With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to search images online. You can quickly take out you phone camera and explore a dress you have just seen. It is going to change the world of e-commerce forever. It is one of the best things to happen in electronic commerce. and Pinterest are testing new software that brings human-like abilities to E-commerce. The advances in A.I means it is now possible to have an entirely commercial form of image search. They are using a technique called deep learning that allows the software to have abilities matched by the human brain in search algorithms.

Amazon has been using the technology and even launched a phone to utilize the same technology. It was a big failure but one that gave us valuable lessons. Google bought in 2010 and has implemented visual search with varying degrees of success.

Kevin Jing of Pinterest says the visual search is the new frontier for all retailers. It allows one to take off your phone and search whatever you want.

com has partnered with Canadian stores women boot section to test a technology developed by Sentient. It uses artificial intelligence to search. You select a boot you fancy and try to triangulate to the particular order. Each section brings in new selections. They are in a grid format of 12 boots to search. It is a form of search that can quickly lead one who was lost back to light.

Slyce is a Canadian company that has already commercialized this technology. It is an app that allows you to pick out objects using your camera and search them online.

It has launched partnerships with 20 retail US companies and has grown rapidly. It started the services in 2013 from its headquarters in Toronto. The app is available on all leading platforms.

It has developed several features for use by retailers. These products include Snap to buy feature. It integrates into a retailer’s website and give them access to the millions of customers using Slyce. Another feature is visual relevancy that allows one to search a related product and be delivered to the retailers site.

All these are ways to monetize an app.It is one of the most difficult jobs for any App. Slyce has aced that, and it seems set on going far.

The Jon Urbana That Most of You Don’t Know About

Jon Urbana is not just a musician. He doesn’t just sing songs and make music videos. he is also more than just your average joe. He has a compasionate and caring side that many of you are not aware of. He does a lot of charity work. He has a deep passion for people and helping them.

He not only gives to charities, but he also jumps right in and does hands on work with the charites when he has the time. With an active Facebook following and plenty of followers on Twitter, he uses his social media expertise to spread the word about these wonderful causes. He also makes some really fun videos, like the one shown here:

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana doesn’t help charites for show or to improve his ratings. He does it because he cares, just like he cared about his lacrosse career at Villanova. Charities are his way of giving back, not only with money but with his time and very own hands as well.

With plenty of support shown for his charity drives, even on Yahoo Answers, Jon Urbana is one of the few that actually take the time to stop, share, care, give, and provide for some of the less fortunate who have fallen upon hard times. He sees people – even his colleagues – as his friends and family.

Urbana has done remarkable work both on and off the stage, as I am sure you are quite aware of his musical background expertise. Here’s one of my favorite Urbana tracks (Swan Song) below:

If music isn’t your thing, here’s one of the videos Urbana created to promote his GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force.


You can view some of his charatable controbutions at
When you take the time to really try and get to know Jon Urbana, you can see that there is much more to him than just a musician. He also has a good business head about him as well. He has business ventures also that have real potential. And if you haven’t seen his photography, I’ll let this picture do the talking…

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

His business presentations can be seen at

As you can see Jon Urbana is quite the MAN. He is the all around American, talented musician, kind hearted generous soul that more people should be like.

Follow Jon on Instagram at @jonurbana

Shaygan Kheradpir Comes Back to Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has recently gone to Coriant. He is now the CEO of Coriant. Kheradpir himself is no stranger to the news. He has worked for plenty of other companies and have made a lot of innovative choices for companies such as Juniper Networks. His work at Juniper Networks was very eventful. There were a lot of challenges that he had faced, but he has pulled through these challenges and come out a lot stronger than before. He has left Juniper Networks after a short period of time working there and has joined Coriant as CEO, with the former CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir is not blind to the position he is walking into. He has been working with the senior management and getting a lot of information on the workings of the company. He has worked as Marlin Equity Partners as the Operating Executive. He has also shown himself to be a recognized leader for business technology. He has almost 30 years of experience in the industry working for companies like Verizon and coming up with revolutionary ideas for telecommunications devices. DiPietro has expressed excitement and honor in welcoming Shaygan to the company. He is looking forward to seeing Shaygan’s ideas in action.

Kheradpir’s experience is something that Coriant can be confident in with his experience working for companies like GTE. He will provide not only some of the best technology, but the best business practices to put into effect for the customer and the businessman. He is getting ready to work as CEO for a company with hundreds of customers and a revenue of over $1 billion. It is likely that his experience and expertise is going to help businesses reach even greater levels of success. If there is one thing remarkable about Shaygan Kheradpir, it is that he is always looking for ways to improve everything.

It is not known what is in store for Coriant with Shaygan taking over as CEO. All that is certain is that things are going to change in Coriant. Hope is that it will change for the better. His ideas, heart, and passion is what will carry him through the transition. He is also willing to learn from people who have run Coriant before him. They can teach him what he can do and what he shouldn’t do with this company. As he gets the hang of his position, he will continue to bring it success and take it to new heights.

My Stroke Could Have Killed Me, But Nobilis Health Saved My Life

After one lonely night of heavy drinking, I found myself in the hospital looking up from my bed at the bright lights above me. I also saw my family around me, but I realized that I couldn’t move my right arm or my right leg. I wasn’t sure about what was going on, but a doctor quickly came in and informed me that I had a stroke. All the years of drinking had finally taken a toll on my body, and I had a stroke when I passed out from being drunk, and it was a family member who found me and saved my life.

I was taken to a Nobilis Health facility that was near my home, and they saved my life. Not only did they save my life, but they gave me a plan to execute on how I was going to get back to normal. I mentioned to the doctor that I couldn’t feel anything on my right side, and he told me it was because of the stroke. Although I was very depressed, I was told that with some surgery as well as physical rehabilitation, I might be able to get back to normal. I was also informed that drinking was no longer a possibility.

I was determined to be myself again, but I wasn’t certain how to move forward. I spent days alone in the hospital crying over my predicament, but I would have a nurse come in once in a while, and they would comfort me in my pain. Even if I had family members come in, I still felt depressed. One of the Nobilis Health nurses saw me crying one day, and she came in and talked to me about my condition. She told me that her father had had the same type of stroke, and he had one side of his body stop working as well.

When I asked her what happened to her father, she actually pulled out her smartphone and showed me a video that was from days before of her father running in a marathon and enjoying his life. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but the date on the phone proved the video was recent. The nurse gave me all the hope that I needed to look forward to the future, and hopefully I’ll be able to have a success story like her father. No matter what happens in the future, Nobilis Health has saved my life, and I’m grateful and shared it on insiderreport.