Burger King Owner Shares His Award

An Arizona owner and manager of a few Burger King locations received a bonus this year for achieving the Franchisee of the Year award. He was presented with a rolex and a new car, which he decided that instead of keeping that he would share the wealth with his fantastic employees.

Tom Barnett, the award winner, sold his new car and watch to earn a total of about $120,000 which he then broke up into many amounts and gave it to his Burger King staff as a bonus reward. According to an article found on reddit and written by AZfamily.com, some of the cash bonuses were anywhere from hundreds to thousands added on to the worker’s paychecks.

Marcio Alaor BMG (Em.com)knows that it isn’t every day that someone is this generous when they receive some kind of award, but it is truly a selfless act on Barnett’s behalf. He recognized that he already had all the money and wealth that he could want, so by sharing it with the restaurant staff he is sending a positive message. Not only that, but this kind of action really promotes and improves workplace morale, which there is never too much of. The employees were shocked and grateful, and it was not said who Barnett sold his car and watch to. Whomever they are, they probably don’t know how much they helped a man show appreciation for his very own employees this year.

Non-Green Salads to Try

If you love salads but hate leafy greens, life can be difficult. Because you want to keep eating healthy, you don’t have to munch on leady greens. Pinterest is full of non-green salad options that people have tried and shared. Here are some healthy salad options to try –

• Fruit Salad – Fruits have many things to offer you that vegetables simply cannot. Also, fruits are a bit more tasty that veggies, especially if you have a sweet tooth. So, try mixing all your favorite fruits together in a bowl and have some fruit salad for breakfast. Make sure the fruits are fresh.

• Crispy Avocado, Tomato and Bacon Salad – This is a salad with some flair. The recipe is simple enough and in the end, you can crispy avocado coated in parmesan panko mixture, fresh tomatoes and crispy bacon. You can add many other things to this salad to bring out the taste. Don’t forget to include your favorite sauce.

• Cabbage, Cilantro Carrot Slaw – Bored of coleslaw? Why don’t you try this Asian version with cilantro, red cabbage and carrot. The result is extremely colorful and if you place it in a glass, it would add to the aesthetic of your dinner table. Don’t forget to use Asian dressing for this salad, namely rice vinegar and sesame oil.

You can make your own non-green salads by finding out about the vegetables and fruits that you prefer and trying to make them compliment each other. Foodies like Susan McGalla know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

FDA Issues Warning on Medical Device After a Superbug Outbreak

What if you went into a medical facility for a fairly routine procedure and didn’t come out for days because you were infected with a superbug virus during the procedure? The possibility is very real as is the possibility that you might not come out at all.
For seven patients undergoing tests and procedures recently at world-famous UCLA, the above scenarios was a reality. Two patients died because of the infection.
These patients at UCLA, along with countless other worldwide, undergo a variety of procedures done with a medical tool called duodenoscopes each day. The duodenoscope is a valuable tool which allows doctors to get a glimpse down the throat and all the way into the stomach of a patient. While the use of a duodenoscopes is invasive, it’s not nearly as invasive as surgery, so it’s a widely used and successful medical tool.
Marc Sparks has read that the duodenoscope also harbors bacteria that is passed from patient to patient, resulting in a deadly superbug outbreak.
The duodenoscope consists of flexible tubing so that it can be threaded down the throat and maneuvered where needed once inside the human body. Because of the flexible design, it’s also hard to clean.
The FDA has issued a warning regarding the potential for passage of resistant strains of deadly bacteria between patients if the medical device is not properly cleaned. The FDA is also working with both sides to see what other precautions or changes can be made to the device to make it safer for usage.

The Health Care System Needs To Prioritize

At the 2015 Texas Enterprise Speaker Series, the Dell Medical School dean Dr. Clay Johnston, speaks about the flaws in the health care system. Johnston states, ‘the whole system is geared towards doing more, rather than doing better or treating the sickest patients, because that’s the way it gets paid.’ Your text to link…

In the time Johnston spoke, he pointed out the health care system is unable to keep up with advancing technology, and runs on a 20 year cycle. Susan McGalla understands that this allows the system to help meet their status quo, but does not treat the patients that are really sick. The health care system puts too much time and money in marketing for preventative care and not efforts are put into treating patients that really need the care.

Johnston informed his audience the reason why a patient is unable to speak with the doctor on the phone is because they don’t get paid to do so. Doctors get paid to see the patient, read test results, and prescribe medications, but not to speak with them on a phone call.

Overall, the health care system is currently on a path to promote preventative care over treating sick patients and finding a more effective way to treat a disease. If the system put as much time and effort into research for a better treatment option, the money coming into the system would plummet.

Jonathan Veitch and Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch is one of the few individuals who can actually he was born, raised and works professional in Los Angeles. With so many people coming to the city and to California from other regions of the country, there actually are not that many. Furthermore, ever fewer people can actually save they have made as much of a difference as Jonathan Veitch has. With all of the work he has put in, Jonathan Veitch has become the face of Occidental College in Los Angeles. Of course, it is also important to look at what he has done with the school and just how important it is.

Jonathan Veitch is similar to a community college located in the city. However, the school had struggled for a long time, going through president after president, many of which never stayed a full year. Before he came, the school had gone through four presidents in the matter of five years. However, with his experience, he managed to take control of the college and reinvent it as a quality college for a desirable education.

For starters, Jonathan Veitch received his education in California from Loyola High School and then went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University up the coast. He did move out to receive his doctoral degree from Harvard University in History of American Civilization, and from there he went on to work with numerous colleges along the way. In 20099 though, he became the president of Occidental College.

Before his arrival, the school had struggled with bringing in new students and even the local community had started to turn on the college. Jonathan Veitch talked on Facebook about how he saw to it to fix these issues. First, right around the time he took over as president, Barack Obama had recently become president and he had actually spent some time enrolled at Occidental College. Jonathan Veitch used this information in older to bolster the school’s stance with minorities around the country who wanted to follow in the footsteps of the first black president. His next step revolved around improving the stance the school had with the local community. Many members of the local community did not like the student housing pushing over into the community with the loud noise that went along with it. Jonathan Veitch worked with the city officials to alter the student housing and improved the local transportation to make it better for everyone.

Just take a look at this interview with Veitch, where he outlines his plans for the future of the college.  An inspiration for how to turn the spirit of a college around completely.

Gluten May Not Be the Bad Component in Wheat

Gluten-free diets have become quite the fad. On store shelves today you can find a gluten-free version of almost everything. Even some restaurants are getting in on it with menu options that eschew the controversial wheat protein. Some point out, however, that scientists have not confirmed the extent, or even the existence, of gluten sensitivity for anyone except those who have celiac disease, according to several online outlets. What’s more, wheat has been raised since the beginning of agriculture, and it seems unlikely to many that it can be so bad for us. A recent article in Mother Jones points out that it may not be wheat gluten but how we bake bread today that is bad for us. Modern companies have an interest in quickly getting product out the door to make a buck, so bread is not given the hours or days to rise that it used to get through most of history. The author of the article noticed that he felt better after eating bread that had more time to rise.

This article may be on to something, but there is probably one more reason. The flour that people use to make bread today is not the flour our ancestors used. It is white flour that has had most of its nutritional content denuded from it. If we truly wish to eat bread that is as healthy as our ancestors ate, it would need to be slow baked and made from unprocessed whole flour. If this was what had been on our store shelves all these years, one wonders if we’d have so many reported sensitivities and allergies and other food related maladies.

New York Introduces a Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Stand Coffee is opening pop-up shops at several New York restaurant locations. The company serves coffee during off-hours at popular New York spots. Stand Coffee is open from 7am to 11am, seven days a week. Since most people purchase their coffee before noon, a morning coffee stand is an ideal way for more customers to find out about Stand Coffee.

Cafe Grumpy, a company that claims to make the best coffee in the city, supplies the beans for Stand Coffee. As Marc Sparks understands it, stand Coffee has a profit share agreement with the owner of Cafe Grumpy. This means there isn’t a huge benefit for Cafe Grumpy’s owner, but the gesture is an indication of how much he believes in Stand Coffee.

Stand Coffee plans to expand in the future, but states that their current arrangement is working well. The coffee stand was actually built by the company owner, and only costs $400.

Southeast Slammed With Winter Storm

Arkansas to Washington DC is getting a taste of the winter weather the northeast is familiar with, almost too familiar. Monday started with a few flakes, but quickly grew to a whiteout blizzard that caused thousands of power outages, work, and school closings. The storm is supposed to taper off Tuesday afternoon.

Everybody remembers the ice and snow storm of 2014 that cause stranded drivers and roadway shutdowns in Georgia. Last year the South got several storms that crippled cities and iced roadways. This year seems to be the same.

Reports of roadway accidents, school closings, and delayed flights from Altanta, Georgia to Cinncinnati, Ohio, has come in to the news stations. WSB channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia has predicted weather temps as low as twenty seven degrees and black ice first thing in the morning.  Brian Torchin even says that in Birmingham, Alabama, temperatures are to return to the forties but down to the low twenties again tonight. They get a brief reprieve tonight and Wednesday but there is another round of storms coming on Thursday. Once again Punxsutawney Phil has made a correct prediction and everybody wants to move to California and Florida because the daytime temperatures were in the eighties again.

Red Planet Dreams Could Come True

The pioneer spirit is alive and well. At least it is for the final 100 candidates for the Dutch nonprofit Mars One’s planned martian colony.

Starting from a pool of 200,000 applicants, paring down to 100 finalists is only the first step. By the first planned launch in 2024 there will be 24 left. They will launch in six separate missions with four colonists and equipment in each. The launches will be spaced out one every two years.

The final 100 come from many walks of life but all share the same passion for the exploration of space. With what will be a one way trip that could be their most important feature. Now that they are closer to being chosen the candidates must deal with the reactions of their friends and families to the news. Two of the finalists shared their feelings herebut maintain that they are ready for the adventure.

Mars One still has many hurdles to overcome before that first launch. A $6 billion price tag must be raised through croudfunding, sponsorships and sales. Zeca Oliveira is aware that the success or failure of the unmanned missions in 2018 could become a factor. Most daunting of all the odds of survival have to be improved from the mere 68 days projected by a MIT study using modern day technology.


Jim Cantore is Elated Over Thundersnow

Lots of people are intently watching the Weather Channel and all other outlets trying to follow winter storm Neptune. However, what they don’t know is that Jim Cantore is a big kid. He was so excited to see thunder snow that camera crews couldn’t help but take a video. The meteorologist was laughing, playing and screaming as he watched the lightening roll in with the snowfall. You might think he is doing a dance because winter storm Neptune and Octavia and hitting just around the same time. But it is the dancing of lightning bolts that has him all abuzz.

Hiadar Barbouti (Bizjournals.com) has heard that these storms and all the predictions have certainly caused some drama at the local weather channels. Trying to predict the path of the storms and making sure that everyone is properly warned is hard work. However, Cantore takes his job very seriously. He is one of the most trusted and beloved weather men of all time. His face on the news brings comfort and dependability to the people of America. Whether in the North, South, East or West, his news is what most people tune to for winter storm details.

Seeing that Cantore could let his hair down and have some fun was a breath of fresh air. Thunder snow is an exciting thing that only occurs once in a while. Seeing as how he has such a serious job, having a bit of fun is just what he needed before facing these two big storms.