A Large Contributor To The Dallas Woman’s Foundation

Inequality is becoming less and less of a problem in the workplace today but still tends to rear its head every once and again. NexBank SSB, a bank regionally based in Dallas, Texas, has given $100,000 and is sponsoring the Dallas Woman’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon. The Dallas Woman’s Foundation is an organization that helps to advance the economic security and leadership of women.

The Dallas Woman’s Foundation is the largest advocacy organization in the region and hosts their luncheon annually with over 1,300 business, civic and community leaders in attendance. The Dallas Woman’s Foundation has been a trusted leader in creating a positive economic change and future for woman and young girls.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company, their primary subsidiary being a commercial bank that has over $7.6 billion in assets and has been chartered since 1992. Currently, the director of NexBank Capital, Inc, is John Holt.

Holt also currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for NexBank Capital, Inc and is also the President and C.E.O of both Nexbank Capital, Inc, as well as NexBank SBB. After arriving at the company in 2011, NexBank has grown to become one of the largest banks to be headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

One of the other key members of the team at NexBank is Matt Siekielski. Currently acting as the Director of both NexBank Capital, Inc as well as NexBank SSB as well as serving as the Chief Operating Officer of both the bank as well as the company.

It is Matt’s focus to manage as well as grow the Bank’s primary operating businesses which are mortgage and commercial banking, treasury management and deposit operations. In addition to his duties and tasks with NexBank, Matt additionally serves on the board of Impact Dallas Capital, a not-for-profit organization that was designed to produce positive as well as sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits for the southern Dallas region.

Throughout the lifespan of NexBank Capital, Inc and NexBank SBB, the focus has always been on their customers, clients, staff and community. Always striving to make a positive change in the surrounding Dallas area.


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