After Quitting, CEO of CCMP Dies

Stephen Murray made the decision to quit his position as the CEO of the CCMP Capital equity firm on Bloomberg. He did so abruptly and with very little warning to the people who were in a position underneath him. They were left with questions and wondering what happened that made him want to quit. He was doing well at work and was doing things that nobody had ever seen done before at CCMP Capital. It was later released that he made the decision to quit his high-stress position because of health reasons. People simply thought that he needed to take some time off.

This was not the case. Murray quit the firm in 2015. He was not heard from again for any period of time after that. He had little contact with the business or with people who he normally associated with while he was in business. This was strange for him and something that he did not usually do. The next time that anything was heard about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was his death announcement that came nearly one month after he had quit his job. The health problems that he had were serious and that is the reason that he made the decision to quit.

He always made sure that the company had what it needed to be better. He worked well with business partners on, with clients and with the people who worked at CCMP Capital. He was not like other CEOs at other companies and was always friendly and kind to the people who were underneath him. He did not look down on them and they were all very fond of him. They thought that he was a great CEO and someone who was going to allow the company to do things that were even better than what they had done in the past.

Clients were also deeply saddened by his resignation on and, subsequent, death. They had questions that they wanted to know when he resigned. They got the worst answer possible when they learned of his death. While it is still relatively unclear the way that Stephen Murray died or the circumstances that were surrounding his death, one thing is sure: he is missed. Many people and clients express that they want to have him back in the company. The company, though, is moving forward with projects that he put the framework into before he announced that he was resigning.

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