Amicus Therapeutics, Taking Charge in Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics a biotechnology company located in New Jersey. They specialize in advanced therapies to treat rare diseases that are lesser-known in mainstream medicine. This helps pave a way to spread more awareness to rare diseases that people suffer from but few people know about.


Amicus Therapeutics belief statement, “we believe…in the fight.” Is a core value for their determination to continue the battle of finding cures and resources to assist those who are in need.


Information provided includes Science and Technology Journal Articles which are readily available to read. They give additional information on certain diseases which creates a great outlet for those who are seeking answers.


Amicus Therapeutics prides itself on their ongoing mission to get information on rare diseases. Continued clinical studies on rare diseases like Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pompe disease or Fabry disease is a dedication to the cause of eventually finding cures. Ongoing studies, as well as completed clinical studies, can be reviewed.


Amicus Therapeutics provides the profiles of patient testimonials that gives the reader a deeper look into the lives of those who suffer from a rare disease. It gives the people a more reality-based look as everyday people share a piece of their lives (


For more information on Amicus Therapeutics company and what they are about is available on their website. It has additional information about rare diseases, research, clinical studies, testimonials, what they are about and more (YahooFinance).


Know anyone who is fighting a rare disease and doesn’t know where to go? Contacting a representative about Amicus Therapeutics services for patients will give the caller additional information on where and how to get started on the road for treating a rare disease. Professional and friendly specialists will answer questions and address any concerns. What to expect, assessments, evaluations, types of treatment and options that are available.

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