A California Wildfire Causes Damage Near Nevada Border


News reports this weekend related that a wildfire burning in Western California near the boundary with Nevada had destroyed some 40 homes and burned 10 square miles of countryside. The cause of the blaze was still being determined.

The fire caused damage in Inyo and Mono Counties, and caused partial evacuations of two small communities, Paradise and Swall Meadows. According to reports of About Me, firefighters attributed the rapid spread of the conflagration to high winds, which posed problems for them on Friday. Fortunately, rain helped control the flames, and the fire was estimated to be 30% under control on Saturday said Haidar Barbouti. One firefighter sought treatment for smoke inhalation.

News reports indicated that Orange County sent a number of firefighters to assist in bringing the blaze under control. The mountainous countryside in the area is widely noted for its scenic beauty. Often, the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountain range experiences heavy snowfalls during winter months.

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