A Donut Delivery

For many, the best part of waking up is breakfast and coffee. It’s a kick start staple in many American’s homes. More often than not, people have to rush out to grab a donut and a cup of coffee before they have to head to the office for the day. Sometimes, this cuts into their time in the morning. They have to park and get out of the car…wait in line…wait for their goodies…and then be on their way.

Good news though for all those people that struggle with this part of their morning ritual states Gizmodo today. According to GrubStreet, Dunkin Donuts will be offering delivery. It’s only being tested in private for now, but they’re hoping to launch it later this year.

It’s interesting to see if a place like Dunkin Donuts that doesn’t offer food such as popular cuisines like chinese and pizza, can kick it off. It could be a great idea for the company. There will always be people that are too lazy to get up and get out there. This would not only target them, but also people who need a lot of donuts and caffinated treats! What a great start to the day by ordering donuts for the whole entire office and have them delivered right into the conference room.

Will they deliver coffee though, and how will it stay warm? All kinks that need to be worked out. It’s in preliminary stages, so they have time to figure everything out.

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