflected in the product you’ll find in your local supermarket. It’s not uncommon to pay two or three times the price for organic produce than you’d pay for the chemical-riddled crop next to it. However, you can save money by visiting farmer’s markets and looking for supermarket sales and discounts specific to organic produce. Once you get in the habit of buying only GMO-free and organic products, you’ll find that going back to your old way of shopping seems “off”. You just won’t feel right buying chemical-produced items that you know are not healthy for your loved ones. While buying organic is more expensive and can be frustrating because crops are generally much smaller in size, it is well worth the price of admission when you look at all the health benefits of going on an all-organic diet.