From Market Provider to #58, OSI Group Grows Internationally

When thinking of the largest privately held companies in the United States, many big names may come to your mind. You may be fervently monitoring gains in your Fidelity investment portfolio through the screen of a Dell computer. Would eating a Mars candy bar from Wegmans sweeten the deal? Or what about a hamburger? In 1955, Otto Kolschowsky, who in 1909 began his business as a butcher, made the sweet deal to be a provider for a small but ambitious hamburger restaurant located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Ray Kroc’s fast food chain quickly flourished and the Kolschowsky business eventually became an exclusive provider to McDonald’s for meat products. Otto Kolschowsky probably did not conceive in 1928, when he and his family founded Otto & Sons, that his business would be the 58th largest privately held company within the United States in 2016.

Today OSI Group, located in Aurora, Illinois, provides a variety of product lines to an increasingly international client base. At the behest of Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, the company has moved away from its McDonald’s-centric business model.

“Expanding and diversifying the business was probably the single most exciting part,” said Lavin of moving into European and Southeast Asian markets.

He attributes much of the success of OSI Group to a family-oriented culture, workforce longevity and diversified offerings. In 1970, then employed at a bank, Lavin extended financing to Otto & Sons to open the firms first meat processing plant. When father Otto decided to retire, Lavin became a business partner with his two sons. During the 1970’s Lavin spearheaded investments in South America and Taiwan, and gained half of the controlling interest in the company.

Sheldon Lavin, 81, is also a trustee for Ronald McDonald House, a board member of Rush University Medical Center, and heads a number of notable charities such as The Sheba Foundation. Today, he owns 100% of the controlling interest in the company.

With over 20,000 employees and more than 60 processing plants, OSI Group has moved far from its humble beginnings in a single butchers shop. In August of 2016, OSI Group finalized their acquisition of Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods based in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany. With five subsidiaries located throughout Germany and the Netherlands, Baho Food expands the group further into new markets in over 18 countries. In 2016, the company saw revenues in excess of $6 billion, bringing evidence to the success of OSI Group’s “World of Food Solutions” motto.

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How Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Is Taking the Medicine World by Storm

Several personalities have earned the title of trailblazer due to their numerous contributions in various professional fields. In the field of medicine, Maggie Gill is considered a trailblazer due to her valuable input at Memorial Health. An in-depth analysis into her professional life reveals more than what meets the eye. Maggie Gill serves as the CEO and President of Memorial Health. The medical institution specializes in providing treatment for trauma, cancer care, high-risk obstetrics, neonatology and rehabilitation.

Work Experience

Before holding such an influential post, Maggie Gill served as Vice President of Finance in the company in 2004. Afterward, she earned a promotion and held the post of Chief Operating Officer. Such key posts are a testament to her proficiency and expertise in medicine. Furthermore, her career has skyrocketed since joining the enterprise. As a key figure within the institution, Gill provides insightful leadership to her peers and stake holders. Professionals such as physicians, auditors and neuroscientists have lauded her professionalism and work ethic.

Educational Background

Miss Gill holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and an MBA from Saint Leo University. Alternatively, she also enrolled for strategic thinking and management classes at Wharton School. Such an impressive resume` speaks volumes about her knowledge and experience in the field.

On a professional level, Maggie Gill has gained international recognition at the 135 Nonprofit Hospital & Health System CEOs Forum. As an inductee, Gill joins an elite team of prominent professionals that have made remarkable contributions in healthcare. Furthermore, she intends to collaborate with fellow inductees and make positive changes in the medical sector. Experts such as Richard Afable and Anthony Armada are expected to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with the elite group.

Maggie’s Role in Memorial’s Partnership with Eon Health

As CEO, Maggie Gill has played a crucial role in forming formidable partnerships with various stakeholders. For instance, she engineered the partnership with Eon Health on the provision of a new Medicare Advantage Plan. Through the collaboration, the duo plans to scrap dollar premiums and increase pharmacy benefits. The program is slated to commence services on January 1, 2017. Beneficiaries are expected to receive numerous perks such as:
• Transportation benefits
• Reduced costs for medical consultations
• Provision of hearing aids
• Comprehensive benefits on dental care
The partnership aims at promoting access to high-quality medical care and healthy lifestyles. Moreover, Eon’s CEO, Dr. Austin Ifedirah, has reiterated the firm’s commitment to solving the medical disorders experienced by invalids. Not only is it their professional obligational obligation, but also a humanitarian source of concern.

Brown Modeling Agency Builds on Local Texas Talent

People that live in Texas are not the only ones that can get a job through the Brown Modeling agency, but they certainly have a great advantage over many other aspiring models. They are right there in the same state where this company is located. Many people that are interested in modeling may be looking for any opportunity to get with a reputable agency, but in Texas the aspiring Texan models don’t have to look very far.

The great thing about the Brown Modeling Agency is the way that this company does business. There are modeling opportunities available for all of those that are interested in commercials opportunities, but there are also fashion and theatrical jobs available as well. There are thousands of companies that are going to be looking for talent, and the Brown Modeling Agency provides what people need to get themselves in the path of the right people.

It can be very hard to have to build a career in modeling if you do not have the connections with the legitimate agencies that can help you finalize your deals. This is where Brown Modeling Agency helps people make a successful transition. There are people that are going to benefit from working with a company that has been around for several years. This is an organization that has managed to provide models with opportunities to work in fashion shows. This is where the bulk of the work comes from, but this is not the only thing that these models are good at doing. There are also a number of chances for people from the Brown Modeling Agency to work in commercials. Major companies like Toyota are always looking for models to help this company sell cars. Others may be interested in getting models that work in fashion shows.

The Brown Modeling Agency has a growing roster, and this can be a good thing for all the companies that are in constant search of talent. The thing that models have to realize is that they will never be working with one company repetitively when they start getting into the modeling business. Models need to be with an established agency that has many opportunities available. This is the only way that a model can bring in a study stream of income. This is the reason that so many companies chose the Brown Modeling Agency to building up their portfolios.

Brown has managed to secure a lot of work for people that are serious about this business. The aspiring model that has a portfolio together may have a plethora of opportunities when they get connected to the agents within the Brown Modeling Agency. Texans appreciate the opportunity to work for Brown.

Relmada Lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company

Relmada is a company that concentrates on the manufacturing of medicines for chronic pain. Recently, the company stated that is planning to make an amendment on a lawsuit they filed made against Laidlaw and Company Ltd. The amendment was to add to some charges filed before in the in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada. Relmada claims that Laidlaw disclosed the company’s confidential information, which can negatively impact the company reputation to the investors. Another issue is Relmada is suing for damages caused by the company by Laidlaw by the fees and the costs the company incurred after the company misled them.

Remalda board of directors sat and decided that Laidlaw should compensate for the damages they have caused to the company as a form of punishment to ensure that Laidlaw doesn’t do the same thing to another company in the future. Remalda board of directors claims that they have taken action because they are trying to keep protecting the company and the interest of stakeholders as much as possible.

In December 2015, a temporary restraining order was issued against Laidlaw principles, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern following their misleading proxy materials. The case was then amended on January 2016.

Laidlaw is a 170-year-old company that has been concentrating on the independent and investment banking needs for both domestic and international companies, corporations, private investors, and institutions. The company’s goal is to provide exclusive services to both emerging and existing companies. The company is headed by Matthew D. Eitner who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and James P. Ahern who is the Managing partner and the head of Capital Markets. Both of the parties were involved in the lawsuit filed by Relmada. Although the company has been facing the charges, it has built an excellent reputation for the 170 years it has been in operation.

Handy Makes Home Cleaning a Snap is a new app that everyone should know about. You just download it to your iPhone, Android or Windows device and whenever you need to hire a maid, small job repairman, plumber or even furniture assembly helper; just open the app and request their services. Handy makes ordering help around the home, (or office), as simple as ordering delivery from your local Chinese restaurant or pizza joint.

In addition, the workers are paid well. They set their own rates and work as independent contractors. There’s no need to worry about whether or not they’re getting fair pay or whether they’re working under fair conditions. They choose their own conditions and work only the schedules they choose. This way if they want to work part time so they can attend school, work another job or stay home with their kids, they have the ability to do that. It’s a win/win situation for both you and them.

Handy’s furniture assembly service is a new addition to the app and a new invention when it comes to business models. Basically, the customer can choose from several furniture items for sale on the app. Once they’ve chosen their item, they can request the help of a local a furniture assembly professional to deliver the furniture that very day and assemble it for them on the spot. This is definitely an idea whose time has come. There are so many times when a service like furniture assembly comes in handy for college students, young professionals or people establishing new offices alike.

Because of the innovative Handy business model the founding entrepreneurs Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan have been able to secure funding to expand their business in over 28 new cities. They’re business is even represented in both the UK and Canada!


How sharp sports bettors earn on the NCAA

In his seminal book Getting the Best of It, sports bettor, poker player and gambling theorist David Sklansky expounds the fundamental principles which allow a player to flip the odds in his favor and become a long term winner. At the most basic level, a player needs to have a mathematical edge with a positive expectation over the house. This simply means that if a player bets a dollar he will expect to get that dollar back and an additional return on top of it. If a player bets one dollar and expects to win $1.10 then he has a 10% edge on that wager.

Sharp sports bettors gain an edge by identifying mispriced lines. In the case of point spreads, a sharp player may estimate the underdog is a 10 point loser when the book makers only have him listed at -5. The pro sports bettor could then place a bet on the favorite and expect to win that bet considerably more that 50% of the time. This would generate a positive expected value or “positive EV” for short. If he can find many positive EV bets every day he can then place large sums of money on these short term investments with quite good rates of return. These mini investments may have expected returns of between 1% and 10%, not bad when savings accounts are paying less than that per year. But here’s the kicker: the sports sharp is making those returns per day. He can get his money out of most of these investments at the end of the day. His money thus compounds daily. A sports bettor with an aggregate edge of just 2% who lets his money on daily bets compound for one year with have annual returns of 13,770%!

NCAA basketball is a good place to start
If you’re new to sports betting, the NCAA is perhaps the best sport to start on. One reason is its sheer popularity. There are 371 teams in Division I alone. Games are frequently played multiple times a week, unlike football. On top of that, NCAA basketball has perhaps the most avid fan base of any sport on earth. This is very important from the perspective of a sports bettor because it means lots of irrational betting based on emotion. A great beginner’s resource for learning the ins and outs of college basketball odds is

Founded in 1995 by sports betting legend Teddy Covers, is the best source on the internet for spreads, odds and industry news. Its round-the-clock staff has decades of experience and provides some of the sharpest sports insight you’ll find anywhere. They also maintain an updated ranking of all the best sports books. If you’re looking for an all-in-one resource to jump start your sports betting career, look no further than

Of all the forms of professional gambling, sports betting has produced the highest number of huge lifetime winners. Teddy Covers, Billy Walters and Lefty Rosenthal are the name of just a few bettors who have made hundreds of millions of dollars doing nothing but betting sports. There’s no better time to get into this lucrative industry. Head on over to and start your sports betting journey today!

Why Don Ressler is so Successful in Business

Running your own business takes a lot of dedication and faith. Working in a regular job is easier because it provides a stable source of income and benefits on Instagram. However, there are a lot of things about a normal job that some people do not like. Some people simply do not like working for others. If you want to take your life to a new level, you should follow the example of Don Ressler. He has done a great job in the world of business, and he is working to make his companies the best in the world. As the founder and CEO of JustFab, Ressler has a track record of success in getting things done.

Don Ressler

Working in any industry is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of people who are worried about the future in business. With all of the new technology and competition in the market place, business owners have to be able to adapt quickly to a changing market. There are a lot of companies that are stuck in the past with the way they used to do business. If you want to invest in your future, there are a variety of ways to do so with your business. Don Ressler has done just that, and that is why he is financially free to do what he wants today.


There are few companies that work right out of the gate. However, JustFab has done a great job of taking things to a new level quickly. If you want to build a great business, you have to have a plan going in. Don Ressler had a detailed plan to get him to where he wanted to go. If you are someone who is doing a lot of good in the world with your business, never be shy about expanding it.

Final Thoughts

Don Ressler is a successful business owner who has done a lot in the local community. If you want to build a great business, he is a great example to follow. Although he has had a lot of success, he has also worked really hard to get there. As a business owner, you have to be able to take a risk and make things work within your financial constraints. At the end of the day, running a business is a lot of work.

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The Gold Standard in New Zealand Tax Law

For many reasons, the over quarter century-old foreign trust industry in New Zealand has recently come under increased attention and scrutiny from the public eye.


From time to time it’s normal for this rather mundane business field to re-enter the public eye, because everyone wants fairness and transparency in business.


Greeting this scrutiny head-on are the leaders of the New Zealand foreign trust legal tax landscape– Cone Marshall, the top in the industry for New Zealand.


Tops In International Tax Law: Cone Marshall


Having previously worked in London for 10 years in commercial litigation, Karen Marshall of Cone Marshall has a wealth of experience managing trusts, and has been a principal at Cone Marshall since 2006.


No doubt, Geoffrey Cone of Cone Marshall is a role model for lawyers in New Zealand. Mr. Cone brings over 35 years of experience practicing law, and has been working with Cone Marshall for over 16 years.


Cone Marshall is truly the leading advocate for transparency on this issue, and practices a philosophy of education and integrity with their clients.


The Gold Standard in Tax Transparency


New Zealand is a gold-standard example for tax transparency in the developed world, and no method of incorporation or storing wealth in New Zealand renders one immune from paying taxes.


Contrary to what many outlets may have implied, it’s not illegal for a New Zealander to own a foreign trust.


Learned Kiwi news outlets will be obligated to remind audiences that New Zealand was barely mentioned as a footnote in the media blow-ups in 2016 in foreign trust tax law, and this is not at all something bad; really just a side-effect of being at the heart of the global economy.


Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, informs us that the tax policy in New Zealand has worked well for years.


“There have been no issues because that was why we changed the way we tax a foreign trust in New Zealand. That well and truly pre-dates me, it has nothing to do with me.”


Many people out there remain skeptical of foreign trusts in New Zealand, and argue that they have no purpose outside tax tricks.


But like other corporations or ways to store wealth, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting a desired result. Abolishing one form of wealth storage will only make it more difficult to do business in New Zealand. It’s more important to find the real issues people are upset about with the tax code, and address those directly.


In the end, we all just want everyone to pay their fair share. Aside from that, New Zealand is still a great competitor against the likes of the UK and USA on being a place that is easy to conduct business in a transparent and ethical way.

Choosing A Renowned PPC Management Firm

Are you seeking a reputable firm to guide you with your Adwords or PPC promotions? Pondering on why so many individuals choose White Shark Media for their pay per click promotion and marketing projects?


Implementing a search engine advertising and marketing or ppc venture is a significant element of your business, and it’s not something to be designated to an amateur or ineffective professional. You would like to ensure you are working with a respectable firm with a team of highly experienced professionals. That’s where White Shark Media comes in.


PPC Management, or Pay Per Click Management, is an essential aspect of any marketing or promotional effort both for the exposure to your potential customers and the critical audience intelligence a top notch PPC management campaign provides.


White Shark Media is among the most reputable and reliable Digital Marketing Companies that render online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Their advertising and marketing services help businesses and organizations take the guesswork out of PPC advertising so you get achieve a significant return on your investment.


PPC ad campaign management requires strategic skill and meticulous setup overseen by highly trained PPC managers. From keyword research to technique to A/B split testing, their highly qualified Pay Per Click management services consistently enhance your project.


White Shark Media has a track record of taking whatever step is required, to be sure the client is happy with the resolution. Once they receive a complaint, they don’t leave it or delay. White Shark Media addresses complaints efficiently and appropriately and makes certain that the client is really delighted with the resolution. They reply to the phone calls, emails, letters, and blog posts on time, no matter how outrageous it is.


PPC management is an ongoing program focusing on optimizing campaigns and managing the effectiveness of media, bids and budget. Their pay per click advertising services are based upon the needs of each client. They provide detailed analysis, the use of their campaign management tools, and expert tuning and optimization resources. When you enlist the services of White Shark Media, your dedicated PPC account specialist will provide recommendations on a strategic and technical level.


Combining best practices with competitive management costs, White Shark Media delivers local, global and national Pay Per Click ad campaigns that make their clients’ businesses grow. Have a look at their website and get in touch with their staff to discuss your project.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

Trump Victory Prompts Action From George Soros

Throughout the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign it was often difficult to know who Republican candidate Donald Trump was fighting despite Hillary Clinton being named the nominee for the Democratic Party. The name George Soros often came up in the speeches of Donald Trump for the role he played in providing funding for the campaign of Clinton, but much of the rhetoric used by the eventual winner of the election worried Soros into adding more funds to those he had already given to Clinton and other Democratic candidates across the U.S.

George Soros through his political adviser, Michael Vachon, has already discussed the reasons why he felt so strongly about the need to defeat Trump and his associates during the Presidential election campaign; George Soros has been a major supporter of human rights around the world after establishing his own Open Society Foundations to battle Apartheid in South Africa during the 1980s. This dedication to political and social reform has remained a constant with Soros now seeing his group restricted in its operations across Russia because of the pro democracy stance the Open Society Foundations takes towards every country in the world.

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In recent months George Soros has provided a large amount of funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton to become the first female President of the United States. Records show George Soros donated around $25 million to the Clinton campaign in its various forms, including $9 million in donations to two Super PAC’s supporting Clinton and other Democratic candidates, the Priorities USA group and the American Bridge 21st Century Super PAC. 2016 has seen Soros return to activity in a range of areas, including his return to active trading with his own hedge fund and a greater level of interest in the European political situation. In fact, Soros refused an invitation to the Democratic National Convention to see Clinton receive the party’s nomination as he wished to monitor the situation in Europe regarding refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria.

The victory of Donald Trump has given George Soros reason to reflect on the role he plays in U.S. politics that will begin to be addressed at the three day meeting of donors for the Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C. The meeting was called before the election had taken place and has now taken on more significance than ever before as the group of Democrat donors will discuss their role in the future of the party. A late addition to the Democracy Alliance schedule, George Soros will provide his knowledge as political minds from the left leaning side of U.S. politics come together to form plans for the future of the party; the decision to attend the meeting shows George Soros is looking to oppose the plans for Trump’s first 100 days in office and his extended plans for his time in the White House.