The Lure of Fatty Foods Continues Despite Evidence of Their Dangers

Anyone who cares about their health tries to avoid fast food burgers and fries and other fatty foods. Anastasia Date employees know they are bad for our health. They pack weight on us and this, in turn, makes us more susceptible to various diseases. The physical consequences of eating fatty foods are bad enough, but now it seems there is one more reason to avoid that McDonald’s drive through window; your mental health.

A new study has found that a high-fat diet can also negatively affect your mental health. It has been demonstrated in mice to reduce memory and increase anxiety. The study also indicates an increasing risk of depression. Science is giving us even more reasons to stay away from foods that most of us with any sense know to stay away from already. Given how hard it is for some to avoid eating these bad foods, a breakthrough in being able to eat them while avoiding the negative effects of doing so would be welcome. If such a breakthrough could ever be achieved, the patent holders for it would be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Whether due to poor eating habits learned at an early age or some other reason, fatty foods seem to have something in them that so many of us crave. Until this craving can be conquered or the outcomes from indulging them can be mitigated, McDonald’s, Burger King and similar places will not have to worry about their bottom lines.

Microbeads Cause Problems for Great Lakes

The Toronto Sun reports that microbeads are causing problems in the Great Lakes. Microbeads are common in facial cleansers which serve to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Microbeads are those little specks seen in cleansers and are commonly made of tiny pieces of plastic. Brad Reifler has learned that these tiny pieces of plastic go into the sewer system where they make their way into the Great Lakes. Plastic does not dissolve but travels quickly and easily out into the waters where it is mistakenly consumed by fish and seafood.

Although not much is known about the long-term impact ingestion of these tiny bits of plastic will have on wild life, it is thought to be a matter of imminent concern as the plastic does not easily break down. As the plastic is consumed, then deposited back into the water the problem is perpetuated. The Minister of the Environment says that this has become a problem that needs immediate attention. Of the lakes Lake Eerie has the highest amounts of plastic microbeads in the water.

It is not known yet if the microbeads will be banned or if companies are just encouraged to remove them from their products.

Paris Offers Free Mass Transit in Initiative to Reduce Pollution

France and Belgium have taken a unique initiative to help combat pollution. The initiative took place earlier this month after a thick layer of smog settled in over France’s most beloved city, Paris.

Officials opened up Paris’ public transport system to anyone, free of charge, Sultan Alhokair says for an entire weekend. The patch of pollution settled in over the city and stretched for hundreds of miles. Belgium and Germany were also affected. Paris was under a pollution alert last Friday, as was much of the country. The amount of pollutants measured in the air surprisingly surpassed readings that are typically reported out of Beijing, one of the most polluted cities in the world.

It is believed that the smog was particularly dense due to the mixture of diesel vehicles, in addition to the burning of wood and other yard waste. Photographic images captured of the Eiffel Tower that Friday revealed a sickening reality, as it appeared that the city was under siege by a massive storm. Images taken in Brussels were posted online and although they do not reveal as bleak of a reality, the city appears shrouded by a dense fog.

Valentin Foltescu, the air quality manager with the European Environment Agency, worried that susceptible people, such as the elderly and those with cardiac or respiratory disorders, would be overtaken by the poor air quality.

“There is a high correlation of pollution and mortality,” Foltescu stated.

FEMA Demands Climate Change Plans

The Internet was buzzing recently with the news that Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection was forbidden to use the terms “climate change” or “global warning” in any official communications. Governor Rick Scott does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity, and his opinions, rather than scientific research, dictate state policy.

Gov. Scott’s stance is going to make it more difficult for him to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Starting next year, FEMA will only limit disaster preparedness funds to states that have plans for hazards caused or aggravated by climate change. Scott and other governors who prefer to believe that climate change isn’t real will lose millions of dollars in FEMA funds for their states. As of March 2016, any state wishing disaster preparedness funds will need to determine how climate change threatens their states, and make plans accordingly. For Florida, this would include rising sea levels. For California, this would include droughts. Other states might have climate change affecting rainfall, blizzards, or tornadoes.

In addition to Florida’s Rick Scott, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Texas’ Greg Abbott, North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, and New Jersey’s Christ Christie have either denied that humanity’s actions affect climate change or have refused to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. People at Imagine Advantage have learned that, if these governors don’t change their minds, their citizens may suffer the consequences of their putting their opinions over scientific research.

Football Player’s Daughter Has Good prognosis on Rare Cancer

Devon Still, football defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals football team, received some bad news this past June.His four-year-old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.The football player was anxious to see Leah perform in a ballet recital when she started to complain about pain in her hips. Mr. Still, who spends his off season in Philadelphia, rushed Leah to Children’s Hospital to find out what was wrong. It was then that he learned his daughter had stage 4 neuroblastoma. At the time, the doctors said Leah had a 50-50 chance of recovering. Leah underwent many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell implants in hopes of rebuilding her bone marrow supply.
This past September, Leah was wheeled into the operating room to have her cancerous tumors removed and her right adrenal gland cleared, where the cancer originated from. The football team decided to help Devon Still with the doctor bills.
Paul Mathieson knows that the best news of all is Leah has been declared free from cancer. (Find Mathieson on to her doctors, there is no sign of the active disease in her body. Still says they are not completely over the cancer yet because he is awaiting the results of Leah’s MRI and bone biopsy reports that should be available later in the week. The doctors are very hopeful that Leah will be on her way to a nice recovery.

Backlash Against FDA Added Sugar Content On Food Labels

Last year’s announcement by the Food and Drug Administration to have every food product label to show data as to the amount of sugar, in terms of teaspoons, that has been added, has sparked an outcry from food manufacturers, trade associations and politicians against the labeling revision mandate.

The FDA’s solicitation of public comment brought 287,889 responses and was a benchmark as to the interest and importance of the issue. Food manufacturers believe that this labeling mandate will alter how individuals will shop for the groceries and change dietary habits according to professionals like Brian Torchin.

Label requirements now mandate the total sugar content of products but not declare specific amounts of added sugar during the manufacturing process. Food industry representatives contend that all sugars are the same and see no valid reason to differentiate between the types of sugars.

The Dairy Institute of California stated that individuals are well informed when making proper dietary selections and argue that crucial trade secrets will be exposed if mandated to reveal the amount of sugar in their formulations. As well, the cranberry industry states that high quantities of sugar are added to harvested cranberries to make more palatable.

Advocates for label revision cite that food processors are attempting to conceal the amount of sugar in their products, to make consumers think they are choosing healthy and nutritious products, and they should be aware of the dangers associated with high sugar consumption.

How to Face the Common Cold in the Best Way

No one likes to be faced with a cold. No one likes to deal with all that comes along with the common cold. The effects of a cold can be painful, uncomfortable, and they can slow you down. A list of suggestions for dealing with the common cold has come out and is something that might help anyone who is dealing with this illness. Reuters reports that this list of suggestions and directions for dealing with a cold is something that can be read before or during the sickness.

What should you be doing when you are faced with a cold? What should you not be doing when you are faced with a cold? This list of suggestions includes the fact that you should be taking zinc to ward off the illness, but that vitamin C might not be as helpful as some believe it to be. If you are facing a cold or if you think that you may be dealing with one in the near future, you want to learn all that you can about the illness and how you can fight it off in the best way.

Babies and Pre-Adolescent Children Don’t Experience Nerve Pain

Babies don’t have nerve pain, such as that caused from a pinched nerve or slipped disc. Neither does a pre-adolescent child. If either age group has to have a limb amputated, they don’t experience phantom limb pain like adults do either said Marcio Alaor BMG. That’s good news for them and perhaps one day the recent discovery of this will be good news for adults, if the phenomenom that causes them to be free of nerve pain can be harnessed and used to treat adults.

In babies and children who have not yet reached puberty, the immune system naturally provides them with protection from nerve pain. Before reaching puberty, a child doesn’t feel the pain caused from a herniated disc or other back problem, even if the problem exists in their body. If they have lost a limb due to an accident, they won’t feel phantom limb pain until after they reach puberty.
The reason these physical conditions can exists in a pre-adolescent body without causing pain is rooted in the child’s immune system. The young immune system produces enough anti-inflammatory chemicals to block the nerve pain. As the child ages, the amount of anti-inflammatory chemicals produced by the body lessens and the inflammation-causing chemicals take over and the post-puberty child begins to feel nerve pain.

Dr. Daniel Amen Researches How Meditation Aids Relaxation

One of the most important and respected psychiatrists in the world, Dr. Daniel Amen, has turned his attention to attempting to prove that meditation and breathing techniques can play a role in the health and maintenance of the mind and body. The physician has spent his recent career looking into the effect of meditation on the mind when it is completed on a daily basis for a period of 12 minutes. The main effects have been monitored and researched to show that meditation can have a positive effect on both the body and mind, particularly on the ability to focus the mind on important details.

Dr. Amen has also used the interview, which was first reported by Yahoo, to explain how specific breathing techniques have ability to lower the stress levels of individuals. The physician details how to use the breathing techniques he has developed and observed can actually lower stress levels in just a few minutes and live a life filled with less tension.

Dr. Amen has developed a strong following through the large number of books he has published and have become New York Times bestsellers. The founder of the famous Amen Clinics, the doctor is one of the best known faces in psychiatry and has become well known for his media appearances. One of the areas that Dr. Amen has had a large impact on is the understanding of how sports injuries affect the brain and can see the development of mental health issues.

San Francisco Is One Step Closer To Banning Plastic Water Bottles


The U.S. Uses Around 50 Billion Plastic Water Bottles A Year And Only 23 Percent Of Them Get Recycled

San Francisco is on a mission. The Golden Gate city wants to be as green as an Irish shamrock, and an ordinance approved by Susan McGalla and San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors brings them one step closer to that goal. Most Americans know plastic is accumulating in city dumps faster than anyone imagined because water is something we drink out of a plastic bottle instead of a glass.

The mayor of the city hasn’t signed the bill yet, but insiders say the ordinance is as good as signed. When it becomes law, plastic water bottles will be banned on city property. Sports events are exempt from the ordinance. Nonprofits and food trucks have until 2018 to incorporate the new ordinance.

Supervisor David Chiu, the author of the ordinance, said San Francisco is a leader that wants to break the cycle of neglect when it comes to the environment. Chiu also pointed out that banning plastic bottles is a step closer to relieving some of the effects of climate change.

Once the ordinance is in place, anyone selling plastic bottles on city property will be subject to a fine. That fine could be as much as $1,000. The beverage industry is not happy about the change, but they will have to get used to it because more big cities will follow San Francisco lead.