Michael Zomber: Overcoming The Odds

Michael Zomber is a family man. He has a wife and two children. In 2003, he was known for a number of things. Zomber worked as an antique gun collector and seller. He has written four novels and seven screenplays, directed documentaries, and even appeared on The History Channel a number of times as a gun expert. After two years in prison Michael obtained a secondary hearing and was exonerated. But that exoneration came at the loss of a million dollars fighting this unjust treatment. And Michael Zomber was told that the only way he could retain his freedom would be to agree that he would not invoke his Hyde Amendment rights.

The Hyde Amendment became law in 1997, and guarantees anyone that has been victim to vexatious prosecution remuneration from the government. Michael Zomber definitely went under some vexatious circumstances–how can prison be less than vexatious? And yet the government will not remunerate their mistake. This is fundamentally unjust and a symptom of America’s decline.

Thankfully, Zomber is able to bring goodness wherever he goes. While in prison he managed to help a number of inmates learn enough that they could achieve their GEDs, and as a man with keen understanding of the mainstream media (as well as some presence within it), Michael is in a unique position to help spread awareness about conditions like the US government’s flagrant ignoring of the Hyde Amendment whenever it can get away with it.

Bureaucratic rule in this country has made it so publicly known, legally operating businessmen like Zomber can be subject to jail time for essentially nothing. Overcoming these odds with Michael is a great idea–to that end, his story should be told.  Check out Michael on Facebook, and you can also buy his books on Amazon.

ClassDojo Continues Growth and Receives Capital Investment

Education is one of the most important factors that can determine the future professional and personal success of a young person. While all parents are aware that education is very important, many find that they are not able to communicate enough with teachers to fully understand what is going on with their kid’s education. Fortunately, a Silicon Valley tech company has developed an application that will help to bridge the communication gap.

Two young tech professionals in recent years moved to Silicon Valley and quickly came up with the idea to help improve classroom communication. The young entrepreneurs developed a new application called Class Dojo, which is taking the education industry by storm. The application was first launched just over five years ago, but has gone through several different iterations and is continuing to grow in popularity with teachers, parents, and students.

The application, which can be found in with their Google or Apply application store, is now being used by millions of people on a regular basis. In total, it is estimated that two thirds of all schools across the country are currently using the application and that schools in nearly 200 different countries have used it to some capacity. The application is very simple to use and clearly creates an advantage for those that use it. The application allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate and get information a variety of different ways.

Some of the most common ways that the application is used include allowing teachers to share syllabuses and classroom schedule, allowing teachers to post grades for parents to see, and even for students to find slides of class presentations. While the application has provided plenty of communication and file sharing capabilities, it is believed that the Class Dojo app still has plenty of room for growth.

The Class Dojo application has also become very popular with investors. Those that are in the venture capital and private equity industry have frequently targeted Class Dojo as an investment. Earlier this year, the company was a headliner at the TechCrunch conference and they were able to attract a wide range of investors. In the past year alone the company has raised over $20 million in capital, which will be used to develop new uses for the application and to market the application to a broader group of customers.

There Is No life Without Clean Water

A healthy man can survive 21 days and even longer without food but he can only survive 3 days without water. The main reason for this is that approximately 60% of man’s body is composed of water. In addition, water is important because it is critical for the processes that make life possible. It is the ideal method for transporting nutrients and other substances in and out of the body’s living cells. Another reason is that water is a universal solvent. This may sound strange to many people but the fact is almost every substance dissolves in water.

How much water does a person need every day to maintain their health and what kind of water is best? According to reliable sources, the amount of water you should drink varies slightly for men and women; for women, the amount is about 9 cups a day and for men, it is about 13 cups a day. But the other question of what kind of water is best may surprise you. Companies that sell filtered bottle water literally spend billions of dollars a year in advertising trying to convince the public that their bottled water is the best because it filtered, or that the water source is underground and filtered through layers of natural rock or some other method. The whole point of this filtered water versus unfiltered tap water fight is that the companies that sell filtered water want you to believe that filtered bottled water is safer for you than tap water. Apparently, this works because the sales of bottled water each year are over $12 billion dollars a year. This is an extremely large amount of money for one of most abundant compounds on the Earth, don’t you think?

Here’s some information these companies don’t want you to know, tap water and bottled water are actually comparable in terms of safety. This is a quote from Katherine Zeratsky, a licensed dietitian with the Mayo Clinic. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees bottled water, and the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates tap water, use similar standards to ensure the water’s safety. What does all this mean? All it means is that whether you like filtered bottle water or plain tap water which one you choose to drink is generally just a matter of taste and not safety.

There is a caveat to this article. Tap water is safe as long as the Government officials entrusted with its safety do their job. The Flint Michigan fiasco is an example of where government officials engaged in actual criminal behavior and allowed the in polluting of the public’s drinking water.

For the original article go to https://www.reddit.com/r/health then click go to http://www.alternet.org/environment/tap-water-clearly-better-bottled-water-heres-why

It Is Possible For The Average Citizen To Become A Tax Free Millionaire

Jim Hunt, an investment professional of VTA Publications, recently made a very ambitious vow to the public by stating he will prove how he can make a tax free millionaire of his very own mother in just 10 simple steps. He states the process is not all that ambitious because almost any individual wishing to trade on the stock market can start with only 1,000 pounds and double that low amount just 10 times through trading to become a millionaire. His process of making millions involves not only actual trading but seeking out stocks that are continuously propelling higher. These stocks that are propelling will even be obvious to the untrained individual trading on the stock market. He also went on to state that this process is not about the speed of how quick his mother becomes a millionaire but that the certainty of her becoming a millionaire is there. He believes that many people think that trading on the stock market is much harder than it actually is. As a result, he has set out to prove to the general public that the possibility of becoming a millionaire by trading on the stock market is there utilizing his methods. Jim Hunt will provide the undeniable proof to anyone doubting his methods on his YouTube channel as he makes his mother a tax free millionaire.

About VTA Publications

VTA Publications was established in 2012 and is the publisher of many different educational distance learning courses. Specializing in finances and economics, their mission is to provide only the best of both physical and digital information to their customers. They bring expert advice and wisdom to their customers in an easy to use format for learning.

Hippeas: The Healthier Snack with a eye-catching brand world

Latest on the health snack food horizon is a treat that comes with a real millennial appeal: Hippeas. Coming in six snappy flavors, consumers are sure to rave about this latest brand that recently landed  onto the snack category.


What Makes This Chickpeas Snack Different?

With an exploding snack market and growth being driven by the health-conscious consumers, Hippeas delivers a gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lower in fat and calories, high in protein and high fiber option. Consumers really couldn’t ask for more. Organically grown, this new chickpeas snack also delivers a clean label proposition without additives, preservatives or artificial coloring. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to better for you consumer trends.


A Taste And Flavor For Every Preference

These tasty snacks come in six distinct and delicious flavors which include:

– Far Out Fajita

A fantastic fiery combo of chili, paprika and cumin puffs will leave your taste buds looking for more fire yet.

– Sriracha Sunrise

Smacks of all the tangy-sweet and spicy jalapeno goodness that comes from the Good Earth–with a sprinkle of paprika to make it even spicier.

– Vegan White Cheddar

Without sacrificing any of the comforting cheesy taste, this treat is for those adhering to a vegan mind-set.

– Maple Haze

Enjoy the syrupy sweet flavor of country living with this savoury Hippeas creation.

– Pepper Power

Seasoned with real organic sea salt and cracked black pepper, this puff snack will be a favorite of yours and your family.

– Happenin’ Hickory

Don’t leave this one out from your next barbecue! You’ll be tasting the sweet tomato, onion, garlic and smoking hickory flavors until the next day.


A New Bold Face With A New Focus

Putting on a brand new face in snack food entries, Hippeas has an attractive and incusitive look to its packaging. A bright yellowish-orange face on the front of the package is sure to make a bold statement as it stands out on a store’s shelf..

Having been geared towards a  Millennial-oriented market, Hippeas founder Livio Bisterzo proudly points out that this is a purpose-driven company. Partnering with Farm Africa in a joint initiative, “Food For Good,” Bisterzo says that the firm gives back to society by supporting chickpeas farmers in eastern Africa.


A Class-Act Marketing Distributorship

Hippeas launched across over 7,500 Starbucks locations and other well-known store chains as well. “We worked really hard to create a snack for the health and socially conscious consumer,” said Bisterzo. “We also wanted to create a snack that delivers on taste.” It seems that Mr. Bisterzo is on a fast-track to successfully doing just that.


Check out Hippeas on Instagram @hippeas_snacks

Seattle Genetics the hope for Cancer Treatment Because of Clay Siegall

A scientific hub by the name Seattle Genetics is hitting high in the biotechnology industry. Following the current rise in the prevalence of cancer cases, they have been able to come up with Adcetris drug. This is a drug directed to the cure lymphomas. Due to the efforts of this company they have been lucky to host the USA’s Vice President Joe Biden and also the firm is identified as the heart for cancer research studies. The report says that more is yet to be unveiled since research is also working on other twelve drugs that will be used in the cure of several other types of cancer. Adcetris has been concentrated on the cure of myeloid leukemia cases and from its sales the organization has been able to gain about $226 million from the distributions in both USA and Canada. It has both societal and economic influence as it seeks to add more workers to the current eight hundred.

Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees

CEO Seattle Genetics

The CEO of the organization Clay Siegall is confident of major breakthroughs as seen from the success of their clinical trials. The drugs are being widely supplied, and the current stocks show an increase in the indexes showing for America, Middle East, and Africa. The CEO’s humane feeling for the care for patients is seen as his driving force to building the scientific laboratory. Through Siegall’s help, great treaties have been signed and developed technologies put in place to propel the science work.

Siegall is not just a mere business man but a professional scientist with a Bachelor degree in Zoology and Ph.D. in Genetics. Practicing his work has given a lot experience and he has also led several boards of directors namely; Ultragenyx, Mirna and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. The experience he acquired from the management of these bodies has enabled him to run his own Seattle Genetics for the last eighteen years. Hailed is his name for great awards, Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and Alumnus of the Year for Computer Math and Natural Sciences. Thanks to his efforts.


White Shark Media Is A Reputable PPC Management Firm

PPC stands for pay per click advertising and it is a quick way to generate traffic to a website or sales page. Many companies use this proven method of advertising to reach a wide audience and increase their sales and revenues.

PPC advertising campaign can be set up easily and quickly once you know how to do it. That’s where White Shark comes in – to help you start advertising efficiently and effectively through quality PPC campaign management.

According to TopSEOS, White Shark Media has experienced PPC campaign management professionals who will will review your account and provide high quality advice and guidance. They will answer any questions you may have and even provide you with free Adwords PPC evaluation.

If you are currently using pay per click advertising for your marketing and promotions, these professionals can show you step by step, how to boost your ROI, and revenue. They have been in the industry for many years and they fully understand what it takes to run a profitable campaign.

It doesn’t matter if you have not set up a PPC account before or have been running campaigns for many years, you will absolutely learn expert techniques and industry secrets and tips from these campaign management experts.

You will acquire valuable knowledge and receive new insights to help provide the guidance you need to succeed. Search engines change often, and the team at White Shark Media is ready to navigate every turn. They can handle your entire ad campaign management for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Top notch pay-per-click advertising management can mean the difference between success and failure. When you work with a great team of advertising specialists, they can save you a huge amount of money, while helping to take your business to the level of success you desire. Their findings and recommendations will help you experience tremendous success and business growth, which means increased revenue or profits.

They also start with getting their client’s account spending more efficiently prior to exploring opportunities for further growth.

Request your free Adwords evaluation and PPC Account Audit. Simply go to their website and schedule a consultation with their Adwords PPC specialist. Many businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, have utilized the services of White Shark Media and its team of dedicated professionals, to reach their goals and grow their business.

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Sanjay Shah Has a Heart of Gold

There is one thing that is especially true when it comes to life: no matter who the person is or where they come from, they can face the same things that everyday people do. Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha know all about that, as they have an autistic son. This is something that a lot of people all across the world deal with. In the case of Sanjay Shah, an entrepreneur, he is able to do something about it and help everyone. It shows that are not a whole lot of differences between people. People share the same situations and the same health issues.

It works two-fold, as it helps his son, and it also helps others that are dealing with a son or daughter that has autism. That is why him and his wife are so passionate about Autism Rocks and they put so much effort, time, and money into it. They know this event can raise the proper awareness and it can also help with donations that look into what exactly can be done to help with autism. Shah is someone that has done a lot of research into medicine, as he used to study it himself.

Just like his wife, they are looking for answers and they are looking to help others. The event features a ton of family friendly events that are sure to entertain everyone and anyone. At this year’s event, they are going to have rappers Tyga and Flo Rida perform. Celebrities in addition to someone like Sanjay Shah from Solo Capital Partners can make a real difference. He had a passion for starting something that was all his own after working for banks and that is how this brokerage firm came to life. He could not be more proud of what he has accomplished and how the company has grown.

It puts him in a spot like this where he can help families that have a child with autism. It is a day where people can relax, have fun, enjoy themselves and also do something positive for the future of autism. Sanjay Shah is a solutions kind of guy as is his wife. They work very well together and when they put their minds to something like Autism Rocks, which started in 2014, they can accomplish some truly magical things. When others do their part as well, it only helps the cause and gets the word out there.

Statistics Showing Increase In Crop And Pasture Land In Northwest And California

According to a recent survey and report by the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, agriculture land values have appreciated this year in the Northwest and California area. Evidence shows that there is an extremely tight regional supply of available land despite the fact that low commodity prices are bringing down the value of land in other areas.
The average value of land has decreased by $40 from last year. According to the report, the value of cropland this year is $4,090. In Idaho, the average cropland value increased by $100. It was a 3.1 percent increase to $3,300. In California, the average cropland price rose to $10,910 per acre. The new figure represented a 2.1 percent increase. Other regions that recorded a higher percentage increase in farmland value are Oregon and Washington. Oregon was up by 5 percent, while Washington rose by 4.9 percent. Their cropland value was $2,730 and $2,760 respectively.
The increase in cropland value was also consistent with the pasture values. Nationally, the average pasture value is $1,330 per acre. In Idaho, the pasture value is up by 4 percent, at $1,300 per acre. California recorded an increase by 3 percent as the pasture value was $2,700 per acre. The price per acre in Oregon and Washington increased by 3 percent and 2.4 percent in the two regions.
Ben Eborn, an economist at the University of Idaho Extension, said that the high commodity prices that inflated the market caused the first dip in national land values. The buyers were paying higher prices than they could generate from their land. Eborn predicted that the land values would probably go down in the coming years. Idaho farms did not inflate values at the rate that Midwestern farms did. Eborn said that many investors were leasing the land back to the growers who owned them before.
The Senior Vice President for Western Idaho, Doug Robson, stated that the employer’s internal data proved that the land values in the region have strengthened over the years. He attributed this to the state’s ability to attract investors, who could not find better alternatives to farm land. Doug anticipates that Idaho’s core growing areas will remain stable in the coming years.

Why You Need Quality Legal Representation, And How To Get It

Legal representation is important in any legal crisis. It’s always important to make sure that the representation for your case is of high quality. Remember, the lawyer that you choose is responsible for protecting your assets, or even your freedom. It is crucial to ensure that the lawyer you choose specializes in the particular legal dilemma you are up against.

Ricardo Tosto is famous throughout Brazil for his exceptional status as a lawyer. Many people would even go as far as to say that he is the best lawyer in the country. His image in the courtroom makes a very strong impression on both judges and juries. He has more than 25 years of experience in the courtroom, and numerous cases have been won by him over the years.

He has represented both individuals and corporations located in Brazil. He’s even worked on cases that involved governmental issues. While he primarily practices law in Brazil, he has worked on cases involving international law.

Ricardo Tosto works with many different types of civil cases. He works with issues of credit and bankruptcy, which can apply to both individuals and corporations. He also has a lot of experience with matters that pertain exclusively to corporations. He works on cases of corporate re-organization, administrative law, banking law, and business restructuring. If you have a legal problem that involves another country, Ricardo Tosto may still be able to help you out. His expertise with international law can help you with a wide range of legal problems abroad.

Even if you don’t have access to Ricardo Tosto’s representation, Brazil is a country with many great lawyers. However, prior to hiring any of them, it is crucial to do your research. Make sure that any lawyer you consider gives accurate information on their credentials. Always check on the experiences that other people have had with them. Compare all the lawyers that are available to you and suit your needs. Also, try to find lawyers that are members of various legal organizations. It’s important that you do your research well, given the seriousness of issues that can arise with the legal system.