Bruce Levenson And His Selling Of Atlanta

As one of the most popular and profitable career choices, sport has always entailed a lot of dedication and effort. Those who want to be involved in sport must be prepared to scarify many things and have a different approach to life. One of the few people who managed to do this is certainly Bruce Levenson, a former NBA owner, who is also included in many other activities.

Who Is Bruce Levenson?
As a successful businessman , Mr. Levenson managed to combine a wide range of interests, from sport, education, to even cooking. This means that he made an impact in many different fields, and he has a lot to say when it comes to business. He was born in Washington, where he graduated, and this is when his career as a journalist began. His first worked at the UCG (United Communications Group), and thanks to his professionalism and skills he managed to turn this company into one of the most successful companies that deliver its content online, and that have more than 44 million customers. He still continues to run the company’s business, and before that he was appointed to the board of directors of Electronic Publishers Association and the Newsletter. He is also a former NBA team owner, but he decided to sell this team, thus profiting in many other ways.
In addition to this, Bruce Levenson is involved in many philanthropic activities, such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington. He also founded the Nonprofit Leadership, the University of Maryland and the Center for Philanthropy. The mission is to provide the students with the skills and to turn them into next generation of business leaders, especially in the non-profit sector. He also makes sure that student can find a full-time employment upon graduation. So, his center is in a way a new approach to higher education, and students can use their skills to impact many lives throughout their career.
Bruce Levenson And Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks is a basketball team founded in 1946, which is based in Atlanta. The team joined the National Basketball Association 3 years later, and then it moved to Milwaukee, where their name was changed into Hawks.
However, Times’ Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks, and it was eventually sold to a billionaire Tony Ressler, who offered a significant amount of money for this. He is now making sure that the team continues to be successful, and to move even to a higher level of success. Before him, there were others who were interested in buying the Atlanta Hawks. For instance, Jason Levien, Erick Thohir and Steve Kaplan were also in the game, and before that Bruce Levenson considered selling the Atlanta Hawks to Philips Arena. There were speculations that he team would be sold for $1 billion, but Mr. Zimbalist, an experienced economist, proposed another price that would range from $710 million to $760 million. However, the deal also includes Philips Arena, and Steve Koonin as well will be part of many future plans.
So, selling the team eventually turned out to be a good idea. Mr. Levenson made a lot of profit, and the team’s new owner will do his best to run the business successfully, and those who like Bruce Levenson will still be seeing him on the TV and participating in many different organizations.

Yeonmi Park and Her Brave Heart

When I heard about Yeonmi Park I was amazed that she was able to escape. She has been through so much, but she continues to remain strong. Her story is very enlightening. She has conquer so much that I had to buy her book and read it for myself. I am amazed by her beauty and her strength because has seen a lot, but she continued to persist.

Yeonmi Park is one of the writers that had a hard life that can actually inspire a lot of other kids that are in much better situations. There are so many kids that are growing up in America, but Yeonmi Park had to escape to come here. She was in China and she had such a tough life. Her entire family did. It was her strength to carry on and fight against the oppression that provided her with opportunities to improve her life.

She is a human rights activist that is certainly proving that people can make a better life for themselves if they really try. I commend her efforts and I praise her for speaking her truth to the rest of the world. As a North Korean defector she is one of those people that has a lot to say. She brings some of the visual imagery of her life to readers in her book. She has some other tales that are reserved for her times where Park is speaking in NYTimes and public. There are lots of memories that are implanted in the mind of this girl that became something of a hero of me and my daughters.

What Yeonmi Park ultimately does is show all of us that our life is not so bad. There are times where we think that we are having a hard day or some bad times, but we really don’t know the half of it. I praise Yeonmi Park for writing a book that humbled the rest of us. My daughters used to complain a lot about a lot of different things. They are a lot more grateful for the lives they have after reading the life that Yeonmi Park has lived. I believe that there is a lot of pain in her story. There is a lot of regret for the time that she lost, but there is ultimately a lot of joy in the fact that she escaped. She has become someone that is able to live that type of life and tell others about what she has been through. This is a wild ride that has allowed her to share her experiences with the new world around her. Everyone that has read her book can look at their own lives and embrace whatever they are going through. That is why I know that she was given a real purpose in life. She has become someone that is going to sell a lot of books because she has such a heartbreaking story. It is the story of the girl that rose from the ashes.

Jon Urbana’s Positive Impact and New Drive for ARAS

Jon Urbana is popularly known as the Lacrosse player who earned the honorable title Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 via the Colonial Athletic Association, but in recent years he has extended his presence and continues to make an impact in the Colorado community. Most notable of his achievements is his founding of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The Lacrosse camp gives young players the opportunity to grow their skills, all the while being coached by Lacrosse professionals, including Jon Urbana himself.

Besides having an impact among the sports community, Jon Urbana also plays and important role in the medical field. In 2013, he became the Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA, a company that revolutionized IPL and Laser technologies. The Ellipse system treats patients with skin conditions or abnormalities both major and minor. Ellipse also provides treatment for cosmetic reasons such as hair removal.

Jon Urbana has recently started a fundraiser at Funds raised by the charity will benefit the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society of Denver, CO. ARAS is a no-kill cat shelter that takes in unwanted or misplaced cats and kittens. The shelter houses and cares for the cats until they are adopted out to their forever homes. In a state where over 17,000 animals were euthanized last year, no-kill shelters like ARAS serve as a way to deplete those numbers. However, most shelters are non-profits and rely on the contributions made by generous groups and individuals. Anyone interested in contributing to ARAS can make a donation online at

New Projects In New York City

There are a number of important buildings being build in New York City. There is always construction in the Big Apple going on, but plans for very important buildings all across New York City have been acted upon in the past few months.

The Chetrit Group is going to build two twenty-five story residential housing complexes next to each other in the Mott Haven area. The rooms are going to be rented out to consumers on a monthly basis. It has been reported in the news that the Chetrit Group obtained the rights to the site it is going to be built on for more than thirty million dollars — talk about some expensive land.

TOWN Residential is quite often involved with top-notch real estate deals in New York City. TOWN has been around since the year of 2010 and has been a significant force in NYC luxury real estate market. TOWN has many different prices of listings, anywhere from well under one million dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The masterminds behind TOWN Residential are Mr. Joseph Sitt and Mr. Andrew Heiberger, who together founded the company. Mr. Heiberger is currently the CEO and chairman while Mr. Sitt is a chairman as well.

A group named Halcyon Management is financing the construction of a building planned to be rented out to renters. The building is planned to be nineteen stories tall, with a whopping 120 car garage that is attached to the apartment complex. This is going to be one of the biggest apartment complexes to come to New York in a long time.

Keeping your Online Reputation Positive Before It’s Too Late

Online Reputation: What is it?

Your online reputation is exactly as it sounds. It is your reputation that you have in the Internet community. It’s not just your reputation in the real world that is affecting your life nowadays, but also your reputation online as well.

How do my actions online affect my life in the real world exactly?

It can in many ways. Contrary to popular belief, not everything you do online is anonymous, no matter how much you try to cover your tracks. Many companies that could be looking to hire you look at your Social Media accounts, as well as a few other things that you may not think that they can actually find. Just because you erase it, doesn’t mean it is really gone. You aren’t always in control of your own privacy online. There are companies that have ways of getting this “erased” information back to the surface if need be. This is why it is your job to protect your online reputation now before it is too late.

Digital Reputation Management

Just as businesses need to manage their online reputation, you do too. If you have your own business, you need to protect your reputation for when something bad does happen, like you or someone in your company leaves a negative comment or review on something, and your own company is being pursued by that same company. This can really affect your company’s reputation, changing how people view your company. This why you need to be very adamant when it comes to managing your online reputation.

Steps you can take to protect your Online Reputation

Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to protect your company’s reputation while still being online. The first step is to make a lot of content about your business online. You need to do this while you are in control of the things that is said about your company. You can then own a lot of the search results that show up when people search your company. Another step is to make sure you have answers to any questions that may be asked. You need to also focus on the management of your company. Make sure that it is being managed the way you want it, and the way your clients would be happy to work with. This can ensure that more positive comments about your company can surface. You need to also think about more than just your business. Get involved into charity events. Help those in need. This can also help your company get good reviews.

Learn by example: Darius Fisher and his Accomplishments

Darius Fisher, is the President of Status Labs.They have helped give their famous second chances to various politicians, public figures and even executives in 35 different countries and over 1,500 clients! He helped start the company four years ago, and has expanded their offices out of their base, Austin, Texas, to now even offices in Sao Paulo and New York. He now has over 30 employees in all three offices that help make this company very successful.

Darius Fisher and his company is something that you can contact if you need help with your online reputation. Their success has helped so many people, and they would be more than happy to help many others also.

The Rise Of Bernardo Chua

Starting Off
When we are ll kids we dream of having a future with a street paved in gold.For some of us its in the world of sports for others its music then there are the kids who want to learn how to master the calculator for their careers in business.That section of the social world may not always be liked but do not forget that they are more important then you would think.For the young child named Bernardo Chua this would be his dream and today you will read about how he made his climb from day dreaming to in the high life reality.

Man Of The Hour
Being a simple Chinese kid in the Philippines Chua was aware of the small environment add on that could be used for at home drinks food or anything thing else you could think of.After spending time mastering his expert abilities with these small products Chua decided to take his skills to America where this form of the home market had been easily overlooked.After arriving to the new world he began to lay the foundation of his dream in Canada due to the country strict codes of conduct which allow the consumer to be heard when they ask questions about the quality of their food.This proud company of his dream is today know as OrganoGold.

Seed Of Success
For centuries Asian markets have used the small things in life to make the best foods or drinks for their household collection.Sadly the same could not be said for the Americas who only used what they know instead of looking around for new ideas.It was this lack of new ideas for past time foods that gave Bernie the idea of bringing the old secrets of the Asian markets to America where with new clients they could expand even more then they have in the past.OrganoGold has made it their goal to keep their product fresh for consumer use at all times along with new ideas for small time mix it ups in the kitchen.Since 2008 this need has been met with the codes of conduct needed to keep this machine of home supplies under control.

Wrap Up
There are many companies in today’s world of home supplies for your kitchen.But only OrganoGold with its proud leader has been able to take the pride of the pacific rim and deliver it to America with the sweet taste an smells that have been enjoyed for thousands of years.Even today Bernie still gets awards for his drive to expand his life’s work.So when your looking for your new mix for coffee or food look no further just head to OrganoGold where Bernardo Chua will make you right.

All About Companies That Manage Healthcare Centers

Healthcare centers are facilities that diagnose, treat and help prevent disease, injury and illness of patients. They deliver these services though physicians who are professionals in allied health, medicine, surgery, nursing, dentistry, psychology and other health fields. Healthcare centers are meant to provide primary care, secondary and tertiary care for public health in general and these centers are managed by companies, groups, individuals and organizations.

Access to proper healthcare varies from one location to another, from one country to another depending on the patient’s health condition, affiliation, financial situation and other factors. Many healthcare facilities have different policies and plans related to personal short-term and long-term care goals. Healthcare systems according to insidertrading, in the United States are well-planned and centrally controlled by managing companies dedicated to providing a set of procedures or standards to follow for the physicians and compensation to all the employees. One such company is Nobilis Health formerly known as Northstar.

In all cases of healthcare centers, a well-functioning system needs a robust financing and procedural mechanism, well-trained staff and reliable authority to make decisions based on policies. This management company also oversees the delivery of quality medicine and helps solve many issues pertaining to healthcare centers. Modern health care in the United States depends on trained doctors coming together as interdisciplinary teams. Nobilis Health owns and manages many such healthcare centers across the US such as Houston, Scottsdale and New York. It owns urgent care facilities, ambulatory facilities and nursing facilities in some of these places. Plus many health practitioners in these centers provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative care services for their patients.

Research shows that successful practitioners in these centers are more productive when the centers are owned and operated by a trustworthy company like Nobilis Health. Sheldon, a new doctor, in a New York healthcare center was skeptical at first. He was beginning to think he would never make it as a bone specialist. He just couldn’t block out the frenzy around him for sometime. Since he started working in the center, his service is not only on time, it is often early as well. In fact more than 90 percent of care providers surveyed with this type of healthcare center reported being productive when their centers were managed efficiently. The money these centers will save by utilizing their resources efficiently and following standard protocols for every service to be delivered is significant. A typical healthcare center under a good management such as Nobilis Health can save millions of dollars a year. Some health professionals find that a service like this allows them to live comfortably as well. Because the goal of management company is to be sure that healthcare providers are trained and capable of providing the right treatment even in the event of a pandemic or disaster, they are highly knowledgeable and better equipped with plans and strategies to handle any situation that may arise. Surveys show that Nobilis Health like companies are associated with the highest percent of eligible practitioners in the medical industry.

Empowering Women With Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic surgery is undergoing a radical transformation in cultural acceptance and appreciation as a positive tool to help empower women. The process was once viewed and pure vanity, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a thriving practice helping the average woman feel better about her everyday appearance. The added confidence transfers into every part of their lives, increasing the quality of life for every patient.

Post Pregnancy Body Image Issues

Pregnancies, for the most part, last nine months. During that time there are many changes that occur to a woman’s body. The effects of carrying a baby can mean areas of the body retain fatty cells and all of the exercise in the world does little offer a solution. Dr. Jennifer Walden can use methods of tucks and liposuction that will smooth and contour the body to a more desired proportion.

Battling Aging

Every woman dreads the day they discover their first wrinkle. Facial creams and ointments can only do so much to help hide and reduce wrinkles. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers safe botox and skin smoothing technology that helps stop aging in its tracks. This helps keep the skin radiant and youthful for years. It may be impossible to stop time, but turning back the clock and reducing wrinkles can make a woman look years younger immediately.

Breast Augmentation

Long gone are the days of husbands and boyfriends pushing their partners into unwanted or needed breast enlargement for their personal pleasure. Dr. Jennifer Walden welcomes all women that want to enlarge, reduce or bring more balance to their breasts. Age and breastfeeding can take a toll on the breast tissue. Correct augmentation makes a woman feel normal again. Oversize breasts are a burden on the spinal column. The perfect reduction in size can alleviate backaches, stiff joints and offer better overall balance.

Increasing numbers of woman are making the choice to get cosmetic surgery for their own personal reasons. It has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of women to feel confident in their appearance. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers a unique perspective by being able to have true empathy for the patient’s wants and needs. There are less than 1,000 women cosmetic surgeons in the United States and Dr. Walden is considered one of the best. Her active role is helping change the outdated views of cosmetic surgery in general.

Yeonmi Park Strikes Out Against North Korean Regime

North Korea is an infamous country known for their oppressive dictatorship, heavily censored media, and abusive nature toward its own citizens. There are very few happy endings for citizens born into the country and those that are happy involve harrowing escapes toward Chinese borders where they can then find somewhere safer to call home. Yeonmi Park is one of the ‘happier’ endings but we won’t say that she’s had it easy. Instead, the 27 year old North Korean woman has become something of a spokesperson for all of the terror and danger that is so rife within her home country. Going viral on YouTube after speaking at a public event, Park is quickly becoming something of spokesperson against North Korea and it has gathered her former countries attention.

Park was born and raised in North Korea and over the span of her years she got to know a country that was deeply troubled. Growing up she was warned by her family that she was not to speak loudly or even whisper her discontent. The country was rife with paranoia and anyone who dared to speak out against the regime was immediately to be silenced, often with deadly results. The country wasn’t always this bad, Park would admit, but things had changed. After some economic turns, North Korea found themselves terribly poverty stricken and soon faced with mounting issues such as famine and increasingly abusive government officials.

During her speech she mentioned how she was forced to watch a friends mother be executed for making minor mistakes. Bodies would soon pile up on the street corners. In 2007 things got too bad. Park saw her father arrested and forced into a labor camp when he was found to be smuggling and selling metal to Chinese buyers. Yeonmi and her mother knew that time was short in their country if they wanted to survive and so they would have to get out while they could. The pair ended up getting smuggled into China by a trafficker. Once in China the trafficker sold the pair into slavery, but only after sexually assaulting and raping Yeonmi’s mother. Still, the two women kept strong and stayed together even when Yeonmi was sold as a child mistress for a rich man.

After two years of struggling through human trafficking, Yeonmi and her mother managed to escape via an ‘Underground Railroad’ across the Gobi Desert. They had to hike in negative 40′ weather for miles and miles in order to eventually get to safety. Yeonmi and her mother eventually found their way to America and it is there that they’ve begun to turn into the human rights activists that they are now becoming known as. The job they are doing is an important one but it is also a dangerous one. North Korea has already released slanderous videos against Park and there is precedent for them to engage in violent action. Yeonmi still hasn’t backed down, however, and she continues to work toward a better future for her people.

The Dallas Business Scene And New Businesses

Dallas, Texas has a bustling business scene that is evolving and advancing each and every day. Every year there are millions of people moving to the city in an effort to start businesses and join companies that are flourishing. Many of the people moving to Dallas, Texas seem to be young adults – those just graduating from college or university and wanting a new start. These young adults or also known as millennials are taking over the scene and getting the high powered positions and starting businesses in record numbers. Many of the businesses these individuals are starting are technology start ups, fashion businesses, food establishments and online retail companies.

There are also many corporations flourishing in this business climate. In Dallas, Texas, there are many corporations erecting new buildings in the area. There is one building in particular that is said to be the tallest in the area when completed. There is a corporate skyscraper that is being built currently that is costing $225 million to complete. This building is said to be stylish, high end and something the city and the business industry in Dallas needs. This office building will house employees from two different companies and it will also serve as a meeting place for business people and their clients.

North American Spine is a spine center located in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine provides minimally invasive spine care for their patients. This feature allows for a short recovery time for their patients – which means less pain and ease of movement. North American Spine treats back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, bone spurs, bulging discs, slipped discs, sciatica pain, disc extrusion, torn disc, facet joint syndrome, spinal narrowing and many other spinal ailments. North American Spine has an 82 percent success rate and 96 percent of patients would recommend North American Spine to other people battling spinal pain and ailments. The spinal doctors at North American Spine are trained to evaluate each illness and come up with an accurate diagnosis for the patient. This spinal facility has over 8,000 success stories from patients that were treated by their doctors.