George Soros Worries About China Seconded By Other Investors

Soros compares capital outflows in China they have been a global phenomenon; suddenly in a year the country is down by $517 billion. Certainly this is worry that not only George Soros is worried about but also the head of Asia-Pacific sovereigns Andrew Colquhoun. Andrew also has a concern about the financial resurgence of China and the instability of their banking system. Soros sees this as an economic crisis to be a reminiscence of the 2008 crisis in the European market trade. The traits are repeating themselves; banks borrowing from other banks, the sinking of the currency on, in this case, year in the market, more borrowers than depositors and increased liabilities in the banks in comparison to assets. China might be referring its situations now, but that won’t work in two years’ time according to Soros.

The country will be experiencing fully the parabolic cycle; where past problems were ignored, and they accumulate to a potential crisis. Other investors’ opinion common to Soros is the fact that the country has totally relied on the government for investments. They are not partakers of private investments on which as a result are raising the cost of housing around the cities, and real estate is booming. More private investments can handle the situation in addition to the great move by China of foreign exchange with a variety of currencies. Certainly it is evident that the country needs to take a look at its economic situation before worse situations come.
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Soros is sure trying to bring sense to investors because China is one of the most influential countries in the global market. Its crises will in effect be a crisis in the whole investment community; his views in investments are varied because they happen. They are an expression of the realities of the investment world which George Soros has been at for a long time. Soros founded his hedge fund Soros Fund Management in the 1970s. His predictions in the market have been true to earning him huge success in the field. One of the greatest fortunes he made was from betting right the devaluation of the British pound in the 1990s.

George Soros aged 80 years, a Hungarian-born billionaire investor, who relocated to New York during the Nazi Holocaust; has the art to investment. The China warning is not his first warning about the financial crises; he predicted the 2008 crisis and also warned in 2011 of another crisis. As an investment expert, he has also been a great critic of the poor performance of the European Union on, especially with the current refugee situation. He saw the European Union as a platform for democracy, but it was changed into a debtor creditor’s territory by most sovereign countries. Through his writings, Soros has delivered lots of advice for potential investors and well-established investors.

How True Is Yeonmi Park’s Story?

On the night of March 31st, 2007, a thirteen year old girl and her mother crossed the North Korea border into China searching for freedom. That girl was Yeonmi Park, today she is a world famous North Korean defector, her harrowing take of survival has captivated people from all around the world.

In the dead of night, little Yeonmi and her mother crossed into the border of China with help from human traffickers. Her father was extremely ill and stayed behind, her older sister had ran away on her own. They had tried to get word about her from human traffickers, but we’re  unsuccessful and presumed she was dead. Later that year, they were able to send word to her father and arrange to smuggle him into China. There he was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer, he died before they made it to South Korea. They had to bury him in an unmarked grave, soon after they fled to South Korea with the help of Christian Missionaries. Once they finally reached their destination and settled into their knew lives, Yeonmi began to speak openly about her life under the rule of the Kim Dynasty and her escape from North Korea.

In September 2015 New York Times reported that her memoir titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” was published and released on Amazon. As with every unbelievable story there are skeptics, even Pyongyang has produced a video attempting to discredit her story. Recently, took a look at Yeonmi Park’s incredible North Korean defector story.

All You Need To Know About John Goullet

DIVERSANT is a popular certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. At the moment, the company is considered to be the biggest American African IT staffing institution that is located in the United States of America. The firm is famed for offering consumers a big range of scalable staff in the IT department. The institution also offers diversity solutions to its clients. There IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire.

The company is quite different and unique compared to the rest of the companies in the competitive market. Since its formation several years ago, it has been dedicated to conducting all its business with a lot of integrity. The company has also proven to be acting according to some special regulations and core values, and this explains why it has managed to be very successful. The company has always had a very formal code of ethical business practices.

One of the principles in the company is known as John Goullet. Goullet is a very popular businessman in the United States of America. He is believed to have made a lot of positive changes in the IT department. He has overseen several highly successful ventures, and this is probably the reason he has managed to get such an important position in the IT firm.

John is a very experienced individual in the IT sector. He started his successful career several years ago when he was working as an IT consultant. However, after several years in IT consultancy, he decided to change to something else, settling in IT staffing in the year 1994. He has shown that he has a very good understanding of the emerging market trends, and this is what made him to start a company known as Info Technologies.

Info Technologies is actually an It staffing firm that is dedicated to offering consumers with solutions to Fortune 500 firms in the country. This company managed to do very well in a short duration of time, and in just five years, it managed to grow up to thirty million dollars. He has earned a lot of respect in the field, and his experience played an important role in his current position.

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Doug Levitt Uses His News Gathering Skills To Aid “The Greyhound Diaries”

The 2008 economic slowdown caused major issues across the U.S., but many of these problems have rarely been addressed by the mainstream press as poverty has struck across the world’s largest economy for a number of decades. Former CNN international correspondent Doug Levitt has been trying to bring attention to the problems facing the poorest in the U.S. since 2004 when he embarked on the first six week leg of what would become “The Greyhound Diaries”; Levitt had eventually traveled over 80,000 miles by 2012 and continues to travel by bus across the U.S. to add to his ongoing music, spoken word, and novel writing project.

“The Greyhound Diaries” have taken Levitt across the U.S. and took in the worst periods of the 2008 economic slowdown, which are detailed in the songs featured on Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries” EP, in his novel, and throughout his live performances. Levitt continues to tour the U.S. adding to the material he has developed as an artist seeking to discuss the different ways poverty is affecting people across the U.S. The work of Doug Levitt is described as following in the footsteps of the great social artists, such as John Steinbeck, who sought to bring news of the realities of life for the poorest in the nation.

Levitt may not be the archetypal artist who would embark on a journey into the lowest classes of U.S. society after he was born into a political family in Washington D.C. Doug Levitt’s career seemed to be heading for high levels of success when he embarked on a journalism career with CNN, which he would later give up to follow the life of an artist; Levitt cites the discovery of his father’s body after committing suicide as a driving force behind his decision to change career path.

Charles Koch Now Turns his Attention to Hilary Clinton.

Charles Koch has now admitted that Hilary Clinton could be their favorite candidate than a Republican for president. Charles and his brother David Koch are part of an extensive political network referred to as Koch Network that has been consistently criticized for large contributions made to conservative political groups in the United States. Charles Koch even continued to tell ABC news that Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush. When asked if they would prefer Hilary Clinton and not a Republican candidate, Koch expressed his facts clear that the option is very possible.

Koch brothers currently regarded as the most influential conservatives’ political donors in the United States said they won’t spend their $400 million to block Donald Trump’s nomination as the Republican Candidate. This move translates to another setback for the billionaires to block the nomination of Trump. According to James Davis, the spokesman for Freedom Partners, Koch network will not be involved in the Republican primaries and he did not elaborate what the plans were for the November elections.

The latest move is countering the stand they took at the beginning of the year to oppose Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination. Koch brothers through their political network, Koch Network, are usually very hesitant to be involved in the primary. In the eve of the Iowa causes, Koch Network held a private meeting to discuss how they could use Trumps weaknesses to prevent him clinch the nomination.

Charles Koch is one of the Koch brothers and CEO of Koch Industries. He owns 42 percent of Koch Industries, a company he and his brother inherited from their father Fred C. Koch. It is not the first time Koch and his Brother David (Commonly known as Koch brothers) has been involved in political matters. Koch brothers through their network called Koch network, and other allies contributed about $400 million towards the campaign to defeat the current President Barrack Obama.

Charles Koch has, however, supported many policies such as free market-oriented educational organizations such as Mercatus Center at George Mason University and Institute for Humane Studies. He has donated to various political groups in both Republican and Democratic parties and candidates. Charles is dedicated to contributing to charity and cultural institutions. For instance, Koch Cultural Trust was founded by his wife, Elizabeth. Koch brothers have been involved in funding the creative artists and artistic projects in America.

The Success of Highlands Capital Management in Credit Markets

James Dondero has 30 years of experience working in the credit Market and Equity Market. This combined skills and wealth of knowledge made him leave his career and founded a company in the year 1993 called Highland Capital Management. James Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia and went to a school of Accounting and Finance at the McIntire School of Commerce. After McIntire, James enrolled into a Finance Training program at Morgan Guaranty.

He became certified with a charter that gives him privilege and rights to use Financial Analyst designation (CFA) while working as an analyst. This was his first Job in the Benning of his career. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant. Later Dondero joined American Express and served as a portfolio manager. His role is dedicated to making Highlands the innovator in the growth of the Collateralized loan Obligation (CLO) market and creating a podium where credit-oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors around the globe will meet.

Apart from being the Co- founder and President of Highlands Capital, Mr. James , also referred as Jim, CFA,CPA, serves as the President and Chairman of Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. and involved in the management of private equity business. In overseeing the running of the Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is responsible for influencing and ensuring proper accomplishment of the firm’s Strategic investment and working initiatives.

Highland Management Capital is an SEC-registered company offering substitute venture management to their clients around the world with the sole duty in the management of hedge funds, well-organized investment and distressed investments funds. Highland capital focuses on investing globally in public equity as it is seen to have expertise that possesses profound knowledge in credit markets and funds. Highland Capital management presents a wide range of customer solution into the market with the emphasis on various credit strategies such as foundations, endowments, and alternative investments.

Being founded by James and Mark Okada, Mr. Mark serves as the Chief investment Officer and takes the initiative of controlling Highland’s investment activities and credit strategies. Highlands Capital Management has got affiliates, whom together manages valued assets of over $20 billion assets. Today the Highlands stands to be the most preferred by the clients due to the wealth of experience in credit markets and the uniqueness of its leadership perspective and success of the Management.

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Keith Mann Gives Back To Needy Students

Keith Mann made an announcement on the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for professional achievement. This is an award that aims to recognize the next generation of innovative business leaders. To implement the scholarship, Keith and Keely Mann entered into a partnership with a non-profit charter management organization, Uncommon Schools based in New York City. The scholarship opportunity will be available to a graduating senior every year in any one of the Brooklyn-based high schools that are run by Uncommon Schools.

One of the college counselors, Joe Frick, expressed gratitude to Keith and Keely Mann for the implementation of the program, as it would ensure at least one student would attend a four-year college.

In the application for the scholarship, a 1,000-word essay is required on the role a college degree will play in aiding the professional goals of the applicants. Keith is a strong advocate for education and a well-known philanthropist. Being the Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith is keen on identifying strong leaders and connecting them with firms so as to cultivate their success.

According to Mann, they are ready to support the goal of Uncommon Schools in preparing students from low-income areas to attend, graduate from college and professionally utilize their degrees. He went on to point out that the scholarship would aid in the achievement of this.

This scholarship is open to students that graduate from Uncommon Charter High School based in Brooklyn, New York. A winner will be announced by the end of March 2016, one who will receive a scholarship of $5,000 to go towards college tuition.

Keith Mann experience in the executive search industry spans over a decade and a half, placing him in a position to be an expert in staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation. In 2002, after Mann identified the need that existed in providing search services in the hedge fund industry, Mann founded the Alternative Investment Practice that was within Dynamics Executive Search.

2006 saw Keith expand into the private equity industry. In 2009, Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) was formed. It was established to serve as a premier executive search firm focusing on alternate investment firms.

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Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe

“Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope,” Avi Weisfogel stated in a recent interview after he launched a GoFundMe campaign set up to benefit Operation Smile. His goal is $ 2,000.00. His passions and strong background led him to select Operation Smile as the beneficiary of the GoFundMe campaign.

Dr. Weisfogel, a native of New Jersey, and a fan of nice teeth has been offering cosmetic dentistry solutions and providing bright smiles to patients as a dentist in East Brunswick, NJ for over sixteen years. Dr. Avi Weisfogel established the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012 and began lecturing dentists on how to increase and serve sleep patients. In 2014, he co-founded of Dental Sleep Matters, (DSM) for short. Dr. Weisfogel took on the role of instructor of DSM, to educate patients as well as healthcare providers how to focus in the world of sleep through the use of oral appliances to treat sleep disorders. Born and raised in Highland Park, NJ, Dr. Weisfogel practices dentistry in Old Bridge, NJ. He has strong ties to his community. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, with a BA in psychology and biology. He earned a DDS degree from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Each year, Operation Smile holds medical Missions around the world. This organization is an international charity which works with local providers which provide free surgical procedures for children. The goal of Operation Smile has been and will always be to identify the most effective solutions which will reach as many children as possible. Operation Smile has decades of operations under their belt. Their reach extends beyond the Philippines to more than eighty countries, providing care to thousands of children. Operation Smile is dedicated providing children hope for a healthy and bright tomorrow.


Helane Morrison Making Significant Changes From a Financing Point of View

The world of finance is not just a clear cut one with black and white decisions and thick lines for people to stay away from. In short, finance is a world full of significant gray pictures where sometimes the moral and ethical thing to do isn’t always clear. When you consider the potential for such a realm, however, you can instantly see how important it is to have someone in control that will bring balance back to the financial law and protect people from those who would skirt the regulations in place. One such hero who has been training for this sort of role is Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison is exactly the type of person that you would want for a position that involves protecting people. Her background has not only continued to shine through when it comes to jobs in financial advising and regulation realm, but her history has shown that she is more than capable of monitoring said positions as well. Despite her specific knowledge, however, you also want to be sure that you have a person who is honest, ethical, and acts with integrity as well. Helane Morrison is all of those things and then some.

Even though the world of finance is changing, Helane Morrison continues to be a top option for a world of finance reform simply because of her passion to seek out the truth and to help others. Whether it is reforming rules, chasing out those who prey upon the innocent, or even just calling out the predatory practices that some businesses may face, Helane Morrison checks all of the boxes when it comes to enforcing the financial and ethical rules within the business world. Even though she can’t do it all on her own, when you consider the position that she is in, the people around her can use a leader like her.

Within the world of finance there are always potential problems on the horizon. The chaos is that the financial world is literally larger than life. With billions or even trillions of transactions happening all of the time (many of which are initiated and even fulfilled by computers), the chance to catch any sort of suspicious activity becomes more difficult with each passing day. That being said, if you have the right people in place who not only understand the market but who also understand the behaviors of potential criminals, you can stop problems before they start and stamp out illegal activity.

Why I Buy Premium Dog Food From Beneful

Premium Dog Food Beats All Other Brands Of Dog Food
Have you heard the news on facebook about premium dog food? They’re outdoing themselves by giving their attention to what goes into their foods. The premium dog food companies produce foods that are worth spending your money on. The other, cheap brands of dog food are always a waste of money. If you need proof that premium dog food companies are going the extra mile to provide your dog with high quality ingredients, take a look at the article I found from the Daily Herald. I’ll give a quick recap of what the article said, and I’ll be sure to give the link to the article at the end of this post.

Best Dog Foods On The Market

Premium dog food companies produce the best dog foods on the market. Their foods are packed with wholesome ingredients that every dog deserves to find in their bowl. If you care about your dog like I do, then the odds are that you are willing to look closely at the ingredients labels on the foods that you are buying at the pet store before walking out the door. In the Daily Herald’s article, we actually get to see first hand how much these dog food companies care. They are even willing to taste the foods themselves!

One of the leading premium dog food companies is Beneful. They are owned by PurinaStore, which is a brand that we have all come to trust over the years. Beneful does something that no other brand of dog food does with their products. They are willing to put real meats and real vegetables into their ingredients, so their products are well worth looking for at pet stores.

Beneful has a lot of variety to offer our dogs. They have premium wet foods that use high quality ingredients, like real beef and real chicken. Their wet food that I buy from Wal-Mart stores is called Chopped Blends. There is nothing my dog likes more than a bowl of Beneful Chopped Blends. Here’s that article from the Daily Herald.

Beneful has an official YouTube Channel: