Modernizing the Finance Industry

Equities First Holdings is a well-known company that specializes in a product developed to professionally supply cash at appealing terms through a secure and transparent process. They deal with problems in the market in terms of stock loans and capital. They have a well-developed money cycle and a guaranteed security system to ensure your money is in safe hands. Equities First Holding specializes in offering efficient answers to companies and well-off individuals seeking non-purpose capital.

Since it was founded, the business has transacted more than six hundred deals and the future looks bright. Equities First Holdings prides itself on providing their customers with economically sound financial terms and lower rates. This results to a better deal than the previous available means.Equities First Holding is a worldwide company and has its offices in all continents. notable offices are in Indiana and London. They are professionals who deliver every kind of financial arrangements depending with the borrower. They offer loans according to the risk associated with the business. High-risk businesses leads to high-value loans.

The company was started in early 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana United States with a satellite office in New York City. With the drive of the innovators and wide acceptance in the industry, the company grew rapidly and expanded at an astonishing rate. It has now provided employment to more than two thousand people all over the world. It provides an alternative that is different from the ones that were previously available.The company’s stock loan uses impartiality as loan guarantee for an unchanging period, typically a term of three years. A borrower may choose to enter into a transaction with Equities First if he has stock in Company A and believes the stock will grow in value in the upcoming years. Instead of paying his position in Company A, the borrower transfers the shares as insurance to Equities First and receives the loan proceeds.

One of the most important features of their stock loan is security for the borrower. If Company A’s stock values drop during the loan term, the borrower retains hundred percent of the market value at development. The investors receive more attractive positions including lower interest rates than that offered by other financing vehicles. This company was able in a short time to accomplish its goals and have a remarkable reputation in the market.

Martin Lustgarten Manages Quite A Few International Investments

International investment is a specialty for Martin Lustgarten, and he has created a lovely company near his home in Florida that provides customers with all the service they may ever need. This article gives a brief look at his investment career, and it discusses his parentage which influences how he views the world. Martin is one of the finest in his field, and he proves that through results he garners every day.

#1: Martin Knows What Results Look Like

There are quite a few people who wish to invest on a new level, and they hire Martin because they know of his reputation in the industry. He will take over a customer portfolio knowing it must be adjusted, and he will place quite a lot of emphasis on making new arrangements for the customer’s accounts. Accounts may be changed to differing investments, and the end result is more money coming in.

#2: Martin Understands International Business

Martin has roots in Europe and South America, and he is a well-traveled man who understands how easy it is to move from one market to the next. He makes changes to his customer accounts based on his assessment what is happening in the world at any one time. He knows the world economy will shift without warning, and keeping his customers in commodities, bonds and other investments ensures they will save money as the world economy shifts. He is checking the world economy daily, and he knows when a change must be made.

#3: Who Must Use Martin’s Services?

Anyone who values their investment must consider how simple it is to change brokers. Moving to Martin and his company is a simple task indeed, and it provides every new customer with a fresh ray of light to invest. Martin helps customers find what they need, and he sends them on them reports on his progress every month.

The investor who saves money with Martin Lustgarten will have quite a lot left when they begin their retirement, a new business or a new venture. His investment services are the best in the industry as shown by his results.

Thor Halvorrsen: President of the Human Rights Foundation

The concept of human rights can be a little difficult to define. Many people think that they are rights that the government gives to people. But if that definition were correct, there could be no real objection to any governmental policy that persecutes a particular demographic. Human rights are something intrinsic to a human being. In the United States Constitution, it is stated that everybody have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen fights against human rights violations that are both domestic and abroad. The Human Rights Foundation defends several basic rights across the world.

The Arrest of Kimberly Motley

Kimberly Motley can testify to the corruption of government. She was arrested as a political prisoner without explanation and interrogated for hours. After being released, she then faced mandatory deportation or arrest (lest she refuse to comply). A corrupt government will work to stomp out any powerful voice of criticism or opposition. This is the sort of violation that the Human Rights Foundation works against. Crimes such as this occur all over the world. Whether a journalist, a lawyer, a judge, or anybody who can deter the interests of the government will be targeted.

Violations of Freedom of Speech

The case of Kimberly Motley is very closely related with the issue of freedom of speech. Citizens of the United States enjoy that benefit, and it is almost unthinkable that people would not be able to say what is on their mind. But a tyrannical regime will oppose freedom of speech for several reasons. First, if the people are rationally discussing politics, they could eventually come to conclusions that the government finds unsavory. Second, a voice of dissidence could overthrow government support from the people. Therefore, governments will disallow freedom of speech and persecute any and all offenders. This has happened many times throughout history.

Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation work to defend freedom of speech. They labor to see political prisoners who are arrested for the non-crime of speaking their mind to be released.


White Shark Media Can Build Better AdWords Campaigns Than Most Other Companies

When you use Google AdWords, you need to employ the best strategies for your campaigns because if you don’t, you may end up overbidding on keywords or paying for clicks that don’t generate sales leads. SEM like SEO entails a good use of keywords, but because of the bidding factors and the higher cost than SEO it can be a little trickier to manage. That’s why it pays to hire a digital media agency that knows how to use AdWords to help manage your campaigns and advise you on the best strategies to employ. White Shark Media is certified by Google’s SMB partner network, and has a good track record of managing AdWords campaigns.


White Shark Media has specialists that know what it takes to make AdWords campaigns stand out, and how to maximize your keywords to the fullest. Not only can they manage pay-per-click ads and call tracking, they also have a triton website feature included if you want go get even more out of your marketing. Also, White Shark Media has taken steps to improve their communication channels and keep customers involved at all phases of AdWords campaign changes.


White Shark Media addressed one complaint about customers losing track of their AdWords campaigns by setting up a monthly review meetings that give you an in-depth look at every campaign and how it’s performing. White Shark Media also has a contact person that you can call at any time if you have questions or concerns about your campaigns. If you want to know more about White Shark Media before you hire them, you may be interested in their evaluation.


White Shark Media’s evaluations are where they explain what they would do to change your current AdWords campaigns to get a better return on investment. They schedule a time to meet with you on and then share screens where they take a look at your current campaigns. They do not actually change anything in your existing AdWords account during the evaluation process. but just simply give you a glimpse into their knowledge and let you decide whether or not to hire them. If you don’t want to hire them, you’re free to use that knowledge and walk away.

What Everyone Should Know: Don Ressler and JustFab

The History Behind JustFab(AKA TechStyle)

The company known as JustFab has some amazing history behind it. The founders that were the names behind this company were Mr. Don Ressler with the help of his co-founder Mr. Goldenberg. When was this company founded? It was during March of 2010 that it came into existence. The company was able to obtain a great employee in 2011, Simmons, and they are a great match for the company as the President and also as the Creative Director for the company. Wondering what type of help this company was able to gather financially? They were able to gather a total investment of $33 million which was given to them by the Matrix Partners company during 2011.

Another way that they were helped through financial means was with a $76 million funding from four different companies. Two of the companies that helped Don Ressler with funding were Matrix Partners and also Rho Ventures. How did this large sum of money help the company out? It gave them the chance to go international with businesses now going out to places like the UK and also Germany. When did this happen? It happened during the year of 2012.

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In 2013, this brilliant company took over another company with a very close name to theirs FabKids. Was there a past dealing or any other type of link that had happened prior to all of the business dealings? No, this was just a very good business deal that would help them to expand on their operations. Wanting to know some of the famous names attached to this company? If you have ever listened to any of Avril Lavigne’s songs, then you are probably going to be thrilled to find out that she has released some collections for JustFab. Ever watched Blair Fowler and Elle on the YouTube channel? If so, then it will be good news for you to know that they also took part in releasing collections with JustFab.

Ever checked out the Style Network? If so then you probably already know that JustFab had a show on there. What would a show like this hold? Well, this was a very popular show which actually gave a detailed inside view on the workings of the JustFab company.

The Opinion of Mr. Ressler When it Comes to The Brand JustFab

There should never be a woman who doubts the clothes that she is wearing. That is the opinion of Mr. Ressler and it is a very real concern of his. Mr. Don Ressler has been very determined to tell everyone about the #FABforAll movement of the JustFab brand. He is very thrilled that the company will be offering a new world to women of all sizes and that this world will give women the confidence boost that the need and deserve. In Don Ressler’s eyes, women everywhere have the need to look good and at the same time be able to feel good when it comes down to what they are going to wear.

Find out more about Don Ressler on Forbes

Maggie Gill: The Force Behind Memorial Health

A few years ago, the board of directors in Memorial Health were looking for a professional who would become the chief executive officer and president of the organization. These officials wanted a visionary leader who was going to bring stability to the health care company. The organization had already hired three CEOs in the last four years, and they had not met their expectations.

Memorial Health wanted an executive who had expertise and skills in finance and hospital operations. The board was fortunate to have Maggie Gill, and they all voted unanimously to make her the President and CEO.

For five years, Maggie Gill has been the force behind the successful healthcare company. Memorial Health has enjoyed a lot of success under her leadership. However, Maggie has had her share of challenges. One of the greatest challenges in the organization has been the changing landscape in the industry with very many regulations and few reimbursements.

The famous Affordable Care Act has helped in bringing new ways to acquire insurance, but there are still many individuals who are not able to access adequate healthcare. According to a recent study, a large group of Georgians is still not insured. Maggie Gill believes that for a country’s health care system to advance in the current dynamic healthcare environment; then there must be a clear vision for care delivery. Maggie says that his organization must be focused on health, wellness and the prevention of diseases to survive in the harsh climate.

The commitment to improve the overall health of the community is known as population health. It’s through this campaign that patients are educated on the best ways of being responsible for their health. This is one of the ways that have proved to reduce the high cost of healthcare, and it also makes the delivery of these essential services.

At Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has introduced a team of clinicians and nurses who are known as care coordinators. These professionals are responsible for helping the individuals with chronic health issues that might put them at risk of being hospitalized. The care coordinators are supposed to educate the chronic patients and helping them manage their conditions. These individuals are also very experienced, and they help surgical parents to prepare and also recover from their surgeries. Since the introduction of this program, the company has seen significant improvements in the healthcare system.

Living a More Fulfilled Life with the Help of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a group of religious teachers who have jumped to international prominence through their links with a number of major celebrities who follow the teachings the group provides to help every person live a more fulfilled life. Rabbi Philip Berg expanded on the work of his teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag in the 1960s to bring a mainstream approach to learning about this form of ancient religious teachings that is based in the history of Judaism; despite the fact the teachings are based in the Jewish faith The Kabbalah Centre makes no effort to convert students to this religious belief system.


Students who look to The Kabbalah Centre for guidance and teachings are often drawn to the fact this group is intent on aiding the spiritual growth and increasing levels of fulfillment for its followers in a modern world that is increasingly isolating and busy. One of the aspects of life The Kabbalah Centre is determined to help each person overcome is the issue of the negative influence of the ego, which can be overcome by sharing and looking to turn the ego into a positive aspect of life. Turning off the ego and allowing sharing to take place are important aspects of Kabbalah as a stronger link to the universal wisdom around us can be created in this way.


There are many aspects of Kabbalah that can be explored with the aid of The Kabbalah Centre that are designed to provide a more positive outlook on the life we lead as individuals in the 21st century. Kabbalah teachers believe in a set of laws that govern the world around us and include the issue of reaping what we sow that requires us all to give to the world before we can be provided with the benefits and sense of fulfillment we all seek. The benefits of helping others are always explored by students at The Kabbalah Centre who believe creating an uncomfortable environment can be a good first step in opening up a spiritual dimension to life we are rarely given access to without the aid of The Kabbalah Centre teachers.

Why You Should Partner With Their PPC Management Business

Are you in search of a reputable PPC management team? Do you want to be guided by a company that has an established history of rendering outstanding services to clients? Perhaps you already are aware that White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the PPC advertising field.


It’s true – with the team at White Shark Media on your side, you can achieve tremendous growth and success in your business. The company has been in business for a long time and understand what it takes to become successful in the pay per click arena.


Pay per click advertising can drive traffic to your website right away. This advertising method has helped numerous businesses to reach their target audience and boost sales and revenue. Spend enough money, get top placement in search results, and potential customers will see your ad first. It is important to have proper guidance on how to generate a high ROI, and achieve a profitable campaign.


If Internet users are searching for the keywords on which you bid and you have placed a properly-written ad, you will certainly get clicks once your ad is activated. If you want to stay within your budget, you have to use tracking tools to determine conversions. This is absolutely essential and can help you make an informed decision about your campaign.


The fact is that, many business owners have discovered the hard way that highly effective PPC requires a smart national or local approach and perfect execution. Businesses around the globe have benefited a lot from the expert services provided by White Shark Media. This famous company has the technology, the strategies and the dedication to help you achieve high ROI and attain the level of success you desire.


As a reputable Pay Per Click management firm, White Shark Media tracks, validates and reports sales leads in real time, through an easy-to-use online dashboard. This enables their PPC specialists to optimize your ad campaigns using validated lead data instead of just basic conversion counts from the advertising platforms. Their staff of PPC management experts is familiar with every aspect of increasing performance on search engine platforms.


One more difference you will notice about White Shark Media is their dedication not just making your PPC campaigns effective, but also to ensure your successful. They comprehend the responsibilities you have to your stakeholders, and consider them their responsibilities, also.


New Zealand–A Tax Haven–Ridiculous Advises Geoffrey Cone

Much to Ado About Nothing: Geoffrey Cone, a partner in the firm, recognised on a global basis, as Cone Marshall, Ltd., wherein, he shares a partnership with Karen Marshall, recently responded to an article, provided by a media informant–more precisely, a feature article, with regard to New Zealand foreign trusts. The statement was made that New Zealand is a tax haven. Cone correctly advises that the statement is less than precise. The following article provides his argument.

Mr. Cone, advises, correctly, that New Zealand is not a tax haven. He assures his reading audience that the OECD maintains a list of tax havens, and quite frankly, New Zealand has never made the list. The key elements, associative with a tax haven include: 1) such an entity imposes no taxes, 2) there is relatively-speaking, no transparency—whatsoever, and 3) regulations and procedures, greatly inhibit national exchange of data. With regard to the preceding three elements, there is no grounding that New Zealand is a tax haven. Too: the country has no banking house, which is inconspicuous.

The best reason, according to Cone, that New Zealand is not a tax haven is the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. This agreement is supportive with respect to globalized exchange of tax information. New Zealand was one of the first nations, placed on OECD’s list, with regard to its implementation of the global agreed standard, as to tax.

New Zealand, has time-and-time again, shown leadership, with regard to tax transparency. Its administration of foreign trusts, and its regulations speak volumes.

Michael Cullen, in 2006, implemented new regulations, with regard to taxation. The New Zealand residential trustee, of a foreign trust, is now required to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607), to the IRD. He or she is required, too, to maintain spotless records—relative to purposes of tax. The records must be maintained in English and include the trust deed, settlement details, distributions—inclusive of the recipient’s name and address, the trust’s assets and liabilities; and money, the trustee receives, as well as expenditures.

When the trust exists, as a business entity, information must be maintained, with respect to the accounting system and its chart of accounts. The preceding records are to be maintained within New Zealand. Further, the regulations were enhanced, in 2011, by way of the enactment of the World Standard Money Laundering legislation.

The majority of nations, according to Cone, require the settlor to report settlement of funds to their respective revenue authorities. Reporting, as described, provides the revenue authorities, enough data, in order to request information—with regard to tax.

New Zealand possesses thirty-nine double tax agreements. Such an agreement is designed to reduce tax with regard to cross-border trade and investments. The preceding agreement is devised, in order to prevent an individual from practising avoidance of taxation.

Additionally, New Zealand possesses over twenty tax information exchange agreements. The agreements are made between the island nation and that of other countries. The agreements represent a limited form of double tax agreements. The agreement makes it possible to keep an individual from avoiding taxation.

Too: New Zealand has signed up to a Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. All of the preceding actions are not representative of a nation—considered a tax haven.

Cone mentions that the majority of Foreign Trusts are used in the way of asset protection. The preceding is the case in New Zealand. In other words, a foreign trust is not used for the purpose of tax planning. He further adds that the reason New Zealand has realised an increase in foreign trusts, in recent years, is due to the fact that New Zealand is considered a safe and reliable place, wherein, an individual may feel confident in placing his or her assets.

Some of the credit, with respect to New Zealand’s tax transparency, goes to its regulatory atmosphere. Another component, of its transparency, belongs to the high standards of its tax practitioners—those being, the accountants and lawyers of New Zealand. Many of these individuals belong to the global Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, which goes by the acronym of STEP.

These professionals work in cooperation with other lawyers and accountants, in other countries, wherein, their clients reside. The fine reputation of New Zealand’s trust lawyers and accountants, who operate foreign trusts, bodes well for the island nation. The service providers, further, enhance New Zealand’s exceptional reputation, within the OECD and among other global taxation authorities.  Learn more about Cone Marshall:…/CONE%20Geoffrey%20-%20CV.pdf

Geoffrey makes a point of explaining that New Zealand does not compete with nations considered tax havens. Rather, New Zealand’s competition is with national entities such as the United States and Britain. Each of these preceding entities have very transparent tax systems. Additionally, the United States and Britain apply very similar principles, with regard to taxation—applicable to foreign trusts.

Geoffrey Cone concludes that any issues, regarding the use of foreign trusts are best directed in the regulation of trust companies—in assuring such entities meet the high standards, mentioned above. This is a much better approach than listening to certain individuals who are less than knowledgeable about matters of foreign trusts.

Cone Marshall, Ltd. – Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall, a partner, at the law firm of Cone Marshall Ltd., graduated from the University of Otago, in New Zealand, with an LLB. Karen resided in London for a ten-year period, prior to her working within a large metropolitan law firm—wherein she practised within the Commercial Litigation Department. Her tenure, with Cone Marshall began in 2005. She has been its principal since April 2006.

Karen has acted in the advisory role with respect to 2 statutory trustee companies. Her expertise was used in way of advising, with regard to issues, involving that of trustee’s liability, the trustee’s associative powers in entering into compromises, and in the way of providing security to third persons, with special emphasis placed on liabilities to that of borrowing for investment opportunities within Lloyds’ syndicates.

Ms. Marshall, has been instrumental, in the advisement of the Trustees of not-for-profit organizations, in the form of charitable trusts, as well as acting in an advisory capacity to trustees, as it pertained to those individuals’ official legal positions. Karen has general experience, in managing trusts.

She responds to requests from settlors, and provides data when a trustee is in the form of a company. She drafts trust documents, provides trust deed precedents for her clientele, as well as other significant activities, as it applies to the trust transaction. Her knowledge and experience includes acting as the Director of a trust organization in the role of that organization’s trustee.

Cone Marshall, Ltd. – Geoffrey Cone

Whos Who Legal says that Geoffrey Cone is the co-founder of the law firm — Cone Marshall. Geoffrey is described as a tax lawyer. He has practised law at other prestigious law firms, prior to establishing his own law practise. He has an enduring reputation of providing advisory services as it pertains to tax, as well as trust management.

Cone Marshall, Ltd. – Notes:

The Cone Marshall firm is dedicated to working with international families together with their advisors in order to assist them in establishing a New Zealand Trust. The company has also taken on the responsibility to offer advisory services pertinent to international tax.

Martin Lustgarten Runs Boutique Investment Banking Firm

Investment banking is one of the more significant branches in the field of finance. This is the branch that deals with assisting a number of companies increase and manage their capital. The many investment banking firms help companies merge together to acquire additional resources, they help issue new stock and get additional capital for a company’s operations. There are a number of departments that help facilitate these mergers. Firms have corporate finance that puts together proposals as well as completing deals. There is also the trading department that manages the clients’ capital and also research that helps with gathering key information for industries as well as current economic conditions.

There are a number of small boutique investment banking firms that provide a variety of valuable services to clients. These firms usually work with small businesses and individuals. Boutique investment banking firms help provide small businesses with start up capital and financing to expand. They also assist individuals plan their retirement and manage their capital. With boutique investment banking firms, a number of individuals and small businesses will be able to get the financial services they need in order to reach their goals.

Martin Lustgarten is the founder of his own boutique investment banking firm based in Florida. His firm specializes in helping businesses get the capital they need to operate. Lustgarten often meets with businesses and gives them advice on how to best finance operations and what amount of capital they need to reach their goals. In order to help his clients, Martin will use his referral sources of venture capital companies to give funds to his business clients. With this assistance, Martin has proven to provide businesses with the resources they need in order to reach their potential.

Along with assisting small companies, Martin also provides financial services to individuals. When serving individuals, Martin often manages their wealth as well as providing investment advice. He often gives recommendations of what to invest in as well as how to best save up for retirement. As a result, a number of his individual clients have experienced a lot of satisfaction when working with Martin.

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