Alexei Beltyukov; A Man With A Passion To Improve Lives

CrunchBase makes it obvious that Alexei Beltyukov is a serial Russian businessman and philanthropist who has contributed a lot to the economic growth of his fellow Russians. He has formed very many companies that have been successful and very helpful to his fellow Russian citizens. He started Endemic Capital in 2013, Russian startup that is well known to provide angel funding for Russian startup companies that are struggling. Beltyukov is also the brain behind A-Ventures Limited, another company that has an aim of helping other companies in the country get financial assistance when they are struggling.

He was also very instrumental in starting the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD, a scholarship fund that provides gives assistance to Russian students that get accepted at INSEAD University. He also works with the Russian government in providing support and economic guidance to businesses through the Skolkovo Foundation where he sits as the Vice-President. The foundation is well respected when matters related to providing grants and opportunities for Russian startups are concerned. It also helps international entrepreneurs who are interested in finding investment opportunities around Russia.

On top of the above-mentioned companies, Alexei is also the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, an online educational portal that is in the mission to make learning fun and more comfortable. At April 2015, he launched the platform at an Educator’s Day in Las Vegas. Speaking at the launch, he said he was thrilled to exchange as well as share feedback about the platform with the most passionate and seasoned professionals in the education sector. The Education Day is made up of tech coordinators, hundreds of teachers as well as administrators who are lucky to explore different leading education products.

To say that he is passionate about education and development in society would be an understatement. He is very passionate about valuing and broadening the horizons by enhancing better education for all through his entrepreneurship. Recently, Solvy was listed as belonging to the league of the world’s most promising startups by BetaList.

The platform is a unique homework space for high school students that generates homework assignments according to certain parameters. It allows teachers to administer and create learning exercises that are customized in a timely and effective manner. The platform strongly embraces progressive thinking and encourages the growth mindset by encouraging students to not only learn from them, but to practice them.

Alexei did not start his career in business as many would like to think. A funny thing Alexei Beltyukov first mentioned on Twitter was that he started in medicine by becoming a doctor and after sometime, he felt that he was not cut out for the career. He attended INSEAD Business School and upon graduating, started companies that have been very successful. Currently, he also serves as an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy.

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