Renown Health Expands to South Reno

As Reno’s only not-for-profit and locally-governed healthcare network, Renown Health is completely invested in the people as well as programs and equipment to help better serve the community. With no out-of-state shareholders or owners that have to be satisfied, Renown Health makes sure that the local citizens are able to be a part of how the money is spent. Renown Health’s purpose is to be able to serve the needs of the patients as well as the communities.

At The Summit Mall, located in South Reno, Renown Health has started the process of opening up a new family practice clinic. This clinic will be able to no only provide primary care services but also provide a laboratory with a possibility of an increase in future services. The medical director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, explained that the clinic is also designed in a way that it will provide patients with a more inviting as well as comfortable setting.

The space is very flexible with the ability to add more services later on. This includes the addition of a conference room, so that staff is able to sit down and talk with patients on different healthcare matters in a more comfortable setting than an exam room. The clinic will take on 11 staff members and the facility will add at least one more nurse practitioner as well as one more primary care physician. With more people moving down to the South Reno area, Dr. McCormack felt that there was a need to provide more primary care clinics.

The clinic is 10,000 square feet and it takes the space of three different vacant storefronts. The general contractor that was chosen for the project is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. Eric Fong, who works for MBA Architects + Interior Design, was chosen to perform the design as well as the architecture of this new clinic. Forbes Engineering performed the structural engineering and MSA Engineering Consultants performed all other engineering aspects including electrical, plumbing and mechanical.

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ICI is Making E-governe a Reality in Brazil

The emergence of internet and technological advancement has revolutionized all forms of socio-economic and political experiences of people throughout the world. It has allowed governments to use internet and technology to expedite the process of governance through the novel concept of e-governance. The efficacy of e-governance has made it an attractive course of action for different countries across the world. In Brazil, the idea of e-governance has been given a serious consideration given the governance issues it faces because of a huge population. The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) is the pioneer of e-governance in Brazil. E-Governe is playing an important part in making a public service a smooth and accessible phenomenon in Brazil.



E-Governe is a non-profit social organization that is associated with the Municipal Government of Curitiba, Brazil. It is one of the top organizations that specialize in Communication Solutions. E-Governe was established in 1998 with the objective to revolutionize the public service mechanism in Curitiba through embracing the idea of e-governance. The primary purpose of creating e-Governe was to align the Municipal government’s administration of transport system with the advanced technology and internet based mechanisms. Under its Municipality Publicity Program, the Municipal government of Curitiba had done legislation to form e-Governe.



Being given the name institute, e-Governe was formed with the idea that the organization would be cooperating with other public service providers in throughout the country. E-Governe is one of the few organizations in Brazil that have digitalized the sphere of governance and public service. The organization specializes in producing communication solutions for improving public service management. E-Governe’s operations are helping city governments throughout Brazil in their bid to transform the current traditional governance functions.



As an organization specializing in technological solutions, e-Governe has a proven dedication to digitalize the governance by providing viable e-governance systems. It is also committed to introducing a fast and smooth public service mechanism in all the cities of the country. E-Governe is cognizant of the growing population in Brazil and the swelling urban centers, and to solve the unwieldy problems of governance; it is providing its valuable input to several municipal governments. The organization aims to turn the populous and ill-managed Brazilian cities into modern Smart Cities.



It is noteworthy to explain the non-profit nature of the organization. The organization generates huge revenues but it does not distribute the economic gains among its members. Instead, e-Governe carefully spends its income on generating advanced research and developing new projects. The organization has no commercial interest. The organization’s only interest is to provide public service in a better and organized way. Thus the organization does not pay any remuneration to its managers, and staff members. It uses its revenues on developing its capacity and improving its services.



E-Governe has played a crucial role in introducing the system of e-governance to Brazilian cities. Since its inception in 1998, e-Governe has been able to achieve thorough success. Some of the milestones it achieved include introducing Quality Card service, Public Management and Procurement System in the health and tax departments of Curitiba.




Orthopedic is everything that deals with the human musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is the treatment of these conditions. Orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch are the doctors who treat conditions that deal with this system.Some of the musculoskeletal system conditions may be treated without surgery conditions depending on their nature. Some of the body parts involved in this system include shoulders, knees, and hands among others. The system includes ligaments, tendons, nerves, bones and joints.


Different orthopedic surgeons use different methods to treat conditions which affect these parts. Some of the most common types of ways of treating these conditions include Spine Surgery, Total Joint Replacement, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), among others.




People resort to this treatment when they have unbearable back pain. This pain may be brought about by sports, extreme bending and even age. The procedure will help the back area to relax and eventually, you will be able to carry the activities which you couldn’t do before with zeal.


The spinal fusion is the most widespread type of spine surgery that orthopedic surgeons perform. During the surgery, the spinal bones or vertebrae are joined. This will stop the motion of the bones and promote the healing of the nerves on the spine.


Total joint replacement


An individual can have their body parts totally replaced due to a variety of reasons. Some of this includes disease such as arthritis which wears out some muscles and cancer which may invade a certain body part and render it as useless. Before doing the procedure the orthopedic will assess the body part and decide whether the part should be replaced. After that, he operates the part and removes it and replaces it with metal or plastic pieces.


Anterior cruciate ligament


This is a surgery which is carried out to correct knee ligaments. The ligaments often rupture during sports or extreme twisting of the knee.


About Greg Finch


Dr. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who works at Sunshine Coast Spine. Dr. Greg Finch specializes in spinal surgery.Dr. Greg Finch is also passionate about cervical spine surgery, invasive spine surgery, and adult deformity.

Felipe Montoro Jens helps Brazilian Government to Improve Sanitation

The Brazilian government is working hard to ensure that its citizens live in healthy environments, regardless of their residence. According to a recently published report, the Brazilian government has partnered with an organization known as the National Bank of Economic & Social Development to provide concession to private companies that can offer sanitization services.


The Brazilian government has announced to its citizens that it is already drafting exclusive contracts that will be used to hire the private companies who are willing to offer their services at the concession. In a recent interview, the president of the country said that his government had started discussing the most important clauses in the partnerships. Edison has also said that the new initiative by the partnership will significantly help in offering better and advanced services to the citizens. According to Edison, Carlos this can only be achieved where there are improved infrastructure and better management.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an influential businessman in Brazil. The businessman has been in the industry for decades, and he has a lot of expertise in both private and public ventures. In an interview with Edison, Felipe says that the partnership between the bank and the government will have a tremendous impact, especially on the citizens. Felipe says that Brazil has been fighting waste problems for a long time, and it is time to solve the problem. Felipe Montoro also urges the government to put an end to the poor infrastructure in the country. Montoro says that the private industry has enough resources and everything that is needed to put everything in order. Although the industry is better equipped and with enough finances, Montoro says that it is the work of the government to put proper governance so that the citizens of the country do not suffer. The contract by the two institutions should be clearly written so that everyone is responsible.


Why Equities First Holdings is the Best Lending Option for You and Your Business

Equities First Holdings is a pioneer in the provision of stock-based loans. It is a globally recognized source of alternative lending solutions and has nine global offices. The efficiency it has developed over the years has made it the best option for businesses during economic crises and individuals in need of non-purpose capital. Here are a few reasons why Equities First remains the best lending option for you and your business.

First, the company offers two lending options; margin loans and stock-based loans. The stock-based loan is a benefit to those who do not qualify for credit based loans. Ideal candidates for Equities First are those in urgent need of cash. Investment houses and traditional banks are an option too, but you can do without the many qualification requirements. Equities First uses your stock as collateral for a maximum period of three years and learn more about Equities First.

A margin loan accepts your shares or managed funds as security. If you envision that the value of stock in a company you have invested in will appreciate in the coming years, you can send the shares to Equities First and use them as collateral to get a loan. Again, if you need liquidity for a significant amount of stock, you can use the efficient and cheap services of Equities First. Moreover, during harsh economic times, Equities First will use your stock to keep you and your business from crashing by processing loans fast in three to five business days.

Sometimes a business may need to borrow money either to settle another debt and in some cases for a personal reason. In traditional banks, these reasons will automatically disqualify the candidate. In such situations, borrowing from Equities First is the best option. One does not have to state the loan’s intended purpose to acquire a loan from Equities First. In the last 15 years, Equities First has provided loans to high-income individuals and corporations. The total amount transacted is more than $ 2 billion with over 650 deals. A fact that shows that more people are recognizing the benefits offered by Equities First and are taking advantage of it and more information click here.

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Farms Might Hold the Key to the Perfect Midnight Snack

Most people think of snacking as a custom rooted in modernity. There’s good reason for it too. When people snack they usually grab the nearest bag of processed foods. It’s become the norm in modern society. But visit the local farmers market and people will have quite different ideas about snacking. The agricultural and farming spaces have a much more extensive track record with snacking than modern audiences might assume.


A recent article highlights the fact that the best snacks might well be found at a farmer’s market rather than a supermarket.


Before looking further into the subject, it’s a good idea to consider why one should change snacking habits. At the moment, the majority of the population is overweight to the point of risking increased potential for a number of health problems. The reason ultimately comes down to intake of calories at a higher level than the body needs. This might seem a minor point in relation to snacking. After all, one wouldn’t think that an occasional potato chip could be responsible for pushing someone up a pant size. But in reality snacking accounts for about one-quarter of most people’s daily calories.


All of that should create a more well informed perspective with which to judge a statement from Isabel Maples. She’s the spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And she’s recently gone on record with a statement that people really shouldn’t be eating more than 100, 200 or an absolute maximum of 300 calories as a late night snack.


What this means for agriculture is a renewed focus on snack friendly items. People should remember that items such as apples actually have a long history as the perfect snack. They’re typically under 100 calories, which makes them a perfect fit for Isabel’s caloric recommendations. Even better, they have a long history of use.


Most processed snack foods are a fairly new introduction to human biology and sociology. One need only look at the average waistline to highlight the fact that it might not be a perfect fit. Meanwhile apples and the like are so healthy that they’re synonymous with traditional medical advice. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But apples, raw vegetable sticks or similar items might also keep one from needing to constantly buy larger clothing sizes. And finally, these snacks are also associated with a greater ability to sate one’s hunger.


Felipe Montoro Jeans Supports New Development Project

Brazilian financier Felipe Montoro Jens is extremely bullish about the potential of a new plan to boost the country’s lagging basic infrastructure. Montoro Jens supports the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development’s plan to use corporate partners in order to enhance the quality of water treatment in the vast country.


According to Edison Carlos, the director of a non-profit group called Treat Brazil, one of the biggest issues facing the country is the disparity in basic sanitation. In some regions, local and state authorities simply do not have the money or resources to provide basic levels of service. Carlos points out that 70% of Brazilians get their sanitation services from local or state governments.


Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the key is to set clear, delineated responsibilities and objectives from the outset. Although many Brazilians are suspicious of outsourcing and privatization, for Montoro Jens that’s not what this plan is about. On the contrary, he views this plan as a way for companies to make what state-owned water companies do that much more effective. The operative word for Montoro Jens is partnership not privatization. He thinks this approach could be extremely cost-effective in the long run since private-sector technology may be able to limit the amount of wastewater lost in the treatment process.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a veteran of the Brazilian business world. He has been working for multinational corporations since graduating from college in 1993. After years working his way through the ranks, he decided to study abroad and earned his MBA from Thunderbird. His experience in the US was formative and he believes that it contributed greatly to his later success.


Montoro Jeans is a director of several major Brazilian and multinational corporations. Fluent in Portuguese and English, he is renowned as an expert in finance, infrastructure, and real estate.

How Lime Crime Is Shaking Up the Beauty Product Industry

What is Lime Crime? Well, it’s a name you may have heard popping up on the blogs of top style fashionistas or even by friends and co-workers that belong to the brand’s incredibly loyal user base. Lime Crime is a brand of beauty products – lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and many other fun products – that are revolutionizing the beauty industry by putting the user first and rocking the digital space.


How is the company revolutionizing the beauty space? Well, there are many reasons. First of all, the company believes in a digital-first, user-centric branding platform. The company actively showcases real users on their website that post pictures of themselves wearing their products. The company also typically shows the product itself next to the user, with a fabulous image of what the lipstick will look like on actual lips, rather than the simply swatch of color that has left every woman returning home from a new lipstick purchase looking like she is wearing clown paint because the color just didn’t fit what it looked like on the box.


Second, Lime Crime is revolutionizing the beauty space by offering products that align with a user base that insists on buying items that meet a certain standard. All of their products are 100% Vegan and are certified to be cruelty free by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program, meaning they are never tested on animals.


The company’s founder, Doe Deere, insists on this purity for his cosmetic line. As a wearer of bright colors herself, Doe’s goal was to create a line that gave women and men the power to express themselves through a beauty line that was as unique as they are. That company culture drips down into the team and product line, and is likely a reason her products resonate with so many buyers. The products have unique, fun packaging that is an extension of the products themselves.


The line is known for its juxtaposition of beauty with a hint of grunge and rebellion and has a very cool “Makeup for Unicorns” theme that resonates with users. If you haven’t heard about the line yet, you surely will soon.


NIH-Discovering New Ways to Improve Healthcare

National Institute of Health (NIH) is a medical research center with 27 institutes found in the US Department of Health and Human Services. It conducts and supports basic clinical and transitional medical research, where the investigation of both common and rare disease’s causes, treatment, and cures are done. Under its umbrella is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that sponsored a trial called HALT-MS where researchers examined the effectiveness, safety, as well as the durability of HDIT/HCT in twenty-four individuals aged between 26-52 years going through the relapse of MS symptoms.

The volunteers did not take any MS treatments after receiving a high-dose of immunosuppressive treatment and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT. It was discovered that one treatment with HDIT/HCT is more effective than continuing treatment with the best medicines available. NIAD Director Anthony S Fausi indicated that the encouraging findings support further research to establish the effectiveness of HALT-MS.The experimental treatment is after suppressing active disease-causing cells and resetting the immune system. Five years later, those who participated remained in remission and their MS stabilized. Some showed improvement of recovery of mobility. HDIT/HCT will be the possible therapeutic alternative for patients suffering from active relapsing-remitting MS especially those who respond poorly to the available therapies. You can also visit his Facebook profile :

Dr. Shiva Goal Visishta has close to 40 years of experience in the field of Neurology because he started practicing immediately after graduating in 1979 from Government Medical College. He is also specialized in psychiatry and is a member of the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates.Dr. Shiva is licensed to operate in New Jersey and participates in Medicare programs. He accepts multiple insurance plans. He is a board certified Neurologist who speaks English and Spanish. Dr. Shiva is part of the National Institute of Health through his Area of specialty.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Let The Good Times Roll

For a lot of companies, they need to hit rock bottom in order to fully appreciate what they had and what they need to do to fix it. Now, the past mistakes and issues of Goettl Air Conditioning have nothing at all to do with Ken Goodrich. That needs to be said. All he did was good come in, repair the company with some help, and change it around for the better. He was not responsible for the past, but he sure was responsible for cleaning it up to where they are a point where they can let the good times roll and enjoy all of their success. Ken Goodrich, however, is mindful when it comes to enjoying that success.

He knows how quickly it can go away. The work is never done, and he is going to keep putting in the work at Goettl Air Conditioning and he is going to keep putting the customers first. He knows that if he does this, nothing can get in the way of their success. He also knows he can’t do all of this by himself. He needs a team and he needs a team that has the same kind of love for the business as he does. It just can’t be another job for them.

That is not going to cut it, and Ken Goodrich knows that. Whenever someone from Goettl Air Conditioning comes out for the company, they have to represent the company in a proper way. Whether it is a maintenance job, repair job, or a full installation, each job s important to them and they treat each job as such. They never take it lightly, not even for one second. At the end of the day, they want to feel satisfied and they want to feel as though they have not only done a good job but a great job.