Amicus Therapeutics, Taking Charge in Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics a biotechnology company located in New Jersey. They specialize in advanced therapies to treat rare diseases that are lesser-known in mainstream medicine. This helps pave a way to spread more awareness to rare diseases that people suffer from but few people know about.


Amicus Therapeutics belief statement, “we believe…in the fight.” Is a core value for their determination to continue the battle of finding cures and resources to assist those who are in need.


Information provided includes Science and Technology Journal Articles which are readily available to read. They give additional information on certain diseases which creates a great outlet for those who are seeking answers.


Amicus Therapeutics prides itself on their ongoing mission to get information on rare diseases. Continued clinical studies on rare diseases like Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pompe disease or Fabry disease is a dedication to the cause of eventually finding cures. Ongoing studies, as well as completed clinical studies, can be reviewed.


Amicus Therapeutics provides the profiles of patient testimonials that gives the reader a deeper look into the lives of those who suffer from a rare disease. It gives the people a more reality-based look as everyday people share a piece of their lives (


For more information on Amicus Therapeutics company and what they are about is available on their website. It has additional information about rare diseases, research, clinical studies, testimonials, what they are about and more (YahooFinance).


Know anyone who is fighting a rare disease and doesn’t know where to go? Contacting a representative about Amicus Therapeutics services for patients will give the caller additional information on where and how to get started on the road for treating a rare disease. Professional and friendly specialists will answer questions and address any concerns. What to expect, assessments, evaluations, types of treatment and options that are available.

Obvious Importance of personal cybersecurity

Cybercrime is an increasing concern for information security experts hence measures need to be continuously taken to secure electronic data. Personal cybersecurity needs to be upheld to avoid unauthorized use of electronic data.


Why cybersecurity is important.


Increasing threats.

  • Increasing threats.


Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more imminent every year, and as projected in a cybersecurity ventures report by the firm, the cost of cyber threats rise to $6 trillion yearly by 2021. Therefore, preventing these cyber attacks requires security to be everyone’s responsibility.


The severity of attacks.

  • The severity of attacks.


Cybersecurity attacks are becoming steadily destructive and target large volumes of data. The attacks are catastrophic causing considerable setbacks to business entities due to data destruction and damage, not forgetting funds embezzlement.


Rubica is a digital security and privacy company competent enough to offer personal cyber security and protect a world-class cooperation from malicious attacks. Its security architecture is so designed to provide digital security across all your devices.


Rubica, being one of the world’s leading companies, offers a private network which provides you with digital security ( The company, located in the US, has an elite team of personal cybersecurity experts, who are dedicated to keeping you safe from all attempts by cybercriminals to steal your personal information.


It’s advisable to take digital security measures and steer clear of online information theft.

Eli Gershkovitch: A Pioneer in Craft Beer

Since the introduction of beer way back in the 17th century, its processing has improved tremendously considering the modern times with more technology. In Canada, beer is the alcoholic beverage, which is consumed by lots of people. From 2015, craft beer has gained popularity so fast reckoning 10% of the beer market in Canada. Craft beer is made by craft brewery industry. Many Canadians appreciate good beer. Therefore, the consumption is very high. Craft beer to be precise is having a resurgence.

There are different types of craft beer with different flavors, and this is partly why so many individuals prefer it to other kinds of beer. Some of the best Canadian craft beers are; Weissbier, which is made from wheat making it light on the aftertaste, Brasseurs Sans Gluten, which is gluten-free and Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Each of these beer has something that makes them unique and special hence primarily consumed.

In the past, the wine was more preferred but today in Canada, craft beers reign supreme, especially among millennials making sales of such industries, go up. Steamworks, being one of the top sellers of craft beer is led by Eli Gershkovitch. The primary motive behind creating his own brewing company was to become a man of his own.

Eli Gershkovitch is not just a master in brewing but also a lawyer and a pilot. For him, he goes by the mantra that one has to develop to fulfill demands because of failure of that, demands go down to satisfy you. Eli Gershkovitch is such a collected man but a master in business. He is innovative. He says, without creativity and innovation, one stagnates and in the event, beat up with other companies. Unlike many individuals who go in for business for the profits, Eli Gershkovitch believes that brewing companies are more than just beer but the freedom that comes with them is what is essential (IMBd). He is his own man and does not have shareholders in his company. From the profits he makes, he expands his car business.

Eli Gershkovitch is the man behind the first steam-powered brewing in Canada. Maybe people were not using steam due to what the legal repercussions might have turned to be but him being an attorney, made it easier for him. What is very evident is that Eli Gershkovitch is a master when it comes to brewing business.

Help for Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is very common in America. In addition, there are hundreds of different types of arthritis.Women are more likely to be diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis is the reason/ main cause of disability. Osteoarthritis is the most popular form of arthritis that patients are diagnosed with. Osteoarthritis is the when the cartilage between the joints begin to degrade. Having this condition is unfortunate; however, Osteo Relief Institute is the perfect place for treatment!

The Osteo Relief Institute is located 1985 State Route 34 Ste A8

Wall Township, NJ 07719. If you are not located in this area, please still feel free to contact the office, they may have another location close to you. In addition, the institute is a privately owned facility. Private facilities usually have shorter wait times and excellent patient to doctor ratios!


The Osteo Relief Institute has an office goal which is to prevent their patients from having surgery. They strive to provide patients effective treatment that does not require any downtime. The Osteo Relief Institute has state of the art equipment used for treatment. The office’s equipment has been approved by the FDA, which means you won’t have to worry about any cancer-causing toxins after receiving treatment.


Another benefit of The Osteo Relief Institute is that they have different types of specialists on staff to assist with all of your needs (HealthGrades). To ensure your safety and well-being, all of their physicians are board certified! All staff members have been trained to assist patients to their best ability. Staff members at The Osteo Relief Institute treat patients like family members!


Many patients enjoy The Osteo Relief Institute because doctors and staff members have clear communication. Staff members at The Osteo Relief Institute discuss diagnoses in the simplest terms so that its easy for patients to comprehend. This is a great benefit for the patient because it allows he or she to be proactive with his or her’s health. The Osteo Relief Institute has many great benefits! If you or someone you know has arthritis, please contact them, their hospitality and state of the art health services will leave you satisfied!

Career History and Success of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a renowned business revolutionist, entrepreneur, and a mentor. He has 21 years’ experience in management. He has offered guidance for many startup companies. He has also played great roles in the creation of M&A’s and new performance methodologies. Glen believes in building business and individual agility. To achieve this, he uses the five-dimensional keys of performance. These include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


Glen’s Career History



Glen Wakeman started his career at GE Capital where he held several positions in general management, operations management, and business development. His last role in the company was as CEO. During this time, he managed to build a 9-country operation startup. This earned the company over $12 billion in assets, annual earnings exceeding $100 million, and over 17,000 employees. He also helped the company get in several partnerships, create a strong network with more than 1000 branches, and develop multiple new products.



After GE, Glen Wakeman started working at Doral Financial Corporation where he was the CEO and the President. He was also the chairman of the board of Doral Bank, which is a financial company offering mortgage, institutional securities, commercial banking, and retail banking services.



During his tenure, Glen was able to recapitalize and transform DFC to streamline it to be a community bank ( He also established standalone operations in the US worth $2.7 billion with headquarters in Puerto Rico. His leadership skills and dedication to include the social community in running the bank saw Glen win several local, national, and international awards.



After leaving DFC, Glen founded a business accelerator firm, Nova Four that deals with capital access and strategic advice to developing companies. To ensure the sustainability of the company, Glen plays the role of CEO coaching; he is also on the board.



Founding of LaunchPad Holdings



In 2015, Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC (Ideamensch). The company includes fully automated software, which is used to help entrepreneurs organize their ideas into a workable plan. So far, the software has received national recognition and has an accelerating growth curve since launching. Glen Wakeman is a University of Scranton graduate where he received BS in Finance and Economics. He also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Dr, Mark Holterman Is A Man Of Letters And An International Physician

Dr. Mark J. Holterman attended the University of Virginia, medical school. At the University of Virginia, he completed a residency in general surgery, receiving a fellowship in pediatric surgery. He is on the faculty of the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he teaches both surgery and pediatrics.


Dr. Mark Holterman also attended Yale University (ReleaseFact). He majored in biology and graduated cum laude, and then received his Ph.D., at the University of Virginia,

Dr. Holterman is a general surgeon and a member of the surgical team at the Children’s Hospital since 2011. His special also includes regenerative medicine which is the focus of the Mariam Global Health, which develops cell-based therapies.


Dr. Holterman’s has multiple interests as a medical researcher, a practitioner, and educator. He is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, supports charitable organizations and is dedicated to an organization, the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


The children of Vietnam works to provide pediatric surgical care (

Patient care takes place in Vietnam, and medical volunteers are organized to provide patient care, lecturing and provide surgery at medical schools and hospitals in Vietnam.


Dr. Makr Holterman is also dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes and is a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). He has a specialty is chronic health conditions.


The rate of Type 2 diabetes is increasing in children and teenagers. As a result, the ADA has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to address that issue by developing Camp PowerUp. This activity is designed to increase the physical activities of youth between the ages of eight and sixteen. The purpose is to teach young people to make good and healthy food choices to lower their risk of type 2 diabetes.


The goal is to develop an evidence-based curriculum to follow the progress of the youth in their program. The youth program operates out of day camps, after-school programs, churches, and parks. The ultimate goal is to control diabetes care and manage childhood medicine.


Solutions to higher energy bills by Stream Energy Company.

Stream Energy Company is a leading energy, protective, wireless and home services provider in the United States. It is Dallas- based and was launched as a natural gas and electricity company in 2004. Stream Energy uses direct selling and multi-level marketing strategies to reach out the clients across the US (LinkedIn). The firm`s marketing approach has been practicing making the company generate over $ 8 billion as a revenue collected in 12 years.

The company is committed to ensuring all the clients are connected irrespective of the geographical location. Stream Energy Company, energy services are presently available in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois and New York. The rest of the services are readily available on the national market (


Energy is the most utilized utility in the world. Every household and commercial premises use energy in their daily operations. In most cases, the energy users find it hard to tell how the bills skyrocket but the solution is just under their noses. Stream Energy believes that the electrical appliances in our homes and workplace if not monitored and controlled will lead to higher bills than we expect.


How does the electricity bills go high and how do I make it manageable? The answer is simple. Stream Energy urges you to disconnect the devices plugged into the electrical system because as much they are not in use they still consume the energy. Never leave any electrical appliance plugged in ever whenever it is not in use.


Collectively, if you chose to switch off the gadgets that are not in use will be saving energy and a lot of money. For instance, by selecting to shut off power to a coffee maker, be sure you are going to keep a dollar in one year. Besides, switching off the DVR when it is not in use it will save you $ 36.80 per year. Your entertainment system electrical bill might go up to $ 130 in a year. Therefore, use your home devices wisely, and you will be saving a lot of money. Don’t let small mistakes drain your money out of your pocket.

More about Stream Energy on BBB

The accomplishments of philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos family is a popular family in the United States. The family is known for a number of reasons. One, the family has been involved extensively in Republican Party politics in the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos at one time ran as the Republican nominee for the governor’s seat in Michigan. His wife Betsy has been nominated in the Trump’s administration as the secretary of education. Secondly, the family is known for their success in business.


The business success of the family was set out by their Richard DeVos, father to Dick DeVos. The DeVos happen to one of the wealthiest families’ in the United States. Richard DeVos is the founder of Amway Corporation. His son Dick took over the business establishments of the family and has been doing very well. He has been an executive leader of a number of companies. Thirdly, the DeVos family is known for their great philanthropic work. In this article, I will focus on the philanthropic work of the Dick DeVos and his family.


Dick and Betsy DeVos founded the Dick & Betsy Family Foundation. The foundation has been supporting various charity organizations in Michigan as well as in other states in the U.S. they support initiatives that touch on the important aspects of the society. They are particularly focused on supporting education, art and culture, youth leadership and community developments. The family is on record stating that they have spent over $139 million in charitable activities. Dick and Betsy aim to help communities in Michigan transform in terms of standards of living. This is why they engage in life-changing initiatives. Initiatives that are set to help the people change the way they handle lives.


Although the family has been involved in political donations, it is donations meant for the welfare of the people that take the biggest chunk. In 2015, the family foundation donated about $11.6 million to charity. The family has been releasing their donations statistics from time to time so that they can promote transparency in the work they do.


One area that the foundation has given more attention is the education sector. The DeVos has been very focused on bringing about educational reforms in the American education system. According to the DeVos, the current system of education deprives children of poor backgrounds quality education. They, therefore, advocate for a system of education that will offer every child in the United States same quality of education regardless of the child’s background.


The family foundation has also been actively involved in developing art. The DeVos founded the DeVos Institute of Arts at the Maryland University to train artists on the business side of art. The family foundation has also supported other organizations such as West Michigan Aviation Academy and ArtPrize.


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The Different Lines of Market America Products Help Keep People and Their Pets Healthy

As one of the nation’s leading product distribution companies, the team at Market America makes every effort to provide consumers with the types of products they feel good about using. They also strive to stay on top of the latest trends by periodically updating their product lines with new offers. This company’s line of Isotonix products offers a full array of nutritional supplements to help people maintain a state of good health. During their annual convention, the team at Market America announced it would be adding a new line to this already popular brand. The new line is called Isotonix Essentials and features products designed to help fight the signs of aging as well as address the health issues that are specific to women.

In the company’s ongoing effort to meet the different needs of their customers, they also offer Market America products that help smooth, soften and hydrate skin. The lotion under the Pentaxyl brand contains a special formula designed to decrease the appearance of lines and skin discoloration, which includes those found in stretch marks. Customers will also find many skin care solutions available in Market America’s lines of Skintelligence and Timeless Prescription. These products are designed to rejuvenate skin through processes such as deep cleansing and exfoliation.

Although there are numerous products geared toward helping people look and feel their best, Market America also offers a line of healthy products for pets. The PetHealth brand of advanced pet care products helps keep pets healthy by addressing the different conditions they might face, which includes joint and cartilage support. Pet owners will find a large selection of nutritional supplements as well as shampoos for their pets available in both medicated and hypoallergenic versions. The PetHealth brand also has a soothing balm for use on irritated pads and paws.

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Aloha Construction Startling Giving Back to the Community

Aloha Construction was founded in the year 2008 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It is a family-owned business enterprise consisting of bonded and general contractors. The company is operated by the family and has been under Dave Farbaky who has been its Chief Executive Officer for nearly ten years. The construction company provides its services mainly in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha Incorporation has completed over 18,000 projects. The company provides roofing services. The construction company is the leading roofing replacement company in the Midwest. The company is also playing an important role of giving back to the Illinois community.

Being owned and operated by a family situated in Lake Zurich, the company exhibits ways in which small businesses give back to the community. According to Aloha Construction, it is crucial and vital for small businesses to give back to the societies they operate in. Individuals in their neighborhood support the business in one way or another. Returning the favor by giving out to the community helps local families that are in need.

The Construction Company benefits from giving back to the community. To start with, the donations given by the company to needy people in the neighborhood are tax deductible. Moreover, working with charities and volunteer organizations in the community creates a good personal relation. This promotes products and increases business. Sponsoring of local events by the company is also handy in increasing awareness of the company’s brand.

There are many ways in which the Construction company gives back to the community. The company selects getting involved with local organizations in the community. The Company gives back to the Illinois community primarily through events with the Bloomberg Boys and Girls Club. The event is informal and involves children having fun by playing games they like the most.

The Company has started foundations as another way of giving back to the community. The Dave Farbarky Foundation was created by the company’s CEO. The foundation is planning to sponsor children-related events. The company also has a sponsored local team. The Company decided to sponsor a local high school team in the region. It ensures that the team has funds, equipment, and kits required for playing the games they like.