Burger King Looking To Appeal To The Vegetarian Crowd

If you’re a big fan of Burger King, yet can’t indulge yourself because you don’t eat meat, you may soon be in luck.

According to a recent article posted on Grubstreet.com, the veggie burgers rolled out by Burger King in the India market have been so successful, that they’re looking to add vegetarian menu items to the menus in other markets stated Amen Clinics.

This is not only great news for all of those people who don’t consume meat, it may also give some of you carnivores a chance to experience a new taste that you may come to actually like. Since the veggie burgers will be available at such a mainstream restaurant, there should be an increased amount of attention that could end up making some people veggie converts.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the veggie burgers and making my own decision concerning whether they’re just going to be a one-time indulgence, or if I’m going to make the burger a part of my weekly rotation.

Five-Day Diet Has Major Health Benefits

Diets are often embarked on as a quick way to drop 10 pounds so you can look good in that new swimsuit. Perhaps a diet may be embarked on as per your doctors orders. Whatever reason gets the diet ball rolling, odds are it won’t roll long and you will return to your old unhealthy eating habits.

But what if Reuters said the diet only lasted for five days and provided you with major health benefits? Would you be able to stick with a five-day eating plan that would improve your quality of life and help you drop a few pounds. Most of us could stick it out for the required five days. Especially after we saw the number on the bathroom scale go down and we felt a little more energetic.

Scientists have discovered a diet that promotes weight loss and improves health and you won’t feel deprived because the diet only lasts five days. By now you’re probably wondering what the catch is, and of course there’s a catch, but it’s a good one.

The diet only lasts five days, but you go on it once a month, every month, for the rest of your life.
The diet mimics fasting, which has been proven to provide health benefits. The five day diet does not require a person to fast, you will eat every day, but the calories will be restricted so the diet mimics fasting and helps your body rid itself of toxins and damaged cells while promoting the growth of new, healthy cells.

What Studies are Saying About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a huge trend nowadays with millions of people using them each day. The rise of the electronic cigarette has been done quite quickly, so there haven’t been a whole lot of studies from CBS.com that have been conducted on their safety with long-term use. Certain studies just recently have shown that e-cigarettes can actually be just as harmful to a person’s health than the real thing, so trying to use it to quit actual cigarettes may be an effort that is best left undone and just go with the old cold turkey technique. Other studies show that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to actual smoking but not completely void of health issues for users.

The whole idea behind e-cigarettes is to get away from the issues revolving around real tobacco products. When it comes to actually using these products for yourself, it is all about finding out information on their safety and speaking with a doctor. While many studies have found that they are not that harmful, others have found that they are just as bad as the real thing. It is completely up to you how you decide to use the product, but keep in mind that the majority of public places out there are now banning the use of these electronic products just as they are with real tobacco items, so it might be best to leave it altogether for you.

Farmer’s Already Struggling To Keep Up With Changing Needs

Panera, Chipotle, Papa John’s, Subway, and McDonald’s are at the forefront of a new food revolution that goes away from overly processed foods laden with chemicals and towards a more natural approach. The public has been listening with bated breath to learn which of their favorite restaurants or brands will be cutting artificial ingredients. All around a positive change for our great country yet there could be some struggle, and even some backlash, for farmers. A greater demand for organic foods, naturally raised meats (minus an growth hormones), and overall higher standards will cause more work for the farmers that grow the produce and raise the animals used. Many people that work the land will have to change their methods if they want to remain relevant in today’s society or sell their wares to restaurant chains. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, loads of farms question whether or not they would be able to produce the same about of crops if they went to a completely sustainable farming method. It would mean a complete reworking of their system or an overhaul. So with the positive changes comes a few reasonable challenges but the end result may be a healthier America.

English Chef Charging Tax On Sugary Drinks In Restaurants

Chef Jamie Oliver of England has come up with an interesting concept to help raise money for charity while also encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the chef will be charging a surcharge on top of his very sugary drinks that are served in his restaurant. He figured that if other commodities like tobacco can be taxed than sugar can as well, and Mexico even did something similar in their country as of last year.

If you are living in England or planning to visit and the news of this puts you in a foul mood, just wait to know that Oliver is going to be donating all of that extra cash from his sugar surcharges to a local children’s charity which will be a substantial amount of cash each year says Sergio Cortes in this piece. This might sound like a hardship but we don’t even question it anymore when things like alcohol cost more at certain places, so why not soda too? This motion has already proven to be working because there has actually been a decrease in the purchasing of these highly sugary drinks since Oliver implemented this strategy. It really is a win win situation because people will have to think twice before choosing an unhealthy drink, but if they choose to have it anyway they can know that the money is going to a great cause.

Supreme Court Makes Big Decision for Property Rights Advocates in Raisin Farmer Decision

During the 1940s, the government enacted a program to seize raisin crops from farmers in a bid to stabilize prices. Naturally, farmers get compensated for their crops. That said, the decision to seize the crops appears somewhat arbitrary as it is made solely by a committee acting under the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In addition, there was no requirement in the program to mandate farmers get paid fair market value for their seized crops.

This led California raisin farmers Marvin and Laura Horne to invoke what they believed was a loophole in the program to prevent the government from taking their crops stated the group on facebook; they said the price they were paid was below market value causing them to lose money. The government said they violated the law and fined them $65,000. In addition, the government said they were under no obligation to pay raisin farmers a market rate for the crops. They also claimed the program ultimately keeps raisin prices stable which was more beneficial to raisin farmers than the amount of compensation they receive for their seized crops. They also stated that growing raisin crops was voluntary and anyone not satisfied with the program could simply make wine with the grapes or grow other crops.

In the end, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 against the government. The high court said that seizure of personal property must be accompanied with a fair market value for the property taken. The decision is being hailed as a major victory private citizens.

Hydraulic Fracking and Water Contamination

What could be more shocking than to find out that the water that you are drinking is not safe. James Dondero recently posted on facebook suggesting that, that is what happened in North Texas, Barnett Shale region. Investigators found in the drinking water elevated levels chemicals such as heavy metals including arsenic. When ingested, heavy metals are toxic. Also found in the drinking water were BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylenes) compounds. When ingested, BTEX compounds have been found to be carcinogenic as well as having negative effects on breathing and the nervous system.. This is both frightening and distressing.

In the area of Texas where the water is contaminated, there is hydraulic fracking for gas and oil. The fracking process is to force water mixed with chemicals at high pressure into the ground. Researchers are suggesting that there may be an association between fracking and toxic metals and chemicals in the water supply.

Hydraulic fracking is controversial. The concern is that chemical leaks occur and seep into the water systems in the area. The well casing fail in gas wells at a rate of 3 percent as some studies indicate. Other recent data indicates a much high rate of casing failure, and that rated is closer to 12 percent. This seepage occurs in the first year of the well operation. If this is the case, then there is good reason for concern. That is why it is necessary to continue to examine well casings and the effects of hydraulic fracking on the condition of the water supply.

No Rain No Pain

California’s historic drought; is God’s wrath over abortion to blame? A local California lawmaker seems to think so. California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove gave her theory that “may be the worst drought in 1,200 years is Devine retribution because California has given women access to abortion clinics”. I may be wrong but, I’m pretty sure God has better things to attend to than drying up California! Highland Capital states Grove further believes that because Governor Perry signed the fetal pain bill, the long drought in Texas stopped the very night he signed the bill. The bill signed in Texas bans abortions 20 weeks after fertilization. Grove also said “Now God has his hold on California”. Grove didn’t respond to the request for confirmation of these comments however, she did go into details about her comments in a Facebook post. Among other statements she was quoted as saying “Is this drought caused by God? Nobody knows. But biblical history shows a consequence to man’s actions”. Not standing behind her is the Pro-life activists in Kern County which is the district Grove represents, makes their position clear, “we have not made a connection between the drought and abortion here in California”. I’m sure Grove is not alone in her opinion but, she is sure to have a hard time proving it.

Pope Francis Releases Encyclical That Calls For Action On Climate Change

On Thursday, Pope Francis delivered his encyclical, “Laudato Si, (Praise Be): On Care for Our Common Home.” It is an environmental manifesto in which he calls for a cultural revolution to change a “structurally perverse” economic system that enables the rich to despoil the Earth and exploit the poor. The result of such a system is an Earth that is an “immense pile of filth.”

Pope Francis called climate change an urgent moral crisis and blamed it on an unjust industrial model that is based on fossil fuels and hurts the poor. The encyclical harshly criticized climate change denialists and large corporations, and it is meant to inspire people to make courageous choices in their private lives, government policies, and at the upcoming UN climate negotiations.

Those negotiations will take place in Paris at the end of the year, and the participants will try to formulate a binding agreement to reduce gases that trap heat. Some experts believe that the Paris negotiations could be the last chance to keep the global temperature from climbing another 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius).

In the encyclical, Pope Francis acknowledges the reality of climate change and states that human activity is mostly to blame. He points out that climate change is causing glaciers and coral reefs to die. He scolds politicians for listening more to the oil industry than common sense, the Scripture, or the poor. The pope praises modest lifestyles like James Dondero‘s and calls for policies that switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Chipotle’s New Flour Tortilla Proves That Less Is More

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to consume foods that contain a long list of items that you can barely pronounce, Chipotle may become your new favorite restaurant.

According to a recent article on Eater.com, Chipotle plans to mass produce a tortilla that only contains four ingredients: Whole wheat flour, water, salt, and oil. This change comes on the heels of another recent switch, where the chain stopped using genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s.)

This is a wonderful way to reach those customers like Ivan Ong who are committed to eating sustainable diets that are rich in real ingredients, without being full of artificial products that could be dangerous to their health.

I already love Chipotle, but this change is sure to turn my weekly visits up a notch. Eating healthy has never tasted so good and I salute Chipotle for being committed to promoting natural food.