Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa offers interesting places to visit in Panama

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa was born in Venezuela, he later moved to Panama where it is his current home. He is an important member of the community in the beautiful Panama country. Quite recently, he took on a journey to the Internet to talk of the beauty of his country. He gave recommendations to those that want to undertake on the journey to Panama. Having thrown himself to the culture and life of the country, Figueroa has made himself the perfect tour guide to Panama. He explains top places to visit for anyone visiting Panama for the first time.

The Baru Volcano is a prime destination for anyone that wants to experience adventure of Panama. It is located in Chiriquí Province and is the highest point in Panama on Instagram. The volcano offers the best adventure for mountaineers and hikers. Its broad climb is steep, hikers experiences a change in climate as they go to the top. Visitors that are less adventurous can enjoy hot springs which are located approximately 30 minutes from the main town. The spas come from thermal water which is located below the dormant volcano.

Figueroa lists the Gulf of Chiriquí along the Pacific coast as another top destination. He notes that the area has a border that stretches far and wide. The region has a natural wildlife that is beautiful to see. The region contains the riches mangroves, extensive coral reefs, sandy beaches and one of the largest island. Marine and coastal environments have an undiscovered vegetation. It provides a great opportunity for surfing, fishing, traveling by boat and diving.

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Apart from the wild, Figueroa notes that Panama City is a prime location for visitors that want to explore. People prefer heading to Camino de Cruces. The trace has been there for close to five centuries. It is a perfect place for people that want to view birds. Another crucial destination in Panama City is the Panama Canal. Anyone that wants to witness enormous ships and containers cannot resist the Panama Canal. According to the Figueroa, people that adore photography will really love this place. It is easily accessible by car and 20 minutes away from Panama City via car.

Adrian Jose Velasquez works as a businessman. He was born and raised in Venezuela and currently lives in Panama on He has led several positions in many companies, he today is a professional executive. Figueroa is excited about helping young entrepreneurs start their business. With the changing economic climate, Panama is changing and becoming a prime location where young people can afford.

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