Innovative Visual Search Companies are Launching Technologies that are Transforming E-commerce

Visual search companies utilize technology to assist shoppers in acquiring products they need at the comfort of their home. With the stiff completion in the provision of visual search and recognition services, established firms are going a step further to come up with top-notch applications.

Incredible online shopping experience

Fashion retailers that target youths and other people who purchase products online can afford a sigh of relief with the increased number of companies such as Slyce and Stylumia Intelligence PVT Ltd that offers shopping solutions. Companies located in India like Ilenze and Snapshopr are outsourcing funds to invest in the development of visual search applications.

High demand rate

Most retailers are aiming at increasing their sales and realizing immense profits. Therefore, most of them are collaborating with visual search providers. For example, Visenze (Singapore-based) is a service provider associated with Flipkart. The firm is planning to expand its operation in India due to the high demand.


Styluma is a visual start-up that was started by Genesh Subramanian and Ram Prakash. It specializes in fashion, and it has a plan of using the same technology to assist consumers as well as businesses to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions. Styluma intends to use the new technology to make excellent recommendations for products that consumers need. In addition, the technology will suggest fashion products that shoppers and retailers should purchase by referring to the existing consumer-buying data. The original article was reported on Live Mint

Background information on Slyce Inc. Company

Slyce Inc. provides visual search and recognition services to its broad client base. The firm launched its visual recognition technology in February 2013. The visual technology has an ability to identify a product by scanning its image and allowing the client to purchase the product at the comfort of his or her smartphone. The company offers its technology via a mobile application and collaborates with top six shops in the United States. The firm is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

The company’s Universal Scanner integrates excellent features used by competitors in the industry to establish a brand that offers a wide range of product solutions. Cameron Chell founded Slyce together with his long-term business partner Erika Racicot. Cameron has developed several companies and focuses on revolutionizing how technology is used. Slyce has developed several applications to create a mind-blowing shopping experience for its clients. Snap-to-Buy is an application that is incorporated into retailer’s website to aid in product identification. Visual Relevancy Engine delivers similar products available in a shop by comparing features scanned from the image of a product.

Russia Threatens The Future Of Europe Reveals George Soros

For a number of months the legendary hedge fund manager George Soros has been forecasting a global financial meltdown, but recent events in Syria could see the meltdown begin with the forecast collapse of the European Union. George Soros is a figure I have respected for a number of years for his financial acumen and his commitment to improving the lives of the people of the world though his Open Society Foundations. The 86 year old financial expert is credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992, and saw his hedge fund grow from 1969 to 2011 to provide him with a fortune estimated by Forbes to have reached more than $24 billion.
The success Soros has achieved has allowed him to become an expert on the political situation in the world and a dedicated follower of the problems facing the European Union. I recently read a Project Syndicate article by Soros that brought together his skills as a political commentator and economic expert in providing a well judged analysis of the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. Like many I have been left confused by the continued bombing of civilian targets in Syria by Russian planes, which has created a refugee crisis spreading across Europe.

The case argued by Forbes billionaire George Soros in the article sets out his view that Russia did not have a dedicated plan upon entering the conflict in Syria, but was driven by concerns over its own economic future. Russian leader Vladimir Putin now sees his own future as being tied to that of the European Union, particularly after Russian aggression in Ukraine led to economic sanctions creating more problems for his leadership. A number of factors will combine towards the end of 2016 and into 2017 that should cause an economic collapse in Russia.

My own views echo those of George Soros in revealing the role the collapse of the European Union would play in preserving the leadership of Putin when economic problems finally strike Russia in the near future. The Russian leader has seized upon the refugee crisis in Syria and Europe as a perfect storm allowing him the opportunity to rescue his Presidency by collapsing the European community. Greek debt problems and Russian aggression against Ukraine have already placed Europe under the threat of collapse, but I agree with both Angela Merkel and George Soros that the refugee crisis is the greatest threat to the community continuing. By continuing to back the bombing by Putin’s Russia world leaders are pushing Europe to the brink of collapse and quickening a global economic meltdown to match that of 2008.

Bringing Autism Into The Light

Sanjay Shah was born in Britain where his youngest son Nikhil was born. In the year 2011, Sanjay’s son was diagnosed with Autism. At first the thought of his son having this condition was rather alarming to both himself and Nikhil’s mother. Instead of letting this condition tear their family apart, they allowed it to rebuild their lives in a very positive way. One day while Sanjay was going about his normal everyday routine, something clicked inside of his head. What if there was a way that he could create music gigs all around the world that would help raise money for Autism research? How miraculous would that be?

Sanjay had hardly let the thought finish forming in his head before he started creating an outline of the events. It wasn’t long before musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Buble’ were greeting Sanjay at the door of the events he put together. All the money from these events will go to Autism research to help doctors and parents of Autistic children understand the condition better. As we all know, Autism is where a child or adult severely lacks the development of social relationships and communication skills. The benefits from these events will help everyone further understand how the brain works when an Autistic individual is placed in a social situation. Some may react differently than others, depending on the severity of their condition.

By Sanjay creating these events to benefit Austism research, he is giving families hope that one day they will better understand what their loved one goes through on a daily basis. For anyone who cannot make it to the Autism Rocks events, you can donate any amount of money to Sanjay Shah’s Go Fund Me page. On here can you donate money and leave a comment for other individuals to read when they visit the page. Always keep in mind that every donation counts, whether it is one dollar or one hundred, it makes a big difference in Autism Awareness.

Yeonmi Park Speaks Up For Human Rights

When young author Yeonmi Park made the decision to write her book she was probably aware that there would be some critics. Every interesting piece of literature, especially autobiographies, will have critics that look to dissemble the coherency of the story. Park has witnessed this, but she has stood strong to the overarching theme of her autobiography.

As a North Korea defector, Park knows all too well the issues that young children have faced under such harsh conditions. On Parks makes it clear that she doesn’t need anyone to correct her life story because she knows of the life that she has lived. She is aware of slight memory lapses due to her age at the time of the events. The story, however, is a genuine portrayal of a child that has lived a life that no child should have to endure.

Park has made a decision to stand up for Human Rights and her book on Amazon is evidence of her ability to articulate the needs of those that are suffering in North Korea. Since Parks is still very young she is in a position to give other young women hope. She is providing a voice for all of those that have went through the same thing in North Korea.

Her hurt and humiliation has been spilled on the pages of her autobiography. She is assertive in letting people know that she has faced starvation before. She has also let people know that there was a time when she simply did not want to live anymore. Parks has come out of the ashes though. Park has become a voice on Youtube for those that have been silenced by oppression. Parks represents a new wave of women that have escaped all the harsh conditions that have been placed upon them.

Many people want to silence this voice out of fear that it brings a bad name to North Korea, but Park isn’t making up this life. She is telling her story  on Daily Mail and the story of lots of others that have not made it out. She is a public speaker that has a platform.


3 Myths Concerning The Flu Shots

With this being the time of year for the flu, it is important to know what is facts and what the myths are when it comes to the flu. Below you can find 3 of the most popular myths concerning the flu as well as some tips to know if you have the flu.

1. Runny Nose and Fever

This is a common misconception when it comes to the flu, says Jon Urbana to Bloomberg. Many people believe that if they have a fever along with a runny nose they have the flu. However, this is not the case, just because you have “flu like” symptoms does not mean you have the flu itself. A lot of illnesses come with these two issues. Therefore, consult with a doctor before assuming you have the flu.

2. Getting A Flu Shot Every Year

Several people believe that there no need to get the flu shot on a yearly bases. However, that is not the case. Until they can create a shot that can completely rid your chances of getting the flue, it is important to stay protected by getting the flu shot. Children, pregnant women, and elderly however, need the flu shot more than anyone else.

3. Flu Shot Makes You Sick

This is one of the most popular myths The flu shot is to protect you from getting sick, it is an inactive shot and will not make you sick. You may feel off a little bit, but you will not get the flu from it.

These are just 3 misconceptions. Receive the flu shot each year to stay healthy.

Alexei Beltyukov; A Man With A Passion To Improve Lives

CrunchBase makes it obvious that Alexei Beltyukov is a serial Russian businessman and philanthropist who has contributed a lot to the economic growth of his fellow Russians. He has formed very many companies that have been successful and very helpful to his fellow Russian citizens. He started Endemic Capital in 2013, Russian startup that is well known to provide angel funding for Russian startup companies that are struggling. Beltyukov is also the brain behind A-Ventures Limited, another company that has an aim of helping other companies in the country get financial assistance when they are struggling.

He was also very instrumental in starting the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD, a scholarship fund that provides gives assistance to Russian students that get accepted at INSEAD University. He also works with the Russian government in providing support and economic guidance to businesses through the Skolkovo Foundation where he sits as the Vice-President. The foundation is well respected when matters related to providing grants and opportunities for Russian startups are concerned. It also helps international entrepreneurs who are interested in finding investment opportunities around Russia.

On top of the above-mentioned companies, Alexei is also the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, an online educational portal that is in the mission to make learning fun and more comfortable. At April 2015, he launched the platform at an Educator’s Day in Las Vegas. Speaking at the launch, he said he was thrilled to exchange as well as share feedback about the platform with the most passionate and seasoned professionals in the education sector. The Education Day is made up of tech coordinators, hundreds of teachers as well as administrators who are lucky to explore different leading education products.

To say that he is passionate about education and development in society would be an understatement. He is very passionate about valuing and broadening the horizons by enhancing better education for all through his entrepreneurship. Recently, Solvy was listed as belonging to the league of the world’s most promising startups by BetaList.

The platform is a unique homework space for high school students that generates homework assignments according to certain parameters. It allows teachers to administer and create learning exercises that are customized in a timely and effective manner. The platform strongly embraces progressive thinking and encourages the growth mindset by encouraging students to not only learn from them, but to practice them.

Alexei did not start his career in business as many would like to think. A funny thing Alexei Beltyukov first mentioned on Twitter was that he started in medicine by becoming a doctor and after sometime, he felt that he was not cut out for the career. He attended INSEAD Business School and upon graduating, started companies that have been very successful. Currently, he also serves as an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy.