Unusual mix of breeds need only one brand of dog food Purina’s Beneful

When a shopper goes to the store and buys a thirty-pound bag of dog chow, then it is a definite sign the pups at home truly love their dog food. As is the case in my household, I feed my three dogs Beneful brand dog food manufactured by Purina. With an unusual mix of breeds at home, the household has a Golden Labrador and two Jack Russell Terriers. Each dog has a specific diet requirement. My lab is approximately one-hundred pounds, so she get about five cups of food. Dissimilar are my terriers which weigh about twenty pounds and their needs are about two cups. As a mindful and sympathetic caregiver I wanted to start my dogs on a healthy and nutritious diet right from the start, so I chose a brand of dog food I can trust and Beneful is it. Purina has been in grocery stores some twenty years and offers quality pet food.

As lively as two bouncing terriers and a splash-down water dog, my dogs are active and dynamic. My smaller dogs can seemingly jump straight up vertical and reach the table tops. They know when dinnertime is presented and notice the contents of a brightly-colored bag of dog food being poured in their bowls. Similar, after a day full of projectile leaps into the water my lab is also hungry for fortifying ingredients of grain, protein, vitamins, and minerals needed for healthy living and Beneful delivers

Great Tips for Investing In Brazil

There is a new trend lately in investing and that is the trend of international investing. There are more and more individuals who are finding success in international investing. These investors are savvy investors that really do know the international market. There are many different countries to invest in and Brazil has become one of the more popular cities to invest in over the years. There is a lot of economic growth in the Brazilian market, and portfolios can flourish in this booming market. Knowing the details of the Brazilian market is key for economic success in the long run.

When you are looking for the very best success when it comes to investing in Brazil you need to look at those who have had success in the industry. These individuals will be able to help you model your investment style for some great success. This is what is going to really help you in the long run. There are many different individuals who will be able to give you great investment insight into the Brazilian market. Learning from these professionals will give you the ability to really take your Brazilian Investing to the next level.

Igor Cornelsen is an individual who has really had some massive success in the Brazilian marketplace. Igor Cornelsen has helped many individuals prepare great long-term strategies for their investment portfolios. Igor Cornelsen has been able to help investors create a great Brazilian portfolio. His success over the years has only helped add to his overall success in the world of finance, as investor confidence has skyrocketed when his name is mentioned. Igor Cornelsen is a great mentor and advisor for many investors when it comes to their international portfolios and long-term growth. Igor Cornelsen advises strongly on stable long-term growth rather than short term gains.

The Gospel of Cosmetic Surgery According to Jennifer Walden

The stereotypical image of a woman seeking cosmetic surgery is that they are trying to conform to the culturally reinforced image of a Barbie-doll. According to one of the few women members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that simply is not the case. Dr. Jennifer Walden was quoted in a recent interview that many of the women she sees in her practice come in to correct some asymmetry in their bodies, or to repair some damage caused by childbirth like sagging breasts or stretched abdominal muscles.

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin, Texas where she currently resides and holds her practice. She was an all-state soccer player in her high school years at Anderson High School. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Biology. After receiving her medical degree and completing her residency from University of Texas Medical Branch, she moved to New York to join the practice at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in a fellowship under her mentor Dr. Sherrell Aston. Once her fellowship was over, Walden stayed with the practice for another seven and a half years before deciding to return to Austin so her children could grow up around family.

Dr. Walden had some initial reservations about relocating to Austin. At that time, there were no cosmetic surgeons in the area, the closest being in Dallas or Houston. However, her practice has flourished and she was named as one of the best 24 plastic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Of the 8,100 board certified cosmetic surgeons in the country, only 851 or women. When discussing why she was drawn to plastic surgery, Walden said that she felt her practice helped to empower women and help them become more confident about themselves.

Her frequent talks on mommy makeovers, new surgical techniques, plastic surgery for celebrities, teenagers, and others have put Dr. Walden in the media spotlight. She is a frequent guest on several morning news shows and cable serials. Articles about Dr. Walden have appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Self, Shape, Absolute Magazine, Bridal Guide, Health, New York Magazine, and Texas Monthly. In addition to her surgical practice, Dr. Walden has authored several peer-reviewed research papers and co-authored the 2010 textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden is a single mother of twin boys, Houston and Rex. In her spare time she does pro-bono and charity work for a number of local organizations and travels on medical mission trips.

Joseph Bismark Believes in Staying Focused and Positive


I believe that there is much that a person can do in order to make sure that they are staying true to themselves and living their life in the best way. I believe that we have the power to look out for ourselves when we choose to use our minds to help us be all that we are meant to be. I have found that Joseph Bismark agrees with some of what I believe, and that he, too, believes that the mind has much to do with the way that we live and all that we accomplish. In my reading on Joseph Bismark’s WordPress, I found that this man believes similar to me in a lot of ways.

Joseph Bismark believes that it is important for an individual to stay focused in all that they do. I agree. We need to be focused in order to accomplish all that we hope to accomplish. If we want to be all that we are meant to be, then we need to stay focused on the goal before us. Joseph Bismark also believes that we need to stay positive. I agree with that. It is important that we stay positive in all of our thinking, and that we believe that good things can happen. When we remain focused and positive, we will be able to do all that we were meant to do, and be all that we were meant to be.

Advice on Making Investments with Brazil

Brazil, one of the most desirable places to invest in and one of the most sought out after markets by foreign investors. What makes Brazil such a great place to invest is due to the powerful economy that Brazil continues to have. Brazil has the eight largest economy in the world and has one of the strongest trading partners a country could have. This trading partner is China. China, having one of the most powerful economies in the world is one of the best and most admirable trading partners to have.

Zeca Oliveira, one of the most respected businessmen in Brazil, knows and understands the market better than anyone in Brazil. Thanks to Oliveira, foreign investors can receive great advice as to ways to become acquainted with the Brazilian world of business.

Here are a few tips that Zeca Oliveira gives to those looking to become involved with Brazil’s market.

1.) Know the Major Players in Brazil’s Market

It is not a hidden fact that Brazil is owned by private and state owned banks. Having the biggest and most powerful economy in South America makes this country a Mecca for all investors. As a potential investor in the Brazilian economy, it is important to understand that Citibank Brazil is one of the largest banks in the world.

2.) Understand the Trading Partners of Brazil

Understanding Brazil’s trading partner which is China is one of the most important pieces of research one must do before planning to invest with Brazil. A strong economy in China means there will be good prices on all of the raw materials in Brazil. As a potential investor, you must keep an eye on all the competing countries. This will increase your profit and then, in turn, add to your success.

3.) Brazil’s Overvalued Currency

Brazil’s overvalued currency, makes this the perfect time to successfully invest in Brazil. The overvalued currency has also increased account deficits. To make up for this, the Central Bank has begun selling dollar swaps to the local markets. This has been done to avoid a fast depreciation. The currency is currently over appreciated. The economy has sparked industry in Brazil and has made now more than ever the perfect time to start investing in the Brazilian market. Brazil has one of the most powerful economies in the world that should not be ignored.

A Beneful For Every Dog

When a person loves their pet,they want to do everything in their power to make sure that the pet grows up happy and most of all – healthy. There are, of course, some factors that are out of a pet owners control. There are some however, that are. Choices like what to feed a dog are key in life. This is one of the most important choices a pet owner will make when it comes to their dog. Food is the dogs source of life and therefore dog owners need to make sure that their pooch is getting the best wholesome ingredients and nutrients.

That’s exactly why many owners choose petco’s Beneful! Beneful provides the nutrients that dogs need to grow up big and strong. It promotes healthy growth, strong bones, and overall health. Beneful is tested by a team of scientists and nutritionists whose only goal is to make sure that they are creating the best product possible. This team has the years of experience and the proven track record of providing healthy food. They trust their product so much that it’s the only product they feed to their dogs!

There’s lots of options for dogs when it comes to food. From treats to dry kibble and every flavor in between. Each kind is formulated with your dogs health in mind. If you need a product for a puppy, they have that. If you need one for an older dog, they have that too. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a Beneful product for it!



Can a long-forgotten, many times courted and then abandoned stretch of Atlantic City real estate really come back to life and usher in a new era of excitement and revitalization for this city? Yes, it can, if the planners at Boraie Development LLC have their way with a proposal for a new apartment complex that is currently under review by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

In a recent story in the Press of Atlantic City, the proposal for a new complex, to be called The Beach at South Inlet, was highlighted in a story about an area referred to as Blocks 132 and 133. The 8-acre stretch was once a single family home neighborhood, but the homes were bulldozed back in the mid-1960s to make way for what was supposed to be a revitalization project that would bring more housing into the area. Sadly, that project was never to be, and the many ideas for renewing the area’s housing never did come to fruition. Today the Blocks are a mostly neglected patch of weeds, a sad reminder of how housing ideas can often go wrong, despite the most hopeful of plans.

Today, however, hopes are high again, as board members with the CRDA are expressing enthusiasm about plans from Boraie Development. The apartment complex under review is to be a 250 apartment structure, built with a sleek, modern feel. The apartments will be built in a geometric shape that will surround an inviting courtyard with a pool. The overall design is geared towards millennial tastes, and it’s hoped that the structure could provide much needed housing at market rates to an area that has long been underserved. 

There is further enthusiasm about the proposed structure from Boraie Development, as success with constructing and leasing out The Beach at South Inlet could serve as an anchor as well as a catalyst for further housing starts in the surrounding areas. All of that would be great news indeed for Atlantic City, which has been in need of good news in the real estate sector for a very long time.

A vote is scheduled for September 30 regarding the allocation of funds for the proposed housing project. Boraie Development will be looking towards that date and hoping for a positive outcome come fall.

Enjoy WiFi Access With FreedomPop

Staying in touch with others is very important in today’s contemporary society. People want to be able to work closely with others even when they are traveling or doing other things. They also want to stay in touch with others even when they are vacationing in order to be able to meet up with a friend who is also in the same city or to make sure they know exactly where their spouses and children are at any given moment in time. Wifi access can also help people do important tasks such as look up nearby restaurants that may be ideal for their dining needs or find out if a certain museum is open later at night.

Access to the internet at all times can be done via a phone connection and access to wifi. Wifi allows people access to the net even when they are not at home. Many people find that access to the internet is also important in the event of an emergency such as car breaking down or a fire in their house. Certain companies have rushed in to help provide their clients with such access in order to help them stay in touch and always have internet access no matter where they are at any given moment.

As featured in TechCrunch, FreedomPop is a highly successful company that provides their customers with access to all kinds of important mobile services. The company allows users to be able to pick from a menu of services that are designed to help them meet their specific needs and get access to the kind of services that are ideal for their specific wants. Some people may only need access to minor mobile phone services each month as they do very little traveling and do not use their phones very often. In that case, it can be ideal for them to have a simple plan each month from FreedomPop that allows them to access wifi services without the need to pay any fees at all.

Others are more heavy users of mobile wifi services. They may need to have access to wifi services all across the country during the course of any given week. In that case, they will also find that FreedomPop can be ideal for their needs. The company offers their users easy access to thousands of wifi hotspots for a small five dollar monthly fee.

FreedomPop Won’t Sell Out, Opts To Raise 30 Million Alone

This new mobile carrier known as FreedomPop is going to raise 30 million in venture capital without selling out. The company thought about selling out and rethought it.
They were able to gain 30 million in funding within a week. A venture company called Partech Venture is helping out according to the company spokesperson. FreedomPop said they were going after the European market and this is a step toward that.

The company also said early last month they were thinking of selling or perhaps looking at investments. It looks as if a sale is now off the table. FreedomPop is one of the new cell phone providers that is approaching sales with a unique business model. They still use service provided by other carriers and adapt their business model to their own unique marketing.

The CEO said that he felt it was too early to sell the company in it’s infancy stages and that with international growth within reach, the profit margins could be four time higher quickly. If the company works with retail giants, who knows what the figures could be. Up until now all of the sales of the products offered by FreedomPop have been from online sales. With a big retailer looking into adding the company’s products, the company could reach rapid growth even quicker than most people think. The CEO isn’t one hundred percent that store sales are the way to go, however, he is willing to dip the companies tow into the water and test it out.

The company also agreed to work on it’s customer service. Because customer service was low on the list of worrys, it got pushed to the back burner. The CEO knows this is not a good place to be with a growing business. Customer service is important for every growing company and this is, without a doubt an area of concern as the company grows.

Drones Ready to Replace Humans in Agriculture

A Missouri farmer, tempted after seeing a demonstration of drones on the coast of Maryland, wants one of these unmanned aircraft to monitor his irrigation system: a job that can now replace the salary of three men.

“Just considering the potential savings for labor and fuel cost would be remarkable,” says Geske, watching a little white drone fly over a field of corn.

Nearby, a farmer, Chip Bowling test flies one of the drones. Bowling, also has an interest in purchasing a drone for his Maryland farm. The aircraft could make it easier to monitor irrigation and find out which individual fields require improvement.

Another farmer, Bobby Hutchison, said a drone would certainly make the monitoring process more efficient and accurate.

“It’s akin to what occured when I first saw a computer,” says Hutchison. That was a no-brainer.”

Farmers are ready and eager for this capability.

According to a specialized drones trade group, Brad Reifler says the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, the agricultural industry will likely be the biggest purchaser of unmanned aircraft.

After being curtailed for years, because of a lack of federal guidelines, the agricultural use of drones is about to leap frog every other industry.

Most farmers don’t have approval to legally fly the drones yet, but the FAA is defining standards that allow these aircraft to be used regularly for business.