USHEALTH Advisors are on the Cutting Edge of Healthcare Coverage

USHEALTH Advisors provides the marketing for USHEALTH Group. The company offers a wide range of healthcare insurance type plans. The plans are underwritten and insured by the group of insurance companies working under the Health Groups umbrella. The focus audience is small business owners and their dependents, individuals who are self employed and Individuals.

Agents for USHEALTH Advisors work on a commission basis. They receive a percentage for policies issued and receive both weekly and monthly commissions. Agents also receive vested renewals and have the opportunity to earn as much or as little as they want. A sharp agent can earn a six figure salary. The company also offers its agents a bonus program. The program is divided into levels and the bonuses can be obtained by submitting more business to the company.

USHEALTH Advisor agents are experienced sales representatives and are absolutely vital to the success of the company. Each and every agent is well versed about all the products being offered and will help each client choose the best coverage to meet their needs, as well as their budget. Agents are licensed and receive product training and must meet certification standards before serving the healthcare community of customers. Individuals seeking career opportunities will find training and support from an experienced healthcare insurance specialist and receive all the tools that are necessary to succeed.

Agents can expect quality customer service for their customers. Customer service provides timely and accurate information for policy holders removing the mystery of healthcare plans. Customers will find answers to questions about their policy, what it covers and how to file claims. As the company expands its online portal, customers will be able to receive information even quicker, as well as real time communication. Building such customer service is the company’s commitment to their customers.

USHEALTH Advisors operate on a basis of philosophy including recognizing each customer is different and has different needs and healthcare coverage is not a one size fits on plan. Agents have the ability to find just the right coverage for each client through a variety of solutions. This is what sets USHEALTH Group and its Advisors ap0art from the crowd.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Recent Plans in Rio de Janeiro

Felipe Montoro is a public figure in Brazil, and he specializes in infrastructure. Felipe Montoro has shown current anxiety about the Brazil’s high waste level. He has been worried about the Brazil’s grave loss of economic wealth; a major concern that needs immediate address. This article reviews Felipe Montoro’s thoughts on Rio’s new plans to increase job opportunities.

Within the next three years, Rio de Janeiro city, under the current management of Mayor Marcelo Crivella, looks to create thousands of job opportunities in daycare centers. Regarding this project, the city aims to establish Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) with the objective of constructing and maintaining related educational equipment. The model is similar to Brazil’s 2012 first PPP schools implemented in the mineral-rich zone of Belo Horizonte. During his campaign, Crivella had made known his intentions to foster the education sector in Brazil.

The city management aims to establish numerous job opportunities in pre-schools and kindergartens. The primary responsibility of stakeholders will be to construct and administer new Infant Education Units. On the other hand, Rio de Janeiro City Hall will be responsible for the daily management and funds transfer from the national government. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is affiliated with the World Bank Group and will be responsible for supplying consultation services to model the project.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the project is aimed to succeed since IFC is the most significant private sector development institution in the emerging world. Montoro also insists that IFC is reputable for providing innovative thinking, global experience, expertise and financial resources that have helped solve political, operational and economic challenges in many parts of the globe. This project was initiated one decade ago, and the possibility of the private sector partnership presents a better option as compared to the scarce governmental public services.

Rating USHEALTH Group family insurance

Obtaining a favorable health insurance providing company is a daunting task to most individuals. Most of the insurance firms you find in the streets may not be having all you deserve for a secured health safety scheme. There is always need to inquire about the best company that will guarantee you a full service on the rise of need. The premium service also needs to be favorable in the sense that you will be able to accommodate even during this volatile economic situations. There is a wide range of health providing insurance companies around, but there that one that minds about your welfare. That is the USHEALTH Insurance Group.

At the USHEALTH Group with the full array of a family of insurance companies, there is a competent portfolio of plans that let you step up your healthy life and the whole coverage of your health needs. With the several decades of years in the insurance industry, USHEALTH Group family takes the pride of being the best and remains faithful to the founding doctrines of affordable, flexible and secure plans just for you and your entire family.

USHEALTH Group insurance

The USHEALTH Group has established a far-reaching network to ensure that its clients have access to excellent coverage to various insured. The occurrence of Critical Illness, Dental Coverage, Short-Term Disability Income Insurance, Vision, Specific and Accident Insurance have all been put in under strategic coverage management.

The USHEALTH Group insurance operates under an esteemed service of affordability and reliability of their insurance packages. Depending on your need, the company has established itself to handle any medical expense at whatever cost provided you heed to their insurance demands. The organization has committed itself to extend a helping hand to an extra mile of reaching almost every individual. The occurrence of disease or accident is unforeseeable. The company’s working staff has dedicated itself to bring you insurance service to your doorstep and happy to serve you unconditionally. The affordability and availability of the USHEALTH Group have enabled almost every household to have access to medical assistance. Even at the time when every resource s available have been drained by hospital bills, the company can as well offer to cater for the bills at an affordable cost. It is the ultimate choice for every individual that seeks to enjoy a life-changing insurance scheme.

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Troy McQuagge is Leading Healthcare Into a New Era

USHEALTH Group Inc’s CEO is Troy McQuagge who has won CEO of the year from the One Planet Awards, in the Gold Winner category. The One Planet Award is given to people who show distinctive excellence in every industry all over the world. Nominees are submitted, both public and private. McQuagge has worked at USHEALTH Group Inc. since 2010. USHEALTH has grown since McQuagge took the helm. US HEALTH is doing well. Troy McQuagge’s goal is to resolve the health-care affordability problem for individuals who need health insurance. The One Planet award is open to executives as well as teams who release new products and services, as well as public relations marketing, and corporate communication skills.

McQuagge is from Panama City, Florida, getting his degree from the University of Central Florida, where he earned a degree in legal studies, although he moved to Cottell, Texas. Having over 30 years of sales experience, he worked for Allstate Insurance in 1983, moving on to UICI/Health Market in 1995. McQuagge is able to resolve complex issues, as he is working on the profitability of individual health insurance. McQuagge is a good boss who is considerate of the people working for him. USHEALTH group has grown in a short time because of his work. He is instrumental in building better business at his job.

He also works with charity organizations such as Hope Kids Phoenix, Semper Fi Fund, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Health Market, and Phoenix of New Orleans. While working for US Health, he restructured the hierarchy of company operations, which got him appointed to President/CEO of USHEALTH. USHEALTH gives coverage to people who are self-employed. McQuagge is committed to his company’s vision of overall profit and an ability to maintain the ability to grow. His Gold Winner award has been given to him because of his skill using the currency of new ideas, as well as taking corporate social responsibilities seriously.

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Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm located in Dallas, Texas that provides a wide range of financial services. The firm helps a number of individual investors and institutions that are looking to manage their capital. Over the last twenty five years, Highland Capital has proven to be among the most reputable investment firms in the entire industry. It provides assistance to investors that are looking to manage securities that are backed by credit and debt. During Highland Capital Management’s existence, it has expanded to a number of locations throughout the world. As of today, the firm has offices located in Dallas, Texas, New York City, Singapore, Brazil and South Korea. With a number of offices located worldwide, Highland Capital Management is able to meet the needs of many clients in various countries manage their investment funds. Read this article at Dallas News.

The firm first started up at the beginning of the 1990’s when James Dondero and his business partner Mark Okada launched the firm. When it first started out, the firm was one that specialized in life insurance. For a few years, the firm established itself as a top life insurance company. However, the firm expanded to other types of financial services. As a result, it emerged into a top financial services company within the next several years. It began providing services that pertain to asset management for institutions and wealth management for individuals. By the end of the 1990’s decade, Highland Capital Management began offering collateralized loan obligations which became an integral part of the capital management of many clients. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Once the firm became a comprehensive financial services company, it established its reputation as one of the very top investment firms in the world. The firm has proven to provide a number of clients with exceptional service. Highland Capital helps many high net worth individuals, pension fund investors, corporations and government entities more effectively manage their capital. Along with offering management of capital, Highland Capital Management offers products such as hedge funds and private equity securities to investors as well. With a combination of these products and services, Highland Capital Management assists many clients get the most out of their investment capital on a regular basis.


OSI Industries: Became Quite Popular And the Expansion

*A Closer look at OSI Industries:

OSI Group is an organization that currently services the food industry. OSI Group is headquartered in Illinois. The organization has a long history dating back to the early 1900’s. The company was started by an German Immigrant and it rapidly expanded over the years. The company established themselves as Otto & Sons and the name is still used to day the only difference is that the name is abbreviated by using initials.

OSI became quite popular and the expansion and growth the company experienced was due to the Kolschow Family. The organization offered top quality meats at a reasonable cost. In addition, it seemed that clients were more than happy to deal with The Kolschow family.

By the mid 1950’s OSI finalized a deal with Mc Donalds Corporation. In the 1950’s Mc Donalds was virtually unknown however, they were beginning to build a successful fast food business. Mc Donalds struck a lucrative deal with OSI which assured the company that Mc Donalds would only purchase meat products from OSI Group.

*New Discoveries/ Company expansion:

OSI was one of the first companies to experiment with liquid nitrogen freezing. This was a new way of preserving meats so that the meat would not spoil or discolor. When meat was frozen it could be stored for months and simply be defrosted. Throughout the 1960’s OSI continued to expand and open additional meat packaging plants.

In the early 1970’s OSI opened up a high powered meat plant within the the West part of Chicago. This particular plant had a variety of mechanisms that made the liquid nitrogen method of meat preservation a great deal easier. It was about this time that Otto & Sons officially changed its name to OSI.

By the year 2000, OSI entered into an exclusive agreement with the Best Chicago Meat Packing Company. It seems this agreement produced some lucrative profits as well as additional company recognition. Organizations affiliated with Best Chicago began to contract exclusively with OSI to purchase their meat products. OSI has a reputation for providing exceptional quality meats as well as efficient customer service handling.

Today, OSI has packing plants in Chicago, California, Wisconsin, Utah as well as in the Eastern region of Europe. The company supplies meat, bacon, hot dogs, pizza as well as select pork products. To learn more about us: click here.

OSI Has received the Health & Safety Management Award numerous times over the past three decades. In addition, OSI has acquired another very lucrative client within the past decade. Starbucks now purchases several meat and pork products directly from OSI Industries.

End Citizens United Seeks to Squash Intention of House Republicans to Reward Mega-Donors

Following a decision by House bill that would slash corporate taxes among the rich and slap middle class families with higher taxes, the President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, released a statement citing that this would be a big step towards undermining democracy. He explained that the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on working and middle class families while giving the wealthiest an undue advantage because they would enjoy lower taxes. His view on these developments was that there is urgent need to elect members of Congress with the passion to help in the reform of the governance system to accommodate everyone through fair tax plans.

Influence of the donor class

One of the issues cited as to cause the leaders to make reforms that are harsh to the working class is the fact that there has been an influence from the donor class who control The Republican. These include corporate wealthy individuals, and their effect has been so huge that the Republican lawmakers are forced to pass a tax bill that largely favors their demands. This means House Republicans are not going to sweat any details as everything they respond to is originally formulated by their donors, who are said to have put them in office.

But why can’t the Republicans just pass the tax reforms without the influence so meted on them by the donors? The reason is there is the fear these donors might abandon them and put to risk their chances of having a majority in 2018. So, this remains a game of two players and the parties that are affected most are the middle and working class who have to embrace whatever reforms are introduced. Doing contrary to the demands of the donors would trigger a loss of financial support that emanates from mos ents were to the effect that they would withdraw their financial support to the party if the proposed tax cuts would be stalled for whatever reason.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United, founded in 2015, is an action committee that is funded by grassroots donors that is focused on eliminating the effects of Citizens United. The organization seeks to show voters, candidates, and officials that they are out to fight the brazenness of wealthy individuals who try to compromise elections, and part of the push would be to encourage lawmakers to take action without succumbing to the pressure meted on them by billionaires to pass bills that are favorable to the wealthy.

The sole mission of End Citizens United is to fix the rigged political system and get rid of Big Money in politics by championing for the election of leaders who are pro finance reforms. The organization has vowed to work with pro-reform candidates and will use grassroots members to amass political power. Check more:


Logan Stout:Has an Best Seller Book in Which He Wrote Called Stout Advice

*An in depth look at Logan Stout:

Logan Stout has had a very successful life in a variety of ways. Logan Stout has much to be proud of. Stout is quite gifted and is recognized by many as an:

*Successful Businessman.
*Professional Athlete.
*Talented Coach.

Stout was fortunate enough to play in the World Series. Mr. Stout is also a professional motivational speaker as well as skilled author. His outgoing attitude and personality seems to garnish him a great deal of respect from the public.

Logan Stout has always stressed the importance of Personal Development. Believing in one self and utilizing your skills to the fullest is what a person must do in order to be successful. Stout has many theories and beliefs in which he lives by each day. Theories and beliefs include:

*Never take the easy way out.
*Work hard.
*Learn from others: ask questions.
*Never be afraid to say that you “don’t know”.

Logan Stout has an best seller book in which he wrote called “Stout Advice”. The book has gained considerable notoriety and one would have to say it has a very simple title. However, “Stout Advice” is very direct and very much to the point. This book contains several “life changing messages”.

Logan Stout emphasizes two very important things throughout the entire book:


Logan Stout goes on to say that without Discipline and Self-Control, you will have great difficulty achieving anything.

Stout has had much success at a very young age. He claims that anyone whom is motivated can achieve great levels of success. One very important thing that must be present to become successful is “Luck”. The hard work and dedication must be present however, a person also needs a certain amount of luck to become successful.

ID Life:

One of Logan Stouts most lucrative business ventures which brought him great wealth and recognition is his organization called ID Life. ID Life is a company that specializes in health products. The main focus of ID Life is health and wellness. One of Logan Stout’s partners in business is football great Troy Aikman. In addition, well known Billionaire Darwin Deason has also joined ID Life as one of their partners.

ID Life attempts to help men and women of all ages understand the importance of health and wellness. In addition, ID Life emphasizes the benefits of nutritional supplements. Two years ago ID Life was named as one of the highest rated health and wellness organizations in the world.

In addition to Logan Stout’s successful organization, he is also currently the CEO of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. Once Stout became CEO and organizer of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization he employs only top notch coaches and training instructors. Stout also provides counseling services for troubled youths seeking guidance.

*Educational Background:

Logan Stout graduated from the University of Dallas. Stout graduated from the University with a degree in Business Administration. Stout always knew that one day he would own and operate his own business.

Logan Stout does seem to enjoy the spotlight a great deal. Therefore, he never misses an opportunity to appear on a talk show or radio spot. He has appeared on numerous morning shows as well as sporting events on ESPN. Philadelphia Magazine has printed several articles about Logn Stout and his accomplishments.

*Other Interests/ Involvement:

Stout has done a great deal of work for the American Heart Association. He has contributed a great deal of money as well as his time to the Heart Association. His contributions have funded research which focus upon congenital heart disorders as well as better treatment options. For more info about us: click here.

Logan Stout is offering “Free Personal Development Training” for a limited time. Please visit his web site at Part of Stout’s web site offers advice as well as information on up and coming health & wellness events. Logan Stout also offers his services for public speaking events as well as seminars. However, you must contact Stout through his web site for booking and pricing informtion.

World Soil Day Celebrates The Critical Importance Of The Soil

World Soil Day is December 5th, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has organized programs and activities to promote the importance of soil. The quality of the soil is important for human well-being, healthy ecosystems and food security. Soil is the source of life and supplies minerals, vitamins and nutrients necessary for survival.

Of all the food consumed, 95 percent is grown in soil, yet 33 percent of the soil has already been degraded globally. An inch of healthy soli requires 1,000 years to develop, and can be destroyed in a couple seasons. Taking care of the soil is crucial, but industrial agriculture has a different view. The soil is always under pressure from inadequate governance, the pressure of the population and unsustainable intensification. For additional details please visit Your text to link….

Soil is being adulterated with herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. It has been compacted, stressed, over-tilled, and used for the growth of monoculture crops like soybeans and GMO corn. The soil has reached the stage where the capacity to support life has been compromised and undercut. According to industrial agriculture, soil is a medium for chemical fertilizers, GMO seeds, water and herbicides to produce bio-engineered crops.

Soil is the basis for nutrient rich and healthy fruits and vegetables. The number of micro-organisms in a tablespoon of soil is larger than the number of people currently living. Healthy soil increases the resilience to droughts and floods, and helps mitigate climate change.

On December 5th, and during the year, everyone should think about the importance of the most overlooked resource. A commitment made to World Soil Day supports the farming practices and policies that protect the soil. Steps can be taken in personal and community lives to protect the soil and the earth. Connecting to the soil is as simple as touching it, and recognizing this is what enables the world to support the people who live here, and all the life flowing from the soil.

Puerto Rican Farmers Look To Rebuild After Hurricanes

Puerto Rico’s farmers were devastated by the impacts of both Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Marie. The aftermath of the two hurricanes wiped out almost 80% of the total crop value on the island. Experts forecast that restoring Puerto Rico’s agriculture sector could take anywhere from 10 months to a year or more.

Farmers in Puerto Rico have clearly taken a heavy loss from this year’s hurricane season. One such farmer is Rene Cruz. Before the hurricanes struck the island, Cruz said that he had 68 acres of land under cultivation. Now, he has nothing left. What is devastating for farmers like Rene Cruz is that his family’s livelihood depends on what he can grow and then sell to customers. The only thing that Rene Cruz has left to sell now is a few crops that he managed to salvage such as bruised plantains and some oranges.

A bright side to this story of loss is that the United States Federal Government is stepping up to help farmers such as Mr. Cruz whose farms and livelihood were devastated by the hurricanes. They will be providing disaster assistance money to help pay for the cost of cleanup and to help him purchase new seeds for next year’s crop. Another plus to Rene Cruz was that he managed to have his farm insured. Unfortunately, the cost of damage was so high that the insurance company has refused to pay for all the damages incurred.

A downside to the story is that despite promises of help from the federal government to farmers, many of them have not received any aid. One of the reasons why this has happened is because many of Puerto Rico’s rural and agrarian areas are still without functioning communications network. These farmers have been unable to be in contact with disaster relief officials which has hampered them from receiving aid. As Puerto Rico regains electricity and telecommunications, more and more people should get aid.