Alexei Beltyukov as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Education Expert

Alexei Beltyukov is Russian humanitarian cum entrepreneur; a founder of Endemic Capital. He also aids in the economic advisory of the Russian government through Skolkovo Foundation where he holds one of the executive seats as the company’s vice president. This foundation provides grants and opportunities for upcoming Russian technologies as well as young entrepreneurs with a desire to expand their firms and asset base throughout the country. Alexei graduated from INSEAD Master of Business Administration program. He also holds a degree in medicine but his true passion lies in entrepreneurship and humanitarian causes. Alexei has founded many more institutions like New Gas Technology and the current famous Solvy software just to mention a few.

Mr. Alexei among his many virtues has gone out of his way to establish A-ventures Limited, a Russian company which provides capital or financial aid to young companies springing up all over the country. He also co-founded Russian Alumni Scholarship with INSEAD whose main obligation is to provide funds to support Russian scholarship students joining INSEAD University. This is a commendable job as it ensures more people are educated in the country despite unfortunate circumstances in their respective homes, contributing to the development of innovative and elite society.

The conception of his Endemic Capital Company in 2013 came as good news to start-up companies in the country. It was obligated to form a portfolio to yield funds for these firms, in addition to that support those in pursuit of higher learning in business schools. Come February 2015 he was announced Chief Operating Officer of Solver-Online educational System. He had done researched and realized that students in his country had great problems in mathematics, word problems and graphical method and consequently came up with a perfect solution, Solvy. This provided online interactive lessons and drills to student from the comfort of their homes.

Mr. Beltyukov has definitely facilitated the teacher-student relationship since through Solvy teachers can deal with students’ problems at individual level and provide appropriate recommendations according to the education system. His aim is also to ensure that students understand and love math and see how it is actually applied professionally in the real world to solve day to day problems encountered in the world, for instance in business. He therefore deserves accolades to commend his beautiful work both as a philanthropist and as an educational expert. He is undoubtedly one of the great minds in the world.

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