Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler JustFab Founders

Fashion is a well know industry which involves styles especially in clothes, shoes or even accessories such as handbags and so on. Don Ressler along with his partner Adam Goldenberg both are the founders and co-CEOs of a fashion industry known as JustFab Inc. These guys may probably not look to launch a fashion company although they hold a deep passion for fashion from childhood. JustFab Inc Company is an online fashion subscription retailer which involves a wide variety of handbags, shoes and jewelry selections.

Adam, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson established Fabletics existence, an online fashion retail TechStyle brand based on athletic wear. After its establishment, Fabletics was revealed as the fastest growing label and plans to open more than 100 stores are in arrangements in the next three years. Moreover, TechStyle Company comprises of more ecosystem brands such as JustFab, FabKids, and FL2.

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Adam and Don Ressler friendship while they were working at Intermix Company. However, after the company ownership by News Corporation, they quickly started their business. Later in 2006, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler formed a company named Intelligent Beauty Inc. Afterward they created various fitness and beauty brands which were as a success in the market. Moreover, Adam and Don went ahead to conceptualize a new shopping platform which could be available online. They dearly worked hard under principles to make fashion performed well on the online grounds. Noteworthy to mention, they hired designers and style consultants to construct a beautiful, affordable subscription unit which resulted to JustFab Inc Corporation.

In 2011, JustFab (currently known as TechStyle) obtained $33 million funds from the United States venture capital company known as Matrix Partners on Moreover, in 2012, there received more resources ($76 million) from various companies including Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, intelligent beauty and Tech Crossover Ventures which helped them extend their business to the UK, Germany, and Canada. In 2013, TechStyle Company was announced to have sealed $40 million funding which accelerated the company’s international growth and intermission to other new categorized products.

TechStyle headquarter is based in California (El Segundo) which has contributed widely to its remarkable growth due to its revenue attributes. Reports from the CEO (Goldenberg) indicate that in 2015, the grand revenue was $505 million which grew up to $650 million in 2016. Finally, JustFab (TechStyle) regarded as a Unicorn Company due to its fast fashion growth rate having more than employees in their work offices.


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