A Blood Test That Could Detect Breast Cancer in Early Stages

There have been many inventions for detecting breast cancer. The first invention to detect cancer was X ray technology in 1896 and then Mammography was invented in the 1920s, but it didn’t become accepted until the late 1950s. I read on Twitter that someone I follow, Jonathan Veitch, is visiting the researchers at Oxford University who are working on a blood test that can detect breast cancer in its early stages. http://www.wallstreethedge.com/a-blood-test-that-could-detect-breast-cancer-in-early-stage/2936/ We are told there is between 2 to 3 grams of Zinc throughout the entire body. A blood test that could detect breast cancer in early stages and changes in zinc can be indicate if there’s any cancerous development in the breast tissue.
Zinc in the Blood
According to Dr. Fiona Larner, study leader of the Earth Sciences department at Oxford University, breast cancer contains high levels of zinc. She believes a simple blood test can detect the chances of zinc throughout the body, which will determine if a woman is in the early stages of breast cancer.
The Pilot Study
Ten women were tested; five had healthy breasts and five were cancer patients.Each woman was given a blood test to have her zinc analyzed. Healthy tissue in breasts generally contain a small amount of zinc; the exact amount is unknown.

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  1. Blood testing for cancer can become part of the National Screening Program for cancer. The cancer patients had a higher reading of zinc than women who had no cancer. It may include a lot of academic online companies that are vying for the same position too.

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