An Inside Look at Raj Fernando and Chopper Trading

The name Raj Fernando is a household name in Chicago. Fernando, the Founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, is a well-known name in Democratic circles. While he is known for his skills in the market, Fernando is also known for his fundraising for the Democratic party. Having been a trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Fernando got his first taste of what it was like to be a cash bond trader.

Fernando has vast experience in the markets, starting in 1997 when he worked the floor of the CBOT. One of his most important contributions to date as a fundraiser was having raised for Barack Obama’s campaign as well as his donations to the Clinton Foundation. Chopper Trading was listed as the third largest support of the Barack Obama campaign, giving him what some would later believe as a foundation for staking his claim as having a viable role in the government to advise Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Fernando’s college education was steeped in economics as well as history, giving him a firm foundation for his career in trading. His education and his keen ability for leadership have enabled him to choose the best for Chopper Trading. Fernando treats his employees as though they are the star players in the trading market.

Raj Fernando is known for giving his employees the very best, including a workout room, season tickets to professional athletic events locally, and much more. While the nature of the business of trading can be stressful and demanding on daily basis, the extras that he gives his employees goes a long way in an attempt to not only attract the very best in the industry but to keep them on board.

Fernando is not just known as a successful trader, but he is also highly regarded as an expert in hiring. His process for hiring is quite different from other employers, making an impact on how companies are hiring as well as how they train their new employees. It’s safe to say that Fernando is in to win it.

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