Agricultural Researchers Examine Hidden Costs of Food in United States

Agricultural researchers have recently conducted a study to find the hidden costs of food consumption in the United States. Although citizens are usually somewhat aware of the amount of money they spend per month on food costs, there are other costs associated with food consumption that Americans do not count. The purpose of the study on food costs was to determine whether agricultural standards are having a positive effect on the cost of food consumption in most modern societies. The study was conducted for several months and is currently being used to rectify obsolete farming and agricultural practices. The study is also being used to promote healthier lifestyles in the United States.

The researchers listed several hidden costs of food consumption in the United States in the study outline. Among these hidden costs were the cost of treating illness associated with poor diet and malnutrition. The study revealed that Americans were opting for cheaper food and fast food to avoid paying higher costs for healthier foods. The problem with this is that Americans pay up to ten times this amount in health care costs associated with diet related illnesses like type two diabetes, heart attacks, colon cancers, and several other costly diseases. By switching to healthier alternatives, Americans can drastically reduce health care costs and save money in the long run.

The agricultural study also revealed that one of the hidden costs associated with poor food consumption is the cost to provide for the families of the employees of fast food industries. The study shows that over 50 percent of families who are employed by fast food industries receive government assistance for support. This support includes food stamps, childcare vouchers and other government aid.

The ultimate point of this study was to show that Americans were not considering the ultimate costs when supporting poor food suppliers. Poor diets in the United States contribute to more than a third of the consumer debt in the United States. This problem can be rectified if it is treated as the serious problem that it truly is. The study listed more than 15 hidden costs associated with food consumption in the United States and is not meant to be exhaustive. More information regarding the agricultural research study can be found here.

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