A cancer diagnosis is the beginning, not the end, of a journey

Imagine a patient who has felt off for weeks or months. She knows something is wrong. Doctors are sure something is wrong, but none of the tests have come back positive yet. Before the doctor gives up entirely, he runs a few more tests. The patient in question and the doctor both believe the tests will come back negative, as every other test has done so far. A week later, the test results come back. The doctor calls the patient into his office to discuss the results. The patient knows this is not good news. Her anxiety increases every moment until the day of the appointment. The tension builds up until the doctor finally announces that she has cancer.

The above scenario may not match everyone’s experiences. Most cancers are not found this way, either. Biopsies are usually performed prior to a diagnosis. The above scenario is more often the case for people with autoimmune disease such as Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. Both cancer and certain autoimmune disease can be treated with chemotherapy, but there are few similarities between the two conditions. When someone finds out they have cancer, there is a grieving process. They must also decide how to direct their treatment plan.

Most patients just let their doctors decide what is best for them. Other patients will research as many things as possible. Doctors and nurses usually prefer the first kind of patient, but this does not always mean that the people in their care get the best treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America works with each patient to ensure the best possible outcome. The doctors, nurses, and the individual all work together towards the same goal.

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