The CIA Will No Longer Share Climate Change Information With Scientists

The American satellite program has changed the way we look at the world. We are able to see changes in land masses, and we are able to track the melting ice in Antarctica as well as operate cell phones and other electronic devices. But satellites do a lot more for us that we realize. For decades the CIA has been using satellites to identify clandestine operations as well as track the impact of climate change around the world. That information was shared with climate change scientists for years, but the CIA has decided to stop sharing climate change information, and the reason is shrouded in secrecy.

The CIA knows that climate change impacts social unrest as James Dondero has said several times. Terrorists take advantage of climate changes, and the results of that tactic is pretty obvious. The drought in Nigeria and Syria stimulated unrest, and terrorist groups took advantage of that unrest. President Obama recently talked about the effects of climate change, and how those changes can impact national security.

Republicans have been against sharing information about climate change with scientists, and it appears they have influenced the CIA decision. No one is going to question that decision. We all know why. We don’t want to give the bad guys the same information we give the good guys.

Texas and New Mexico Reeling From Massive Floods

Memorial Day weekend 2015 will go down in history as one of the most historic storm an flood events that officials in many southwest states have seen in the past 100 years. Officials still do not have an accurate assessment of the extent of the damage as storms continue to rage both areas. Officials in New Mexico report that at least 11 people have been killed by flood waters while Texas officials report that at least 17 people have been confirmed killed by the storms raging throughout the state. Officials in both states report a number of people still missing and each expect the death toll to rise as search and rescue efforts continue. Texas seems to be hit the hardest with the Texas Governor John Abbot declaring a State of Emergency for the State. The international Airport in Dallas had to be shut down temporarily when a giant sink hole opened up in the middle of one of the main runways. A small town north of Dallas had to be evacuated as a result of the expected failure of a dam holding back lake waters. Roads and bridges throughout the state have been destroyed by flood waters and main roads in downtown Houston have been buried under 20 and 30 feet of water. One amazing fact that Christian Broda came upon was that some of the flood levels have not been seen since 1934.Massive Memorial Day Floods Claim Victims In Texas and New Mexico

Bulletproof Coffee for Super Energy and Weight Loss

Who knew that combining butter and coffee would be the perfect weight loss energy drink? That’s exactly what Bulletproof Coffee is, derived from a concoction from health blogger Dave Asprey. The original coffee idea was spurred by a visit to Tibet, where Asprey was served a tea mixed with yak butter to help keep him warm, energized and satiated while in the cold altitude.

Bringing the idea home with him, Asprey turned the concept into Bulletproof Coffee, a drink made of butter, coffee and MTC oil. MTC oil is a combination of coconut and palm kernal oils, blended into the popular coffee beverage for a creamy, energizing drink.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee work? Simply, the caffeine present in the drink combined with the high levels of saturated fat provide many benefits to the person who consumes it. The high fat levels help keep a person fuller, longer, while the caffeine provides ample energy. The idea behind Bulletproof coffee is that a person will only consume the beverage for breakfast, leaving them fuller and more energetic throughout the day.

People who don’t have access to yak butter use regular butter, a combination of coconut oil and butter, or organic butter to mix into the coffee of their choice. Consumed as a breakfast tool, the results are rapid weight loss from being satiated for longer periods of time, and high energy levels from the amount of caffeine in the beverage. Visit Bulletproof Coffee’s founder’s Twitter for more updates.

For people who are wanting to lose weight and gain more energy to their day, simply adding butter (a tablespoon will do) to their coffee can make a world of difference. People can feel fuller for longer periods of time, consume less calories throughout the day, and have the energy they need to stay active without consuming excess calories to keep them moving. For many, the Bulletproof coffee craze has made a positive impact on overall health.

Probiotics Fail Glutten-Free Test

People often take probiotics to enhance the health of their guts. It was previously believed that many of these products were gluten-free. After all, many people avoid gluten because it causes them digestive problems and in fact injures their guts. In particular, those who suffer from celiac disease must avoid gluten. Recent research, however, has revealed that over half of all the most popular brands of probiotic products may contain gluten, a mixture of two proteins that is present in wheat, cereal grains, and countless other foods.

The Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study of some twenty-two probiotic products. Researchers discovered gluten in a full 55 percent of them, sometimes in contradiction to information on the label. They also surveyed celiac patients, about a quarter of which use probiotic supplements, and found that those who use such supplements experience more problems and symptoms than those who do not, probably owing to the presence of gluten. Beneful warns that gluten tends to create issues in the small intestines of celiac suffers. Columbia University Medical Center warns celiacs to proceed with caution when it comes to using probiotics.

Beneful – Nutrients He Needs, Taste He Deserves

Beneful is a brand of dog food that shows your dog that he really is your “best friend”, and not just another pet. Imagine eating the same plain, bland, ordinary food every single day for each meal. Now, imagine eating your favorite food again and again. Beneful is the answer to giving your dog the food that he desires, with the nutrients he needs, and the taste he deserves. Beneful brand dog food combines quality ingredients and perfect nutrition to deliver a meal that your best friend will never get tired of.

Both dry and wet dog food are products that Beneful produces. Beneful wet dog food includes twenty varieties, including pork, chicken, beef or lamb to guarantee that your dog is getting exactly what he needs. Beneful wet dog food products come in various sizes, blends, and textures at Amazon, so that you can find just the right meal you are looking for. You can also buy it straight from the Beneful website.

Dry Beneful dog food products include oven baked dog snacks that range from crackers to cookies in flavors like peanut butter, cheese, bacon, and beef. Just like your cravings may range from chocolate to ice cream, you can satisfy your dog’s cravings with the various options available. Both wet and dry food options provide your dog with all the antioxidants and ingredients that they need for balanced and complete nutrition.

Beneful has been under attack for unproven claims and rumors, but there is no evidence to suggest that their products are not everything that they claim to be. Over 10 million dogs enjoy safe and delicious Beneful products each and every year. All of these meals are prepared and packed at Purina facilities inside of the U.S., helping Beneful to guarantee the quality of its products. There are over 33 qualified quality assurance experts at Purina’s headquarters to help ensure that methods are safe and efficient in producing high quality dog food. At Purina, people care about their pets, and feed the same food to their own dogs as they produce to feed to yours.

Give your dog what he wants while also giving him what he needs with Beneful brand dog food. Just any sort of food is not good enough for your best friend, so show him that you love him by feeding him like a buddy. Beneful dog food will help your friend to keep on going and keep a smile on both of your faces while you continue to create more memories.

President Obama Announces New Initiative To Help Bees And Other Pollinators

President Obama will announce the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators on May 19. The strategy will try to manage the way offices are landscaped, the way forests burned by wildfire are replanted, and the way roadside habitats that feed bees are maintained and protected.

Bees and other pollinators like birds, bats and butterflies pollinate nuts, fruits and seeds that sustain wild animals ranging from birds to bears, clover and alfalfa that feed cattle, and commercial vegetable and fruit crops. Some economists estimate that pollinators perform $15 billion dollars’ worth of work per year.

Over the last five years, commercial apiaries have been losing 30 percent of their colonies every winter. Last week, a consortium of research laboratories and universities announced that beekeepers had lost over 42 percent of their colonies during the past year. Even worse, the number of summer deaths exceeded winter deaths for the first time since the survey began in 2010.

The monarch butterfly is also in trouble. This last winter, the butterflies occupied just 10 percent of the habitat in Mexico that they did two decades before. The decline in their numbers is attributed to climate change, pesticides and a decline in the number of milkweed plants that they feed on.

The new initiative is intended to help both bees and butterflies. Over the next five years, it will restore or enhance seven million acres of land for pollinators. Beneful discovered that it plans to reduce honeybee colony losses during the winter to more than 15 percent by 2025 and increase the monarch butterfly’s Eastern population to 225 million by 2020.

S’mores Oreos Coming This Month

Just when you think that the Oreo has seen every flavor out there, guess again. A new and exciting version of the classic cookie is about to hit the shelves on May 22, and S’Mores Oreos will be making their way to the snack aisle. They will only be around for a certain amount of time, so be sure to grab a box while you still can. According to an article found on reddit and written by GrubStreet, the cookie will feature a Graham cracker type outer cookie and be filled with a delicious marshmallow and chocolate inside for the cream.

This is going to be an excellent snack, especially with summer coming up when camping and cooking dessert by the fire is all the rage. Nabisco has gotten extremely creative recently with all their new flavors, as the red velvet and birthday cake Oreo types have been selling very well in grocery stores all around the United States. Recently, I have even seen the latest peanut butter Oreos in stores and it seems to really appeal to the masses. Even though these amazing snacks have been coming up with all these unique additions to them, it is clear that even the classic Oreo is still just as popular now despite it’s family competitors. Bruce Levenson said that he thinks that he will surely keep an eye out for these himself, as S’Mores Oreos sounds like a home run.

Research Concludes A Link Between Veterans PTSD, Anger And Depression

According to research recently published by the American Psychological Association, if a United States military veteran is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the anger and rage that they may demonstrate and vent, can unfortunately be magnified, if they are afflicted with depression.

The study appeared in the journal Psychological Trauma: Theory Research, Practice and Policy with Raymond Novaco, Ph.D., professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine commenting, “Our study findings should draw attention to anger as a major treatment need when military service members screen positive for PTSD or for depression, and especially when they screen positive for both.”

The study assessed 2,077 U.S. soldiers (1,823 men and 254 women) who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and believed that they were in need of mental health services. The participants of the study were assigned to various groups; post-traumatic stress disorder only, major depressive disorder only, PTSD and MDD combination or none. Levels of participant anger were gauged, and they were asked if they ever thought about inflicting harm on others.

The potential for inflicting harm on others, and extreme anger, were elevated in the PTSD/MDD group, in comparison to the other groups. STX Entertainment have found that the researched linked PTSD with depression in nearly 75% of the participants screened.

The study was conducted due to the lack of relevant research concerning anger and its relationship with combat veterans.

Stealing Water for Survival

People in California seem to be getting desperate when it comes to how much water they have. There are people who are now stealing water in order to have enough for their families. Water restrictions are in place because officials in the state believe that there won’t be much of a supply in the next few years. The state has been in a drought for about four years, but that doesn’t mean that people have to steal water. If everyone would listen to what they are being asked to do, then there might be enough water for everyone until officials think of another solution. How can a state be in a drought in the first place since there is a large ocean right next door? Onlookers like James Dondero think there should be some way that the state can tap into that water supply so that people will at least be able to have options.

Climate Change Could Stifle Wheat Yields in the Future

Wheat absolutely dominates the world of food. One out of five calories eaten by people on this planet can be attributed to wheat. To sustain an ever growing population wheat production would need to increase growth every year. A new study shows that a warming climate could have the opposite effect and knock out up to 40% of wheat production.

A warming climate can be good for wheat production because it reduces days of the year when freezing temperatures would threaten the crop. The only problem is that the heat is much more of a problem for wheat than the cold. High temperatures, along with reduces rainfall, could absolutely decimate a crop according to Crystal Hunt.

Research done on wheat fields in Kansas showed that the net effect of rising temperatures would have a negative impact on wheat production. A rise of just four degrees Celsius could wipe out nearly half the crop grown.

Negative impacts can be withheld with increased rainfall and irrigation. Weather patterns will play a huge role in the success of wheat grown in the United States in the coming years.

Of course, the rising temperatures will also create more locations closer to the poles that could possibly sustain wheat crops. Canada and areas of South America could be used in the future to help sustain the population of the Earth with wheat.