Abusing the Competition through Innovative Strategies with Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value Hardware Corporation in 2013 and left it in 2015.He worked as the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President.

He managed the complete P&L for more than 2.2 billion dollars in international buying and 320 million dollars in inventory that covers 85,000 SKUs.His leadership of the various functional parties led to the creation and implementation of a five-year useful professional plan that delivers growth for a long time.

Kenneth was responsible for merchandising, category management, marketing, pricing, labeling, print advertising, and global sourcing. His involvement in the tasks restructured the talent acquisition strategy of the firm and recreated the whole merchandising team, hence improving the functions’ performance.

To upgrade the company’s performance even further, Kenneth rebuilt the management team in the POG, JDA categories, merchandising of the SKU investment at a professional level and store level and in the heat mapping category, which aids in visual inventory productivity.

Kenneth Goodgame replaced the True Value’s buyers making up 40% of consumers accustomed to low buying rates and performance. The new bargaining team created a highly active shopping culture with the broad range of product knowledge. As a result, True Value savings increased from 2% to over 10% for one year.

Mr. Goodgame installed the “pay for play” program which is an advertising investment program supported by vendors. By 2015, the program had raised $13.8m from the previous year’s $8m.The benefits enabled suppliers to buy ad forums, hence funding the company 50% in its national television advertising program. In 1024, True value’s advertising featured a TV ad and raised the customer count by 4%, the retail comps by 4% and the average ticket amount by 9%.

Kenneth also launched the 250 SKU EDLP program targeted to assist all retailers. The program resulted in full margin percentage and lowered retails on the highest valued SKU’S. In
In 2015, the annual test markets of the average basket ring increased with over 9%.Ultimately, the local price perception at test stores improved.

The last program to launch under the leadership of Kenneth Goodgame, ”New at True Value” was SKU’s finishing program. With the support of 2800 stores, the program earned the spot of the most successful strategic plan in research conducted by store participants.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in marketing He began his career with the Home Depot in Atlanta, GeorgiaHe is a renowned operational management leader, with specialized skills in developing excellent OEM performance. He utilizes visionary financial trends, smart business plans, and innovative marketing and merchandising to restructure and realign the company’s goals.

Kenneth’s long history in the financial and leadership role skills him to deliver corporate alignment, employee team building strategies, quality improvement and overall performance improvement.

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