Soy Milk As A Farming Alternative

At one point in time cow’s milk was the most prevalent milk that you saw on grocery store shelves all over the United States. Farmer’s collected this milk from their cows and then it was taken to nearby stores. These days, there are a number of different milk alternatives that are being sold whether it be because of allergies or simply the choice to live a healthier lifestyle. Farmer’s are starting to look at other milk options that they can produce in order to generate a profit. This includes almond milk, soy milk hemp milk and more. Plant based milk is profitable and in many cases it is generally easy and affordable to produce. What many people don’t realize is that not all of these milks are created equally and some are not quite as nutritionally sound and others. Some recent studies are showing that cow’s milk is the most nutritious option when it comes to a milk-based beverage but the next best option is soy.

When it comes to a complete nutritional profile, soy milk is full of anti-carcinogenic properties thanks to its isoflavones. While it might seem to be relatively new it has actually been used as a substitute for cow’s milk for as many as four decades now. While it’s taste is much different than cow’s milk, it can promote lower cholesterol, less inflammation in the body, it is easier to digest and a good amount of protein. It does have a bit of a nutty or bean-like flavor but if you aren’t someone who drinks your milk straight out of the container, this might not be an issue for you. It works well as a smoothie base or protein shake base. On cereal or for baking purposes, soy milk is a great alternative.

Farmers are reacting to consumer’s needs for a lactose free, healthier option when it comes to milk. Allergies are on the rise and health concerns are legitimate. If you are unsure of your alternative milk options you may want to speak with a nutritionist or medical professional who can help you pick an option that will work for you and your lifestyle. Some of the options are not beneficial when it comes to nutrition and it is important that you are careful. Coconut milk can be high in sugar and rice milk lacks a lot of nutrients unless you get a version that is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

More Growth Equities First Holdings Australia

In Australia, there is a financial company that is known all over the world. They have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland. That company is, Equities First Holdings, and they specialize in financial loans for businesses and individual investors. Equities First Holdings has been located in Australia since 2014 and now has three offices throughout Australia. They have offices located in Australia’s major cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Their location in Melbourne has just moved to the inter-city of Melbourne so they can be more accessible to their clients. Also, the new space in Melbourne is bigger than their last space. Equities First Holdings needed new space because they have increasingly grown since 2014 and need more space to expand. The move took place in 2014 and offers the company more room to continue to grow. Since Equities First Holdings has grained more clients and employees, this move should provide them with the space they need to continue to grow as a lending company.


American Farmers Raise More Beef As Market Prices Hold Steady

Grocery shopper across the U.S. may have noticed that a pound of hamburger has been a lot easier to afford for the past year, or so. Just two years ago a pound of ground beef was hovering above the $4 range, but today one can routinely find a pound hamburger for about $2.49.

Despite lower prices, cattle ranchers are optimistic and are growing their herds. In fact, in the latest USDA update it was shown that the number of cows and calves is up 1% from a year ago. As of January 2018, there are 94.4 million head of cattle held by American farmers.

When looking specifically at beef cows, the numbers are even higher. This segment in the cattle market grew by 1.6%. This is the third year in a row that beef cattle numbers have increased.

Despite high supply and prices that have been lower than average, farmers are pushing forward with increasing herds. They feel good about a significant trend favoring strongly increasing demand for beef. Even so, industry analysts predict prices will go slightly lower for beef throughout 2018.

Why aren’t farmers too worried about downward pressure on price? Randy Blach, CEO of CattleFax, said beef producers “have everything going their way.” For example, beef exports have increased significantly while domestic demand at home has remained solid. American are just eating a lot of beef. Blach made his remarks at the recently held National Angus Convention.

Cattle industry observers agree that it is critical that exports remain strong to keep the bottom from falling out of the beef market. A recent major deal to export beef to China is a huge shot in the arm. China ended a 14-year ban on American beef six months ago. China stopped buying U.S. meat after a breakout of mad cow disease in 2003.

China imports some $2.6 billion in beef from around the world every year. Now U.S. farmers can expect to get a chunk of that lucrative market. The Asian market is critical for beef farmers. Japan and South Korea together account for two-thirds of all American beef exports. Markets are growing in other Asian nations as well – even Russia is buying more American beef today.

How Has Mark Mckenna Changed The Game In Aesthetic Medical Health

We should all be striving to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Unfortunately, life tends to throw curb balls in everyone’s direction throughout their lifespan. Medical health is one of the most important functions in society and aesthetic-medical health falls directly under this brilliant category. Have you ever heard of Dr. Mark McKenna? If so, did you know that he is one of the top professionals in aesthetic-medical care? That’s right! Dr. Mark McKenna was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The guy is well-accomplished in more than one category. First of all, he is licensed in surgery and medicine. This license comes from the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners, and it comes from the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners.

McKenna has played a huge role in his very own community as he is a dedicated community advocate. This activism has shined through during and after Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Mark McKenna, just like so many other people in the area, lost a lot during this time. Of course, he didn’t get too discouraged about the situation. Since most of the city was basically leveled by the flooding, he played an astounding role through redevelopment. Dr. Mark McKenna was just one of many that helped in the rebuilding process of New Orleans, and he did this via low-to-moderate income housing. To this very day, hundreds of people have benefited directly from these actions. Since he lost most of his personal contacts, McKenna decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, for a fresh start.

Since his big move, this extraordinary man has been committed to helping people through a variety of ways. Health and aesthetics is the name of the game. OVME and Shape Medical Wellness Center (ShapeMed) offered a plethora of beneficial health services like non-invasive surgery, Botox injections, Juvederm treatments, hormonal therapy, Latisse and many more services. The creative caregivers at these two companies are highly trained and the results were high in quality.


The Importance of Protecting Users

Technology is steadily advancing. For companies to be successful, they have to be engaged and knowledgeable of the world of technology. It is essential that the complications and errors within an organization are given the same amount of attention as the success and triumphs. In efforts to evaluate the struggles that companies have alike Derek Brink collected data from 17,000 manufactures in North America.

OneLogin of the most significant problems that manufacturers face is keeping up with software and users. Things change fast so they must work even more quickly. Another issue that they face is acknowledging the risk that their security faces with a user base bigger than what they are used to.

The technology department within companies must be aware of all security and expanding user risk that there are. Outsiders are beginning to use a company’s software through third-party corporations. When developing software, the manufacturer has to consider the risk of invasion and security threats that will come from the outsiders using their software. Now they have to make sure that they are prepared to protect themselves from attacks that may arise from places that they least expect.

Security is an essential aspect of a company. You have to protect whatever you are manufacturing to ensure that you are serving your audience well. Many manufacturers are having a big problem with managing their security on a vast network. Most companies do not adequately handle themselves when they experience growth in users. When they decide to take action, they may have already experienced a data breach, interruption of operations, or decrease in user activity.

Protecting the people that use the software that you manufacture is very important. Security can be the reason that you survive or suffer in business. Users trust you to protect them. If their information is confiscated without their consent, they may be afraid of further use. It is estimated that about 80% to 90% of data breaches are done to obtain user information. Technology is advancing in good and bad ways. It is crucial that manufacturers are ready to take out the bad.

Trump Vs. Teats – The Farmers Fight and The 2018 Farm Bill

It is time to take a step back and get an education. The farmers of America are in deep trouble and it seems like there is no way out. Family farms that have been around for generations can not keep up with the cost of farm operations. This is a problem. Large farm companies are able to hold on a little tighter because they can take advantage of tax breaks that are not available to the small and medium farms.

This is the year that the farm bill gets an overhaul. Maybe what needs to be done is to have Trump ditch the suit for a pair of overalls so he can see what it is really like to work in company that never stops. It is easy to overlook how farms work if the closest somebody has been to a farm is grabbing a gallon of milk out of a cooler at the grocery store. What if you were offered between fourteen to eighteen dollars for a hundred pounds of milk, would you take it? That is an average of what dairy farmers got paid at one point. It is a hard life that many people can not understand. It is a driven passion from one generation to the next to never give up.

Take a second to think of the variety of items that is purchased at the store for weekly meals. Does it include; eggs, milk, bread, meats, vegetables, and fruit? Thank a farmer for that. We have become a culture that does not look beyond what is in front of them and may need reminded of where things come from. How many eggs did you use in your cake recipe? The eggs came from a farm. If someone walked into a store and the store no longer carried the milk and eggs, would you notice? Probably.

Trump needs to visit the small farms and use his social media skills to get in touch with those who wear the barn boots and coveralls. Talk to the farmers whose compassion it is not to become rich, but to survive on the family farm where all they want is to raise their children in an environment where pride means everything.

Crickets And Eggs for Breakfast

It is hard to think where our food will be coming from in the future. People never think when they go to the grocery store where the eggs, milk, vegetables, and meat come from. It is not only those few products, but what comes from them. Milk for example, is used in cheese, whey products, cottage cheese, butter, supplements, sour cream, ice cream, and many other products. So when the milk is gone, so is the rest.

Maybe city farmers have the right idea. They have very little land that they need, no large equipment to purchase or repair, the manure would not be an issue, the taxes would be affordable and the vet bills would be few. Welcome to cricket farming. The new idea of farming crickets in the city to provide an emergency food source. Although crickets have been used in many products all ready on the market and considered a good source of protein, for some of us, we still want that nice juicy steak with our eggs.

How do you get people who live outside of rural areas to understand that food is not produced by a grocery store? That the store only provides the goods that came from a farm. That farms are going out of business everyday and no one seems to care. The only farms that are surviving are the ones that are big enough to take advantage of tax breaks that the smaller farms can not take advantage of. What is sad is most of those farmers who have been working so hard generation after generation, would be the first ones who would give you dinner if you were hungry. Now the farmers are hungry and who will feed them?

In some areas, there are more people taking advantage of going to local farmers markets for produce. That helps for some of them, but not enough to keep the bills paid for most farms. The new farm bill comes out in 2018. Agriculture was never mentioned in the State of the Union address. Understandably we have a lot of issues that are important that were mention such as prescriptions and roads, but if we as a country do not make changes, how will we feed everyone?

How Matthew Autterson Started In Finance And Ended Up In The Drug Industry

The business career of Matthew Autterson is an interesting one. Starting in the arena of investing, he ended up being a drug man. His story is really an interesting read. Autterson is now the President and CEO of a drug firm. At the same time, he is a Board Member of the Denver Zoo. How he came to these positions even as he started working in the field of business finance is the subject of this article.



Autterson went to the State University in Michigan to study finance. The subject of money and how it grows must be his first love. Matthew Autterson  graduated in this university in 1980 and was awarded with a degree in B.A. in Finance. He went on to start his business career by working at First Trust Corporation, a Fiserve subsidiary. Two years later, he left FTC and with the help of a small team, he began chartering the Colorado State, now a chartered trust company. A New York-based institution that offers financial services subsidized this company.



Four years later, he was elected as President of the Resources Trust Company. Later in 1998, RTC was bought by Broad Inc. which changed the company name to SunAmerica, Inc. This company was acquired by AIG in 1998 for $18 billion. All in all, Autterson worked in the field of financing for a total of 25 years. Inside those years, he became president of one of the biggest state-chartered institutions in the United States.



Autterson’s foray into the drug industry started with his connection to Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He is the representative of FAB in Colorado’s business community. One thing must have led to another and at present, he is the President and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. This company is a drug development company focusing on the clinical stage development of drugs designed to alleviate neuropathic pain. It seems that this company is one of the main sources of his livelihood at present. Click Here for additional information.



Autterson is also involved in a number of philanthropy works. Matthew Autterson courses his charitable works at Falci and one of the recipients of his donations is the Denver Zoo. Autterson is a leading member of this zoo, and also that of the Denver Zoological Foundation. There are two other charitable institutions that benefits from their association with Autterson. They are the Webb-Warring Foundation and the Denver Hospice. He is a board member of the former and the Chairman of the Board of the latter.



Lime Crime’s Plushies Line Debuts

Lime Crime carries great coverage lipsticks and other makeup products. In January 2018, a new line of matte lip gloss is arriving. It focuses on giving your lips a plush, full effect. A dewy, plush kiss never looked so good. If you have been looking for an alternative to heavy matte coverage of a shimmer effect to your lips, then Plushies is what you have been waiting for. The hype is worth the wait!

Ulta Beauty carries LimeCrime makeup and other goodies. Watch for upcoming new products in the near future, or check out the website itself. You can see the new Plushies lip tint colors and be ready to purchase online or at a store.

Plushies, the newest addition to Lime Crime’s product line, shows off your beautiful lips with a subtle hint of color for a nude lip look. One application is all you need for all day wear. Naturally enhance your own lips with Plushies.

Not only can you browse lipsticks and lip tints from Lime Crime, but their other products include goodies for your eyes, hair, nail and brushes for skin. It’s a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

New products are fun and exciting. The debut of Plushies adds to the heavy coverage already available for lipsticks, and gives the user the option to have a light, summery feel to their lips. A hint of color is sometimes all you need for your day.

Make your lips feel soft, subtle and plushy (like your favorite stuffed animal) with Plushies. It comes in 12 beautiful colors to make even the most harsh critic silent with admiration for the variety of shades to wear on your lips.

Termed, “Soft Focus Lip Veil” by Lime Crime, the Plushies lip tint line is perfect for when you want a soft lip look without the extreme of full lipstick coverage.

Fighting Deforestation with Drones

Deforestation is a global problem, modernization has led to the destruction of forests. Areas that were once covered with large, healthy trees are now home to condominiums, parking garages, and retail stores. Additionally, many forested areas have been obliterated to make room for different profitable crops. Agriculture is an incredibly important part of the global economy and local communities. The problem with agriculture expansion is that more trees are cut down annually than are planted, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is problematic. Trees not only provide Earth with oxygen, but they are also home to animals and support local ecosystems around the world. Solutions are needed in order to keep the Earth healthy for future generations, technology just might be able to intervene and help the planet.

Drones have become a standard piece of equipment used in many industries and even for a personal hobby since the prices have dropped significantly. Their newest talent might just be their greatest use yet- planting baby trees. A drone can plant up to 100,00 trees in a single day. Astonishing isn’t it? Drone company Parrot along with the U.K. company, BioCarbon Engineering, have been working together to make this plan a reality. Another U.S.-based business, DroneSeed, is working with the same concept except they also plan to use their drones to apply fertilizers and herbicides to crops. Their specialized drone can also easily access areas than humans couldn’t easily reach. The cost is also significantly less than conventional tree-planting methods.

More testing and funding is necessary to expand specialized drone production. Initially, the drones used have proven to be an effective method of fighting deforestation. Trees are being cut down at an alarming rate all over the planet with the replacement tree seedlings being planted in their stead consisting of a tiny fraction of the total trees removed. Potentially with drone technology, they could be replanted just as quickly as they are being cut down.