A Summary Of Lori Senecal’s Interview With HuffPost’s Laura Dunn

Lori Senecal is a visionary executive leader. According to PR News, her unique business ideas have made her an influential leader at CP+B where she serves as the Global CEO. Previously, she worked for KBS as the global executive chair. During a recent Huffington Post interview with Laura Dunn, Lori shared more information on her approach to management. In addition, she elaborated on how her previous positions helped to improve her skills.

Lori is the last born in her family. Since the age-gap between the siblings was small, her sisters who were talented obscured her from the world. She wanted her name and identity out. This situation drove Lori to work harder to have a unique identity from her talented siblings. She dared to dream big and take bold actions. Over the years, she has remained true to these two critical values.

In her leadership positions, Lori has always aimed at driving positive change. She achieves this objective by building a culture that inspires other people to join in and help push the company’s mission together. As a leader, Senecal believes that everyone should participate in enhancing the organization’s mission. Lori has applied this approach in every company that has rendered her services. These entities include McCann, MDC, and KBS. Lori is implementing this plan at CP+B.

While working as the president and CEO of KBS, Lori faced many challenges. When she joined the company, the stakeholders were waiting for her to come up with a new vision and mission statement. She first convinced the staff and clients that the firm was ready to launch its next chapter. This strategy enabled her to keep hold of both parties as she restructured the company. During this period, the company managed to win a lucrative marketing deal from BMW that would see it market the i3 and i8 series. Lori used this opportunity to create a new firm that believed in the power of invention. During her tenure, the company underwent a series of multiple growths.

Lori said that her most important career lesson is on finding leadership opportunities. Although most people prefer waiting for these opportunities to find them, Lori believes in creating the opportunities herself. In a situation where the organization one works for does not have leadership opportunities, an individual should strive to invest in the available opportunities. This process is easy if one is aware of his or her strength and what the organization needs. Addressing those needs may lead to creation on a new role or even division. The executive leader believes in striking a balance between work and life. Lori believes that right balance will ensure that one leads a healthy lifestyle.


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