Are Water Drinks with Vitamins Better Than Plain Water?

Americans are well aware of the obesity epidemic. As a result, they are changing their diets, exercising more, and taking vitamins. It’s something I’ve been talking about extensively with Lee G. Lovett.

Healthy food and drinks are being advertised and offered by many companies. In fact, vitamins and minerals are being added to many drinks: water, juice and sports drinks. Even though the levels of vitamins may be small, nutritionist worry the vitamins could be harmful.

In today’s world, many different foods are beginning to be fortified with vitamins. In addition to drinks, vitamins A and D are often added to food such as bread and milk. There is concern that people are exceeding their daily requirements.

Vitamin water is made with synthetic vitamins. Some experts don’t think there is much benefit from synthetic vitamins. They recommend getting vitamins naturally from the food that is known to produce a particular vitamin.

Additionally, vitamin water also costs more. It can cost as much as $3.50 per bottle. Many health experts maintain that water is still the best liquid for hydration and overall health. You can always add flavor if plain water is too dull.

Mineral water may taste good, but its nutritional value is not that much more than what plain water provides. Rather than waste money on vitamin water, drink tap water for free and you can save on your grocery bill.

First Baby Turtle In 100 Years To Hatch On Galapagos Island


With all the modernization happening in our society these days, it seems that our planet’s wildlife is suffering more each year. Potentially this could mean a quicker extinction rate for several species, and some animals have already been thought to no longer be around. But once in a while, humans can actually help the animals out in a big way. Evidence of that happened this week in the Galapagos Islands, when the first baby tortoise was spotted on the isle of Pinzon in over a century.

Thanks to a submission on Reddit, the DoDo article about this discovery has been trending lately online. History states that back in the mid-18th century the first sailors landed on Pinzon and brought a mass community of rats with them on their boats. The rats then infested the island and devoured all but a few of the tortoise eggs, thus putting a huge handicap on the tortoise population. The rats continued to live on the island for decades, so in the 1960’s a group of preservationists hunted down a few tortoise eggs before they were eaten and took them to a neighboring island to hatch. Once the tortoises were large enough to fight the rats, they were returned home. Haidar Barbouti stated in the last few years, scientists found a way to terminate the rats on Pinzon and make it a safe haven for tortoises once again. Their efforts have proved helpful, as now in 2015 the first egg was spotted hatching in its natural habitat restoring the tortoise community once again.

Stephen Williams of AWC is Making Waves

The Antique Wine Company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. They specialize in selling rare and fine wines, and they have thousands of clients around the globe. Based in London, England, their world-wide clients include hotels, restaurants and private individuals.


Stephen Williams is currently the company CEO and Managing Director. Running this company has made him an expert in fine wines, and he has become a widely quoted expert on the subject. He presents his insider’s view of the fine wine industry to readers of his blog and to listeners of a series of radio programs on the subject.


The Antique Wine Company is a fitting name for this business. While they sell some relatively current vintages, they also carry a number that are over 150 years old. Vintages they sold currently stock some of the finest collections and cellars in business and private collections the world over. While based in London, they also have two offices in Asia. This region of the world is becoming a dominant market in the field of fine wine.


In 2011, they also started offering what they call the Wine Academy. Through this service they provide classes in fine wine education and wine-focused corporate events. The company offers a range of corporate hospitality packages that include a London venue for wine tasting events held in their own custom-built facility. These events combine wine tastings with hot and cold food choices as well as an informative wine steward to inform guests regarding any wine and food combination choices. These events have attracted and entertained some of the elite from major global corporations such as HSBC, Aon Insurance and American Express.

The company website offers to buy and sell fine wines. They both seek and offer only wines that reflect the highest quality standards and that are sought after by collectors with refined tastes. They pride themselves on sourcing rare wines. They sell wines from the following categories and nationalities: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone Valley, Italy, Spain, USA and Australia. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, they have a section of their website just for you. If you are looking to buy, sell or just learn more about rare or fine wine, you need look no further than The Antique Wine Company.

Detailed Look at Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a leading private brand that manufactures a variety of dog foods. Pet owners who feed their dogs wet or dry foods can explore Beneful’s various meal choices. Beneful also produces many dog treats. Introduced to stores in 2001, Beneful’s main focus is on providing canines with well-rounded nutrition. The brand is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare, a St. Louis, Missouri Nestle division.

Beneful has a large assortment of dry foods for dogs. Kibble fans can get their daily nutrition from diverse products, all with their own specific benefits. Beneful aims to create dry foods that are made up of wholesome components, with appealing textures and tastes. Pet owners who want to give their dogs’ energy levels boosts can purchase Beneful’s “Playful Life” dry dog food. Owners of overweight dogs can purchase the brand’s “Healthy Weight” kibble. Beneful also makes “Healthy Smile,” “Healthy Radiance,” and “Healthy Growth for Puppies” dry food formulas. An original formula is available, too.

Wet food is another Beneful priority. The brand’s moist meals include salmon, beef, pork. chicken, turkey and lamb formulas. Their wet dog foods are available in chopped blend and canned versions. Some of Beneful’s available wet food products include Prepared Meals chicken stew, Chopped Blends in Salmon, Prepared Meals lamb and rice stew and Tuscan style medleys with beef. Dog owners can select their pets’ wet meals based on their specific dining preferences and nutritional needs. Beneful aims to accommodate the varying dietary needs and tastes of all types of canines.

Pet lovers who want to reward their animals with tasty treats can check out Beneful’s extensive snack line. Beneful’s snacks are made in two distinct categories, which are “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile.” One example of a Beneful snack is the Stars with Bacon and Cheese Baked Delights. These shortbread cookie treats give dogs the taste thrills of cheese and bacon. Other flavors that appear in Beneful’s various dog treats are artificial and natural peanut butter, chicken and beef. Healthy Smile twists are another Beneful snack example. These are dental dog treats that aim to improve the health of canine teeth. The treats are made out of peanut butter flavors and authentic parsley. These snacks aim to minimize tartar and plaque on dogs’ teeth, which are dental woes that are common in humans, too. The dental treats also provide dogs with extra calcium. This additional calcium is beneficial for promoting healthy teeth.

Dementia May Be Linked to Ingredient found in OTC Medications

The JAMA Internal Medicine has reported on a study from the University of Washington led by Dr. Shelly Gray has determined that certain over the counter drugs may be linked to causing dementia. In the study Gianfrancesco Genoso shared on,  3,000 participants over the age of 65 that were not showing any signs of having dementia that were followed roughly 23% developed dementia. Of these almost 800 people, there were 20% of these people that were taking over the counter drugs containing what manufacturers call anticholinergic effects in them. The study admits that the results do not point to a smoking gun that could prevent the neurological problem from occurring in the older years of life but are confident in what the study shows.

Obama Proposes Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Expansion


The Associated Press reports that President Barack Obama intends to extend the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

He plans to add 2.3 million acres to the refuge including some of the most oil-rich land located in the Alaskan wilderness. The initiative is upsetting local authorities and being perceived by conservatives as a massive Federal land seizure.

The initiative is likely to face a strong opposition from the Republican-controlled Congress. US Rep Don Young, a Republican senator from the state of Alaska, had introduced a bill earlier this year to allow drilling on the preserve.

It seems that Obama’s statement on the matter might be more symbolic than an intended move says The fact of the matter is that the preserve is one of the last portions of the wilderness that remains untouched by human hands and is something that needs to be preserved for future generations, and nature enthusiasts like Zeca Oliveira, to enjoy.

Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is the top of the line dog food that is healthy and good for your dog. No matter what kind of dog you have little, big, older or new, we have a dog food made just for them. We offer dog food that is made especially for making your dog’s coat shinier and softer. We have food for dogs with older dogs with weight issues, we have made food just for puppies, and dog food to help your dog’s teeth be cleaner and have great smelling breath.

Our dry dog food comes in a variety of packaging such as a three and a half pound bag, seven pound bag, fifteen and a half pound bag, and thirty one pound bags, 3 oz. cans or we have wet dog food that comes in a 10 oz. reseal able tub so that it is fresh every time you open it.

Beneful offers a wide variety of meals such as beef stew, chicken stew, and medley of flavors and many more. All of our dog foods come with real meat that you can see in chunks that your dog will enjoy. We offer a large assortment of meats to choose from for every type of taste such as salmon, chicken, beef, pork, turkey or lamb. We also don’t use any fillers, just good, healthy meat, vegetables, rice and pasta. We offer a mix of vegetable such as spinach, tomatoes, corn, parsley, avocado, carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. We use real milk is our food, as well as yogurt to give it that creamy mix. It is all 100% healthy, offering vitamins, iron, protein, and lots of healthy energy for your dog.

We also offer a mix of snacks for your dog for when he is hungry before meals or you just want to reward them. They will love this assortment of flavors and types for any dog regardless of their taste or mood. We have Healthy Smile Ridges, Healthy Smile Twists, Heartfuls, Stars with Chicken and Cheese, Stars with Bacon and Cheese, Hugs, and Snackers.

We offer such an assortment of different types and flavors, your dog will never grow bored or picky. The tastes are so rich in flavor, so thick with ingredients; they will always be hungry and ready to eat. You will love how happy, vibrant, and healthy your dog will be when feeding them Beneful. They will always have energy, vitality, and a happy smile when you see them. You won’t believe the shiny, beautiful coat they will have when you pet them and love on them. You will be as happy as they are content.

Poor Posture Infograph Released By North American Spine

If you currently have insomnia, headaches, neck pain, or back pain, you may not know this, but it may be caused by poor posture. There may be many different reasons for pain in your body, but it’s unlikely that you attribute it to posture. North American Spine has released an infograph, which informs people about the negative effects of poor posture. PR Newswire reports that North American Spine recently released the infograph, in order to help those who have poor posture, to correct their posture, in order to avoid pain. Several different pains can be caused by improper posture, so the infograph shows how to improve posture.

If you’re not certain that your posture is poor, the infograph informs you, if you do have poor posture. The information also lets people know the pains that poor posture can cause, and ways to have proper posture, while sitting and standing. North American Spine is a leader when it comes to back, spine, and neck pain. Over 8000 patients have sought out help from the facilities over the years, in order to relieve their pain permanently. Over 82% of patients who have gone to North American Spine for treatment, have seen successful relief of their pain.

Most who go to North American Spine for treatment, would recommend the facility to others in the same type of pain. North American Spine performs the AccuraScope procedure, which is a procedure lasting about 45 minutes, and it’s minimally invasive. Only a small incision is needed in the back, in order to insert the AccuraScope, and to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is performed, the patient quickly recovers, and can get back to their normal life. North American Spine is currently celebrating over six years of helping their patients through chronic pain, as well as healing chronic pain.

Recreational Marijuana In New York?

New York could be the next state to legalize medical marijuana. It turns out that a bill has just been filed in the state that would legalize the substance for recreational usage by all people in that state. 

The Weed Blog says that such a bill would generate huge amounts of revenue for the state since the population is so large and so many people are interested in using marijuana for recreational purposes. 

The law is set up in similar fashion to laws that have already been passed in Colorado and Washington State. Those two states now have legalized recreational marijuana use and are already starting to reap the benefits of the taxation of this drug. New York now appears to be eying the same possibility and seeing for themselves that this is something that perhaps should be brought to their state. 

What is amazing is just how long it took for larger states like New York to start recognizing that this is the way that they should go on this issue. It has taken some time to see how certain states would do with their legalization of marijuana proposals, but so far everything seems to be going pretty well in those states. It is quite clear at least that Colorado is enjoying the tax revenue that has been brought in as a result of this change in the law. It will be interesting to see if others follow suit. Keep in mind though, if marijuana isn’t your thing you can always contact The Antique Wine Company if you’re in to great wine.

House Speaker Not Willing To Get Into Climate Change Debate

The House Speaker John Boehner has taken a unique approach to avoiding talking about the climate change issue. He has pushed it on to scientists to worry about the debate of climate change. He says that he is not going to concern himself with the climate change debate, but rather he will “let scientists debate that”. reports that Boehner at least conceded that their are changes to the environment that are occurring, but he refused to say that such changes were a product of man made burning of fossil fuels. Instead, he said that he would let scientists debate this issue and allow them to decide what was happening. Marc Sparks believes that by playing his cards this way, the House Speaker did manage to side step the issue. However, he did not really get completely out of it.

It should be noted that the Speaker and all of his colleagues in the House and Senate are the ones who are tasked with making public policy as it relates to the environment. It means that it is their job to care about such issues and to study them. By side stepping the issue, the Speaker is throwing off his responsibility to the public to care about these issues and try to do something about them. He is clearing avoiding the issue for political reasons, but doing so is only damaging to the public discourse about one of the most important issues on the agenda.