They Don’t Just put you to Sleep..

Have you ever heard of a doctor going scuba diving with special needs children as a way to show them the world in a new way? The highly skilled and highly caring doctors at Capitol Anesthesiology are physicians that care about patients in and out of operating room. They give back to the community through many projects such as “Eels on Wheels”!

Located in Austin, TX, the practice is comprised of over 130 Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) and 83 MD Anesthesiologists who are highly competent in all areas of general, local and monitored anesthesia care. No matter what type of procedure you may be having, our team will ensure it to be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Our specialties include:

  • Obstetric Anesthesia (Epidurals)
  • MAC/Monitored Anesthesia Care (Twilight)
  • Local Anesthesia, often used for minor procedures
  • General Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Cardiothoracic, used in bypass procedures

In addition to being a thriving practice of doctors and independent CRNAs, the practice helps give back to the community by training the next generation of medical professionals. Our physicians serve as attending physicians and mentors to nurses, paramedics, medical students and residents from local and visiting schools.

Where the Idea of Farming Started?

The way humans farm has changed significantly over the years. Farming offered a lot of jobs. With the advancements of technology farming jobs are less common as automated tools can get the work done faster. Some of the first farmers on Earth tell us a lot about how farming has changed.


Scientist and archaeologists have found a village in central Jordan dating back nearly 10,000 years. It is called Ain Ghazal. The houses that these farmers lived in contained timber roof beams. The village contained several circular shrines and unique sculptures standing three feet off the ground. All of the dead were buried under the houses.


Those living in Ain Ghazal produced barley, wheat, chickpeas and lentils. They would leave for several weeks at a time to find goats and sheep in the surrounding lands.


This ancient village was the foundation for how we settle down and use animals today. They were the first kinds of people to use animals for food and clothing and not have to travel everywhere without a place to call home.


New data and DNA is coming out 10,000 years later about what these people looked like and how the acted. There are some clues that Ireland to India families started in central Jordan. The stories of this civilization are just beginning to make sense.


The spreading of their traditions have helped current generations live their lives. Building houses and villages are still common today. Yes, they are more sophisticated, but the principles are still there. A constant food supply from all the harvesting done by these ancient farmers has allowed for humans to continue to reproduce more often.


The Fertile Crescent has been considered the place where agriculture and farming came to life. Many different forms of livestock and crops dated back to this area 11,000 years ago. The model for a good farm life and villages started during this time.


There were some pre-farming sites 23,000 years ago on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Farmers were believed to turn to agriculture in times of added stress. Whenever the climate went harsh or resources became scarce they would not mess around. They would work hard to produce extra food. Look out for more skeletons and DNA to show what ancient farms were like.




Malini Saba Shows Her Skills in Business Building

I have seen female entrepreneurs that have stepped up to the challenge and started their own businesses. Saba is one of the women that has become incredibly savvy at running more than one business. I think that she has been a source of strength to all that witness her in action. I believe that her investment career has given her the ability to earn a substantial amount of money. This would allow her to give more money over the years to so many other types of organizations.


She has donated as much a million to the Heart Research Center in South Asia. I think that this shows a high level of compassion. This would just be the beginning of her life as a philanthropist. In time she would prove that she could start her own organization that gave back to women as well. She reached out to South Asia when she helped the Heart Research Center with her million dollar investment. The Stree foundation was a good start for her to give back to women at-risk on a global scale.


I really would like to believe that there are a lot of business women that are going to help others when they rise to the top. I have not seen this happen often though. In most situations women will spend a lot of time trying to break through barriers and break down the walls that keep them out of corporate positions. They have no time to start non-profits and listen to the struggles of others. Most business women are just trying to look out for themselves. What Malini Saba did was look at the investing world early and make some wise decisions. She saved money and earned a considerable amount by investing in risky businesses early in her career. She prepared early in her career to make the money that she would need to start her own business.


Once she created a pathway to success it was easier for her to help others. It was easier to work things out with the Stree Foundation and give others a path to success because she had already discovered one for herself. Saba has been looked upon as a hero when it comes to helping women. Former president Bill Clinton has even supported the cause that she started with the Stree Foundation. Malini Saba has made her mark and lots of people notice.



Oklahoma State Voters Win against The Amendment of The Right To Farm By Casting Votes

In 2012, North Dakota approved the right to farm amendments as voted by citizens. Missouri approved the same in 2014. The report, sourced from indicated that in 2016, Oklahoma sixty percent of voters casted their ballots to reject the amendment of the right to farm by approximately 300,000 counts. The Oklahoma revision included an additional requirement for lawmakers in the State to appear in court for legislations on farming, water quality, animal cruelty or GMOs. The long process was deemed by voters.



The win was also supported by animal welfare enthusiast, unions of environmentalists and other organizations in opposition of the amendment. According to these opponents, the revision would have disabled any amended laws os the state’s farmers in future.



The right to farm amendment would have had a couple of restrictions on the farmers under the Oklahoma State constitution. The farmers and ranchers would be restricted from utilizing farming technology, practicing livestock keeping or ranching until the state justified the practices.

As a result, the statehouse voted in mass agreement to put the regulation question on the ballot for voters to decide. The director of Oklahoma Sierra Club, Johnson Bridgewater, that the amendment would have adverse effects on farmers and the connected community parties. He noted that the new regulations would override the law and a right to farm law that was passed decades ago in Oklahoma as well as in other 50 states. Johnson explained that the pre-existing first right to farm laws protected small scale farmers from overwhelming court charges. He however added to say that large scale farmers and businesses have taken advantage of the protection to avoid following regulations.



Joe Maxwell, the Director of HSUS Legislative Fund was impressed by the effort of united organizations such as HSUS, InterTribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes, non Profit organizations and other farming unions. He said that the unity raised awareness to farmers to cast their votes. He expressed his wish for future caution in attempts to change the legislative rights of farmers. The Oklahoma Farm Bureau President commented that the bureau’s effort will not cease leading the amendment efforts until the farmers and ranchers earn protection from the revised laws. Recently, increasing number of States such as West Virginia and Indiana are introducing the ballot option for voters to decide on the right to farm regulations.





How Stephen Murray was a Great Participant in the Growth of the CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was one of the financial industry’s most respected professionals. The field that he specialized in is private equity investment, and he was the chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital. The death of the financial expert occurred in March 2015, and he was 52 years old at that time. Mr. Murrays had quit working for the company one month before he died due to health complications. He had been working for the parent companies of CCMP Capital since 1989. The first firm that he served was the Chace Capital Partners. Its ownership was later transferred to the JP Morgan and JPMorgan Partners was created. The company was considered to be one of the top private equity providers in the world. The CCMP Capital spun out of the JPMorgan Partners in 2006 under the leadership of Jeff Walker who was its CEO at that time. Stephen took over the leadership of the company in 2007.

The death of Stephen Murray shocked and grieved the staff of the CCMP Capital. The current chief executive officer of the company, Greg Brenneman, sent a condolence message to the family of his former business partner and friend. Stephen’s four sons and wife were a source of joy and pride to him. He was highly acknowledged for the vital skills that he displayed in making significant deals for the CCMP Capital and its associates. Murray was an important participant in the growth of the company.

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By the time that he passed on the company had made about $30 billion, and in the last five months before he left it made a profit of $3.6 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission recognized Stephen Murray and Greg Brenneman as the only individuals who are in charge of the CCMP Capital’s fund. Mr. Greg Brenneman currently serves as the chairperson of the company. Murray was also on the Form ADV of the firm.

Stephen Murray had roles in different companies apart from the CCMP Capital. He sat on the boards of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. He was also well recognized for his support of various organizations that are useful to the society. Stephen was a board member of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation of the Metro New York, the Boston College, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Columbia Business School, and the Stamford Museum.

Precision Agriculture – The New Age Farming

Farming and agriculture have been in our culture since the beginning of time. With new advances in technology, we can now take farming and agriculture one step further to advance our productivity. A recent form of agriculture that is gaining popularity quickly is Precision Agriculture. Precision agriculture is the integration of digital technology to help farmers run their businesses.


In Aymone Lamborelle’s article Farming 4.0: The future of agriculture?it is discussed that the most influential trends of farming through 2030. Number one being Precision Farming, followed by automation at 44%. 70 to 80 percent of the new farm equipment being sold in today’s market has some form of PA component technology inside. This is yielding a turnover of over twenty-six billion dollars. The sector of PA agriculture also employs 135,000 people.


The demand for Precision Agriculture is starting out slow, but it is gaining popularity fast because it is creating jobs and decreasing the average amount of productivity time. The main problem with the complete takeover of PA is that in rural areas the internet access is limited and this holds back the technology increase. The European Union (EU) is working towards making internet access and technology more readily available in more rural areas so that farmers may take advantage of Precision Agriculture.


Farmers are pushing for digital revolution, and the EU is even handing out financial incentives to farms for those who jump on board with this new technology. The EU wants farmers to take on this new farmer technique because the demand for products produce by farmers is becoming higher and higher as the years go on. Without an increase in productivity somehow, there will be a shortage of people, and prices of these items produced will rise.


It is no secret that sometimes farmers or people who run their business may be afraid of advancement in technologies because they are used to their way of doing things. However, will all of the advancements in technology, it is important to stay on top of it so that someone’s business or farm may stay relevant to the current market that Europe is in.



IAP Worldwide is expanding its Portfolio and Winning more High-Profile Contracts

IAP Worldwide is a respected authority in facilities management, global logistics, as well as innovative technical and professional solutions. The firm workforce consists of over 2,000 workers in more than 25 nations around the world. It invests heavily in developing products and solutions that meet pressing challenges that clients in the public and private industry face. It opened its door over 60 years ago and, since then; the company has built an outstanding reputation as trusted and active industry leader. IAP’s primary agenda is to address not only the demands but also exceed customer expectations.

IAP Worldwide wins the Distributed Common Ground System Contract of the U.S. Army

IAP Worldwide has secured a contract from the U.S. Army to offer fully integrated logistics services, fielding, as well as training support for the Fort Hood, Texas-based Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A). IAP will also oversee project activities in other locations. DCGS-A is the main system of the U.S. Army to upload data, process information, circulate ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) information concerning operational events, weather, environments, and terrain. IAP team is happy to be at the forefront of supporting this dynamic mission scheduled to benefit the Army Intelligence Community.

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What makes IAP Worldwide the best employer?

IAP focuses on bringing the diverse talents, unique skills, and experiences of all its employees together to form a stable workforce that develops leading-edge solutions for the grand challenges. Its workers have an unparalleled commitment to the mission, allowing IAP Worldwide to earn a spot in the ranks of the ideal employers across the globe. The firm hires individuals who are goal-driven and passionate about making a noticeable impact in the world. It empowers its employees with plenty of resources and in-depth knowledge to carry out their jobs in a safe and professional manner. It avails training and effective capacity building programs targeting both new recruits and experienced workers. Additionally, the company allows employees to achieve their personal goals and rewards those who excel in service delivery. This strategy has enabled IAP to strengthen the rates of workers retention.

Acquisition of two business units

Being a leader in the provision of logistic service, IAP Worldwide is always on the lookout for unique strategies for improving and expanding its services on PRNewswire. Recently, the company acquired two established business units: Oklahoma City-situated DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications located in Maryland. This acquisition will enable the firm to deliver high-quality engineering and aviation services.


IAP Works To Help The World

One of the things that IAP does is help provide all kinds of solutions to people and industries. Among the types of people they work with are government agencies on, support companies and plenty of other entities that are meant to preserve and improve the quality of life for people. This makes sure that people are able to get through the problems that they are faced with. IAP Worldwide Services is one of the companies that deserves a lot of recognition and praise for the services they provide for people. More people are recognizing the role they play in the safety of people in all kinds of circumstances.

One of the types of circumstances that IAP Worldwide Services was very helpful with is coming to the support of Hurricane Matthew survivors. The company has called and deployed tons of teams to come to the assistance of people who live in the area that has been damaged by the hurricane. They provide exhaustive services for people who have faced a lot of damages to their way of life from the natural disaster. One thing they have been very helpful about is making sure that the people that have been faced with such a tragic occurrence are comforted and cared for.

IAP Worldwide Services has also provided assistance for survivors of Hurricane Katrina and plenty of other disasters that have had a significant impact on the communities that they blew through. This is because of the constant contact that they keep with the U.S. Government. They also keep in touch with other agencies that provide the needed support for these disasters.

IAP Worldwide Services is also involved with the supplying and equipping of government agencies so that they can do everything they need to serve the country. They also provide the agencies with the weapons needed to protect the country. One of the reasons that IAP is so trustworthy is that they are very passionate about what they do. They want to make sure that people are able to live comfortably and not worry about any threats. After all, they are philanthropists at heart and very passionate about coming up with solutions for their country.

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Organic Farming Breaking New Grounds in the US

Organic farming has grown into big a multi-billion dollar industry around the world, thanks to the promise of high yields and healthy ROI. This type of farming relies heavily on organic fertilizers and modern farming techniques such as biological pest control, crop rotation and mixed cropping among other practices. According to a report published by Yahoo on November 10, organic farming has grown considerably in the US with over 4 million acres of land now devoted to it. The report shows a remarkable 11% increase in land set for organic farming over the figures released in 2014. The country also boasts close to 15,000 certified organic farms, which is a 6% increase over the same 2-year period. The states that lead in this farming practice include California, New York, Wisconsin, Montana and North Dakota.


In California and New York, a total of 688,000 acres of land has been proclaimed for organic farming. Montana and North Dakota are some of the states that have recorded a phenomenal increase in organic farmland over the past 2 years. A report released in 2015 by the Organic Trade Association and published by Yahoo supports this assertion. The report indicates that US recorded 11% increase in the sale of organic products, the 4th consecutive year the country was recording double digit growth. The growth in organic farming in the US is fuelled by the growing consumer demand for organic products and healthy food campaigns in schools and other public institutions. Besides promising sustainable agriculture, studies have also shown that organic crops offer numerous environmental benefits.


The largest organic crops in the country include oats, which account for over 3.5% of the produce grown alongside wheat, soybeans and corn, which account for less than 1% each. When it comes to food quality, organic products are typically more nutritious and flavorful; however, high rates of unmarketability due to blemishes can erode sales and ultimately diminish profitability. In spite of its generally positive outlook and environmental impact, organic farming also comes with its own share of challenges. According to, the challenges include ecological justice, productivity limitations, fair trade, animal welfare and differences in regional and global standards of harmonization. Most of these challenges can be overcome by adopting flexibility when implementing various regulations.


How to Get the Best Business Lawyer for Your Case

Are you facing a complex legal matter in Brazil. Need a competent lawyer to advice and guide you?


To choose the best business law firm or lawyer for your situation, you will need to start out by establishing which attorneys are offering business advice or legal services in your area. With this information in mind, you can then compare attorneys based on their reputation, schedule, and experience to take on your case.


To begin the process of choosing a business attorney for a litigation case, you will likely want to figure out which lawyer or attorneys are offering business or corporate advice or litigation. You may look for help through an organization that renders legal help to businesses or entrepreneurs looking for legal help, but you may have to do your own research to decide on the attorney who can help you in such a case. You may also check out attorneys directories and bar associations to obtain a list of lawyers that practice in the area of law you need help with.


You will then compare them based on a range of factors once you know which law firms are available for company litigation. You will certainly feel more secure with picking an attorney who is well experienced in dealing with business enterprise or corporate law cases. While no legal adviser can win all of his lawsuits, choosing one with a good track record for success may help you to have confidence in his ability. You will also want to look for a lawyer who has a reputation for securing satisfactory outcomes for his clients. In addition, you will find it essential to hire a lawyer or attorney with whom you feel comfortable working together, as a good rapport with your attorney will help getting along and working together for the best outcome in your case.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He has more than 22 years of experience dealing with litigation matters. Prior to establishing his own law firm in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto practiced in a small law firm and concentrated on business and corporate litigation. Ricardo Tosto renders legal services to both startups and multinational organizations. He has represented clients in several of the most complicated legal matters in Brazil and has achieved a great reputation in the legal community.


Ricardo Tosto frequently counsels and guides clients who have dispute with a business partner or another company. His clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, organization managers, professionals and private individuals. He counsels and represents clients from a wide variety of industries and always work hard to obtain outstanding outcomes in their cases.