What George Soros Sees For The Economic Future

During 2008, the economy took a major downturn, and it has not fully recovered. While the economy is beginning to recover, not everyone is optimistic about the future of the world economy. According to some, there are worrying signs that are taking place. China was once an economic powerhouse that was growing at a rapid rate. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. There are changes to how the Chinese economy is operating. At first, there was tremendous growth in it’s industrial sector. This was causing their entire economy to blossom. This growth doesn’t appear to be happening in the way that it was previously. Instead, China is becoming more of a consumer oriented economy. Not only that, but the country does not appear to be creating any new avenues for growth. The famous billionaire George Soros thinks this is going to create serious problems for China’s economy. He believes that this will have a ripple effect on the entire world’s economy. In fact, he believes that it could cause a situation as serious the crash of 2008! He actually believes that this current situation has a great deal of similarities to the crash of 2008.

Recently on Bloomberg, George Soros has given a speech in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This speech detailed what he feels is going to happen to the world economy. The predictions are quite alarming, indeed. The Yuan has taken a nosedive, and this could potentially impact upon other currencies. The Chinese stock market is not doing well, and this has led to financial losses. Additionally, forecasts of unpredictability in the markets appear to be looking quite negative. The worst is the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, which has gone up 43 percent. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index also has been on the rise, and it is up by 13 percent. These two measures are seen as quite reliable, and the fact that they have increased is alarming. George Soros feels that this is increased evidence that the economy is headed for a downturn, similar to 2008.

This is not the first time that George Soros has predicted on Bloomberg an economic catastrophe. He also felt that the Greek crisis could lead to a global economic crash, and he felt that could be worse than 2008. He warned of this potential crisis in Washington, DC.

We can only hope that the predictions of George Soros do not come true. The world economy has begun to bounce back from the crash during 2008. However, this crash could potentially lead to disastrous consequences for numerous people. It could potentially lead to a large number of people being out of work. Also, numerous investors could lose large amounts of money.

Brian Torchin’s Unusual Leadership in Medicine

Brian Torchin currently serves as the President of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) Staffing. He has several years working with physicians in just about every specialized field and assisting in opening and managing medical offices. He opened his first offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida, which his About.me showcases.

Torchin, aside from having a reputation at HCRC as their top recruiter, also participates in numerous speaking engagements. In his speaking engagements, he provides insightful advice on establishing and maintaining a smooth medical practice and also on what to avoid.

Torchin himself started out as a chiropractor and quickly familiarized himself in the field and in what’s needed for the field. From there, Torchin and his team founded HCRC with the vision of assisting healthcare clientele in hiring the best staff possible for themselves. In doing so HCRC does the background checks, consultations and even the training in order to take that extra work and money away from the facilities themselves.

For their Twitter, HCRC writes pieces of advice for healthcare facilities as to how to hire the best staff members for themselves. They also give tips as to how to best hire staff from online networks, such as LinkedIn. They also provide articles on advice as to what precautions medical facilities need to take in order to ensure the best for both their patients and their staff. In fact, Torchin himself believes very much in emphasizing having a facility that’s welcoming and friendly to patients.

HCRC Staffing is basically acts as a head-hunter to hiring medical staff. It is headquartered in Philadelphia and hires staff to work extended hours and weekends in order to ensure the best hiring experiences for every job in the medical field from chiropractic to nurse practitioner jobs. They have experience assisting for hire for every type of medical centers from urgent care facilities to private practices. They operate worldwide.  Brian is completely changing the face of the staffing industry worldwide.

Article Recap: Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign

Fashionable football fanatics will delight in the new Pittsburgh Steelers fashion campaign launched by the organization last year. The new site offers fans the opportunity to meet one another and score some sweet Steelers styles for their closet, with plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Little girls will love the pink options available, plus neon yellow and metallic gold for a dazzle of extra glam. Pandora teamed up with Steelers charms to create some fantastic jewelry pieces, as well as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret. These top brand names combined with the Steelers trademark logo makes for some fan-friendly fashion that effortlessly merges style with team pride. “This is the whole idea of sport goes into street. You can dress it up or you can dress it down,” commented Susan McGalla, the Steelers’ most recently appointed director of strategic planning. The understated logo, thumbholes in sweatshirts that many girls look for and a scarf can add a lot of style to an outfit that doesn’t distract from the look’s aesthetic appeal like most sportswear. McGalla on about.me is a brain behind the operations that fans can rely on for expert style advise. Before she worked for the Steelers, she was the president of American Eagle and the CEO of the popular store Wet Seal. In addition to McGalla’s own eye for style, she’s spent years behind the reins mastering the ins and outs of branding, lifestyle and merchandising. “We’re constantly innovating around the fans,” she said. “We’re bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be part of the organization in more vibrant ways.” The Steelers fashion line is available for the whole family, offering a range of clothes for different figures and styles that all boast the team’s name and logo. Fans can even easily locate what one of their favorite players had on during a game by navigating to the wikinvest site’s “Where What We Wear” page. Showcasing your style and flaunting your favorite team has never looked so good.

Who Is Sam Tabar?

New York based attorney and capital strategist Sam Tabar has earned a stellar reputation in his field. With his expertise in fund raising, legal matters, and business development, he has been able to create a strong career in the cutthroat business world of New York City.

In 2000 Tabar received graduated from the prestigious Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence as CrunchBase lists, and immediately followed it up with a master’s degree in law from Columbia University. Eager to get his career started, Tabar began working as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates. He stayed with the firm for five years and handled mostly corporate legal matters.

In 2007, Tabar decided it was time for a change and became the managing director for Sparx Group/PMA where he worked in development, raising capital, negotiations, created business strategy, and provided legal counsel. He stayed with the company for four years before moving on to become the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch. During his nearly two years with the company he worked to find investors and raise capitol as well as introduce fund managers. In 2015 he moved to his current position, Chief Operating Officer for FullCycleFund. He raises capital, and handles operational, tax, and legal matters.

During all his time working at different companies, and his gained expertise in financial matters, Tabar found time to invest in a startup company called THINX, that would also inspire him to get more involved with charity himself. The company helps support women in Africa and America. The company manufactures and sells what they call period proof panties, and each pair purchased helps a girl in the developing world of Africa.

In addition to his many prestigious career opportunities, Tabar is also a member of the New York Bar Association and has his certification from the New York State Bar. He is also very fluent in English as well as French.

Manse On Marsh is Where Luxury and Affordability Meet

When the time comes to choose an assisted living facility, it is imperative to know the difference between these types of establishments and a nursing home. The two have some similar qualities, but they are not alike. When a person isn’t ready for round the clock care and can still maintain some independence, they are said to be better suited for an assisted living community. These places still monitor the person and make sure they are okay, but they are allowed to have privacy and maintain a level of dignity.

There are various styles of assisted living. Some include apartment styles home or even free standing houses. There are different degrees of care levels also. Each resident is assessed based on their needs. Whether it’s just help with their hair and bathing, or they need someone to cook for them; the options are endless at these places. A nursing home typically requires shared rooms. In these places are people who have serious medical conditions that require them to be monitored most of the day. There is little to no privacy and it can be uncomfortable for those who want to have visitors. If at all possible, assisted living is always the better option.

Those who live in California know that there are many good assisted living facilities to choose from. One of the best in the San Luis Obispo area is The Manse on the Marsh. Any senior would love this elegant establishment. Not only are the grounds perfect for daily walks and keeping in shape, but they have a beautiful courtyard that is inviting. Residents can have friends and family stop by as often as they like. In the private homes, residents can have overnight guests. Having a strong support system is imperative to the elderly.

One of the great things about The Manse on the Marsh is the vast selection of activities. They offer things from apartments to cottage style homes. Some units have a kitchen so that they can cook up some of their favorite dishes. Others choose to utilize the chef services and enjoy home cooked meals without the mess. In the great room, there is a roaring fireplace and plenty of room to mingle with others. The facilities are not only spacious but they are comfortable and really make one feel at home.

For those who love to eat out, the grounds have a bistro that services authentic cuisines that are praised in every testimonial. Eating alfresco has never been easier with the large outdoor patio area. For those who like to be active, they can enjoy the movie theater, as well as the fitness center. Even those seniors who don’t drive don’t need to go far for quality entertainment. Other amenities include a hair salon, internet access, a library and computer areas. It’s easy to see why so many choose Manse on the Marsh for their assisted living community.  The blog has even more information about what they have to offer.  You can also find information on Twitter as well.

Rhinoplasty Is A Delicate Surgery That Dr. Jennifer Walden Performs

It may be natural for a person to judge someone who feels the need to get rhinoplasty or a nose job. Many feel that they are born the way they should look, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Since plastic surgery is widely available, many who feel the need to change their facial features can do so by getting plastic surgery that helps them to change their nose. Some who want a rhinoplasty may need it because they have problems breathing, which then causes many other problems. Having their nose changed in shape or size can drastically improve their breathing as well as improving the look of their face.

Rhinoplasty procedures are performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden, who also performs many other features as well. Since Dr. Walden has been in the plastic surgery industry for years, she has learned many different forms of plastic surgery, and she is one of the top doctors that reside in the state of Texas. Dr. Walden can perform rhinoplasty for those who feel the need to change the nose, and an initial consultation will give them an idea of how their nose can look and what can be done with the nose if the surgery was to be performed. As long as a person can medically be qualified to do a surgical procedure on their nose, then they won’t be turned away, even if the surgery is for vanity or other health concerns.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed many surgeries, and she has had praise from many of her patients about the work that she’s done on their faces. Once a rhinoplasty procedure is performed, the person can heal at home, and they will see the end results of their nose job, and it’s very likely that they’ll be pleased with what they see. Many have even gone to Dr. Jennifer Walden to fix botched jobs that were performed by other plastic surgeons, so this in itself just speaks to how good of a surgeon she is. Since nose jobs are a delicate procedure, then Dr. Jennifer Walden is just the surgeon to perform it. Follow Dr. Walden on Twitter to keep up with news and events.

What’s New in the World of Dog Food

In the world of dog food pet owners are looking at organic, special meal and other specialty foods for their beloved pets. Many companies are changing the way they make their food and new dog food companies are opening up to meet the high demands on Facebook of pet owners who have a deep concern for what types of food they give their furry friends. A new pet food company called Freshpet Inc. has started to create special refrigerator only meals for pets. The company’s speciality health pet food is sold in fifteen thousand stores already. Freshpet may be found at select Whole Foods stores, Target and Walmart. Vital Raw has also become popular within the pet food industry. They make paleo diet friendly food to give pets the nutrients of their ancestors the wolves or wild cats. One company that is taking steps into crafting new and healthier meal plans for pets is Purina Beneful dog food brand. The company has begun to take steps into the new age of feeding dogs by considering the lifestyle of pet owners today. Many pet owners want to eat with their pet, so Beneful has begun to craft human meal like dishes for pets. The company also has begun to observe that pet owners like having the option of crafting and specializing their pet’s food, so now Beneful has a create your own blend feature on their website. The company also acquired the former first certified organic pet food company: Merrick Pet Care to help make their transitional to more organic and health friendly pet food. Purina Beneful has been around for many years. The brand was founded in 2001. They have always strived to give pets the very best during their time as a pet food company. It makes sense why they are still choosing to change with the times to fit the needs of pet owners and pets of today.