Betsy Devos – Taking Philanthropy to the next level

Betsy Devos, a unique personality who generously steps forward to create an equal and a spectacular right for the students. Betsy Devos is a living example when one talks about ‘Philanthropy’. A business woman, Politician, an activist and the 11th and the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is a boon for students. Devos graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. She later married Dick Devos who is an entrepreneur, community activist and a philanthropist. Her interest in serving and standing up for equal educational rights for the students evoked when she came across the work leader in her home town. The leaders strived to gain equal opportunities for students. This provoked her to find her utmost desire. ‘Equal rights to every student’. Betsy Devos led parents and children as a mentor of the at-risk children in the Grand Rapids Public School (Michigan) from the past 15 years.

Devos has made a firm position in the education policy, almost from the past thirty years. Devos says that the time spent at the Grand Rapids public school has changed her life and her perspective about education forever.She was interviewed by the Philanthropy magazine a few years back. When they asked about her leading role in the movement, Devos simply replied that she and her husband Dick supported the parents whose children studied at Potter’s House Christian School for many years through scholarship funds. She also mentioned that she had been active on the boards of two national charities, Children First America and the America Education Reform Council. These two national charities helped in enhancing the educational choices for students. She started a politician action committee called the Great Lakes Education Project in Michigan. The purpose was to promote education by establishing public schools of choice. It was a successful movement indeed.

Devos claimed that this was the beginning and this was the period when she started to involve with American Federation for Children. Jhon Walton and Dick Devos established the All Children Matter. It was a politician organization which was chaired by Betsy Devos.The interview ended with an interesting question. The magazine asked Devos what was success to her? Devos humbly replied that all parents should get the privilege to have an opportunity to choose the best education setting for their children and the children should get the privilege to choose and pursue education with many opportunities. After supporting the students wholeheartedly for the new education choices in 25 states, Devos looks forward to work with President Trump and assures to bring in many more opportunities and enhance various measures for the equal rights for the education of the students.

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Unique Dental Practice Setting The Trend In The Industry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a renowned dental practitioner with broad skillsets in dentistry and other facets of the business such as administration and networking. He works with a team of fellow competitive dentists under his firm MB2 Dental Solutions to deliver impeccable results to clients across the United States. Having worked at various levels in the industry such as an associate dentist, a dentistry trainer, supporters and a mentor, he understands the intricacies that arise from every expert’s duties. Under MB2Dental, Chris Villanueva mentors dentists and college graduates with a specialization in the course to reach their career heights. MB2 Dental is the epitome of the perfect union between dentists and patients. He applies his leadership skills to maintain an independent clinic that caters to the needs of all dentists’ careers without derailing their performance. Read more on to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

Since starting MB2 Dental Solutions, Chris Villanueva has successfully managed over 70 dentistry practices spread across six states in America. He has a team of more than 500 employees in a count, who deliver excellent results in unions. Steven’s firm is the recipient of hundreds of positive reviews which display the seamless working model. Dr. Chris Villanueva primary motivation of starting MB2 Dental was to free up time for dentists to focus on their practice and eliminate the need for them to deal with mundane tasks of the office. MB2 takes up matters of accounting, human resourcing, technology, legality, marketing and compliance with incomparable expertise. As a result, every practice receives regular updates with modern technology and a better controlled economic state. The saved up time and energy ensures that dentists attend to patients with top notch services. Know more:

MB2 Dental Solutions hosts retreat events twice annually to create a networking and bonding forum for team members, especially the dentists. The events have proven useful in the manifestation of visionary ideologies which arise from the creativity fostered by the retreat environment. The last trip to Cabo San Lucas was a success in every sense. It included sporting activities like white water rafting and relaxation in high-end hotels in the region. Visit to know more.

Chris Villanueva was born in Ohio and has acquired an international sense of citizenship due to residing in multicultural areas while growing up. He pursued his education in Asia and South America after leaving Caracas High School. His understanding equips him with competence to put MB2 Dental ahead of the curve and serve patients better. Chris is husband to Carol Villanueva, a dentist with a licensed office in North America. The couple has four children and enjoys their time together during off hours.

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OSI Group is a Company Built on Integrity

OSI Group is a privately owned American company. They are meat processors that serve the retail and food service industries. They were founded in 1909 in Chicago, Il. They currently have around 20,000 employees and are currently based in Aurora, IL. They have plants located across the United States. OSI Group supplies food on an international level to many well-known companies such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Subway. They supply a wide variety of food such a met products, fish, pizza, vegetables, and bread products.

OSI Group has been rated in the top 100 food companies in the US. They are a company that can be trusted and try to provide top of the line customer service and culinary expertise. They are committed to sustainability and quality of their products. They remain on top by constantly improving the industry with innovative ideas. They are a company based on honesty and integrity.

The OSI Group UK also recently was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. They were awarded this honor because of their commitment to managing environmental risks. OSI Food Solutions was one of 18 companies in 2016 to receive this prestigious honor. They have also won this same award in 2013 and 2015. One of the main criteria to be considered for this honor is to have a 5-star rating in all categories from the British Safety Council.

OSI Group is a company based on integrity and trust. That mainly stems from its employee base. They strive to create a challenging yet rewarding work environment for their staff. They have a careers section on their website for anyone interested in working for this fantastic company that has received numerous awards and accolades. They are also committed to an inclusive and inclusive work force. They believe that every individual employee can make a difference for the company.



Is Equities First Holdings Taking Over the Financial Market?

Equities First Holdings is a global lender of alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company offers its clients stock based loans that they use as capital for investment and expansion. The stock based loans are not restricted and so the clients are free to use the capital to invest in whatever pleases them. Equities First Holdings relocated to its Melbourne office that is located in Melbourne Australia. The regional office new address is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne and the phone contact is +61386887191.

The new location makes it more accessible to the company business associates and its clients. The change of offices is a strategic move that will allow the company to accommodate all its staff and customers since the company has since grown its clientele base.

So far, Equities First Holdings has 3 offices in Australia namely Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. It also has other offices in other countries of the world making it a global entity. It has a presence in Indianapolis, Switzerland, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA, United Kingdom, and Indiana.

The firm has provided its clients with alternative financing solutions and supplies capital against public stock that allows the clients to accomplish their personal and professional goals since 2002. The firm provides capital against traded shares in public exchanges across the world and so far, it has completed more than 700 transactions amounting to not less than $1.4 billion.

The company specializes in offering security based lending services after evaluating the client’s performance based on their bonds, stocks, and treasures. The firm then uses equities to serve as collateral for loans within a fixed period of time .The main focus of Equity First Holdings is to offer an alternative lending solution that is efficient and it is currently researching on ways of improving its services since the company is focused on meeting their clients’ needs and growth.

Overview And Review Of Achievements Made By White Shark Media

***UPDATE*** July 21, 2017–Check out a recent review of White Shark Media on GRE Report

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– White Shark Media is happy to share their new feature on Geeks News, “White Shark Media Presents A Review In PPC Best Practices.” See link below to learn more.

Founded in 2010, White Shark Media has overcome the many challenges that make it difficult for businesses to reap profits in the first few years after establishment. The company joined the market with a new strategy that has helped them to stay ahead of competition.

For instance, a post on their blog shows how the company has converted customer complaints into useful ideas that have inspired the addition of new useful features.

In line with their vision statement, White Shark has continued to innovate and introduce new features that have offered clients the freedom to manage their campaigns with ease. Some of these features include call tracking, which are a way clients can track the performance of their AdWords campaign. The company has also come up with measures to allow better communication among clients and the support.

Positive reviews

Due to the great services White Shark Media has been offering to clients, they have received positive reviews on different platforms. A Shopify testimonial posted by a client shows that the client earned more flow of customers after embracing the marketing services offered by White Shark Media.

According to Citrite, another comment from a cleaning service based in New York expresses satisfaction in the care White Shark Media took while managing their program despite them being a small business. The company has posted massive sales and is in the process of expanding business to cover more areas and to offer clients better services.

White Shark Media works on orders from all specialties as shown on their testimonials page. Clients running different types of businesses have responded with positive reviews citing their satisfaction in the great services White Shark Media has offered to promote their businesses.

AdWords performance evaluation

White Shark Media also offers risk-free evaluation that is conducted by specialists in a bid to assist clients to understand their strengths and weak nesses. The free AdWords performance process is customized to allow easy navigation that will enhance the performance of small businesses.

Google Premier SMB Partner

Additionally, White Shark Media is a certified SMB partner of Google. They were picked to join the program after a thorough review that revealed their strengths in the industry.

Google has trusted the services of White Shark Media to offer budding businesses marketing support through the SMB Partner program. The company has also signed a partnership with Bing to work as a certified reseller.

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Osteo Relief Institute: Perfect Management of Osteoarthritis

Although osteoarthritis is common in most people globally but a majority of the people don’t seem to understand what it is! Many people know it as a single illness, but osteoarthritis involves pain in the joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis according to research. More than 50 million in the United States population suffer from arthritis, though it is common in women. Interesting to note, it has been termed as the largest cause of disability in the world.


Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis. It involves low or no production of the soft cartilage tissue in the joints. When there is a wearing off in the tissues, the bones may be subjected to rubbing each other during movement of limbs. This, in turn, imposes pain in those joints causing swelling. The stiffness of the joints is also a problem caused by osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis has no cure, but it has many ways in which it can be treated (Manta).


Osteoarthritis may be caused by factors such as excess weight, age, and family disease history (How to deal with Osteoarthritis). One is advised to exercise through stretching, adjusting their position when doing an activity, not over using any joint, managing weight, and not engaging in activities beyond one’s ability. In any medical center, one can be subjected to physical therapy, but if the problem persists, one may undergo surgery for joint fusions and replacements.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute deals with treatment of knee joints. Often, most patients who attend Osteo Relief Institute are more than willing to go back to their normal state. Be it a slight pain or the osteoarthritis condition, Osteo Relief Institute has invested heavily in technology to solve these issues. Their modern advanced equipment can be used to identify the pain and provide the accurate treatment for your knee.


Osteo Relief Institute screening services to identify pain and the form of treatment are all free. Their main aim is to see people back to their normal health with no discomfort of pain. Their proven advanced methods have always been successful.( Osteo Relief Institute believes that everyone should try the best form of treatment other than undergoing complex procedures which may prove more tedious.


Center Yourself at The Kaballah Centre

Although Kabbalah was once reserved for married men over 40 it has recently gained interest by several celebrities including Madonna, Paris Hilton and other people not typically thought able to learn the ancient beliefs. The Kabbalah Centre’s main focus teaching people how to create joy and lasting fulfillment in their lives. Anyone can join and learn the teachings of Kabbalah regardless of faith or religion, and that may be one of the reasons so many celebrities look to Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre. Many celebrities visit Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and claim that it helps them deal with their sometimes chaotic life and even reduce that chaos by a staggering 80%. Each person who visits the Kabbalah Centre does so for their own reasons, maybe they want to increase their spiritual side, make the world a better place, create a closer family or just learn about ancient teachings and texts. Whatever the reasons may be, one thing is clear, the Kabbalah Centre will continue to grow and provide a great outlet for anyone seeking to improve their lives or the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

The Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles teaches the five core principles that include, sharing, awareness and balance of ego, existence of spiritual laws, we are all one and leaving your comfort zone. Through these teachings they are able to help people create balance in their lives, live a more fulfilling life and help make
permanent positive changes.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles uses several methods to tech their students including, courses and classes, special events, volunteering, mentorship, publishing some of the most challenging Kabbalistic texts and preserving rare manuscripts and texts through their museum. These methods are time tested since the inception of the Centre dating back to 1922.

Kabbalah Centre Social Media:

China Agrees to Resume the Importation of US Beef

The United States’ beef farmers currently have a new market for their products after China announced that it would resume its US beef imports. The Chinese had stopped the importation of the product in 2003. The two countries have completed the procedures that are involved, and therefore, the US exporters can get ready to send their first shipments to China after 14 years. The trade between China and the United States will be beginning in mid-July, and it will help in boosting the economic ties between the two countries.


According to the VP of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Wei Jinguo, trade between the two countries will increase this year with the Chine importing more products from the United States. President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping had negotiations to improve trade between the two countries and exporting US beef to China was part of the 100-day action strategy. The US Department of Agriculture believes that this is a critical step. The two presidents met in April in Palm Beach, Florida, and their meeting is proving to be highly productive. By May, the US and China had made significant steps, and they revealed their results in industries such as energy, electronic payments, financial services, and agriculture.


The US farmers greatly depend on exports to make their profits. The country currently exports about 50 percent of its farm products. The Chinese banned beef imports in 2003 after there was a scare of mad cow disease, and the United State government has been making unfruitful attempts to reopen the market. The current leader of the US National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Craig Uden, believes that China’s step reflects that they currently trust in the excellent quality and safety of US beef. He hopes that this would be the beginning of the long lasting and mutual relationship between the two countries. USDA said that the meat that should be exported to China should be from cattle that are free from growth promoters and less than 30 months old.

Securus Technologies Has Moved Forward Under The Direction And Expertise Of Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He took the position in July of 2008 and most people believe he was the right person to assume the leadership of the company. His focus, experience and drive are all critical for his position. He has been responsible for moving the company in the right direction and when it concerns quality services and products he has become the undisputed leader in the corrections field. Rick Smith shows excellence in his track record, unique skillset and impressive background. He has experience in telecommunications, business development, information technology, operations and finance. His leadership skills have been invaluable in his career. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas and provides a wide variety of services. They are responsible for over 1,000,000 inmates and handle approximately 2,600 public safety, law enforcement and corrections facilities in North America. With Rick Smith as a leader their commitment to providing services and technology in their field continues to excel. They offer services for investigations, public information, biometric analysis, monitoring, inmate self service, communications, emergency response and incident management.

Rick Smith’s background in education is solid. His Associates degree comes from the Rochester Institute of Technology, his Masters degree in engineering from the State University of New York, his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo and he has an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith worked in various positions from 1972 through 1998 for Global Crossing North America Inc. His positions included Controller and the Chief Information Officer. His work for Frontier Information Technologies put him in the positions of President, Financial Management, Network Plant Operations Director, Vice President, Director of Business Development and Vice President of the Midwest Telephone Operations.


Rick Smith worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Eschelon Telecom Inc. from 1998 until 2000. He became the President in 2003 and was promoted to CEO in 2003. He was responsible for a substantial increase in the revenue of the company and helped establish a successful IPO in 2005. He stayed with Eschelon Telecom until 2007.

Rick Smith was hired by Securus Technologies in 2008 as the CEO and President. In 2009 he became the Chairman for the company. During his leadership of the company their largest competitor has been Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has more available services and products and their own domestic all center. The center has their own staff and their performance ranked 600 percent above their competition. Rick Smith Securus is responsible for the creation of the biggest VOIP Corrections calling platform and trains their own field technicians. With Rick Smith’s leadership they have invested $600 million in acquisitions, technologies and patents between the years of 2013 and 2016.

US Army Veteran Becomes a Farmer

Alex Sutton was a member of the United States Army. He was involved in three different missions in Iraq. He saw a lot of heavy combat during his time in the service. He developed a very serious case of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This condition made it very hard for him to hold down a normal job. In fact, he was virtually unemployable. He was beginning to wonder where his life was going to go now that his time in the military was finally behind him. A friend of his was a farmer. Alex thought that farming would be the perfect profession for him to try to overcome his PTSD. He had his friend teach him many of the basic things that you need to know if you are going to grow crops and care for animals on a regular basis.


It has been a very difficult road to recovery for Alex. He is still haunted by vivid flashbacks and nightmares that remind him of the horrors that he witnessed while serving in Iraq. However, he finds that working hard on his farm is helping him to get a little better one day at a time. He raises pigs, sheep and chickens. He enjoys working with animals and finds their companionship to be comforting. Almost 400,000 of the US military personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD. It is because of this that Alex has taken it upon himself to teach some of the veterans how to become a farmer. He hopes that this job will have the same benefits for these people as it does for him.


Having PTSD can be a very difficult thing. Veterans can suffer from severe depression and have suicidal thoughts. Alex finds that being outdoors on a regular basis and breathing fresh air are very important to helping him cope with his PTSD. He is glad that he discovered farming when he did.