An Overview of Ricardo Tosto’s Success in Law Industry

Ricardo Tosto is a respected 54 years old Brazilian Lawyer. When it comes to matters of the law in Brazil, his name is a significant influence on such issues. He is among the top cream of the law industry in Brazil. He pursued his law studies from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Ricardo was dedicated to emerging the top in the industry after he secured a job. He worked hard that earned him a promotion, and many some of the leading law firms in Brazil competed to have him in their companies. While working as an employee, he represented prominent people where he got their contacts thereby building his networking of starting his own company.

Ricardo Tosto is the founder of the most prominent law firms in the country in regards to representation and human resource. The firms have more than 500 employees. One such firm is The Leite office, Tosto e Barros Advogados. It is based in the cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro. The company is one most well known nationally and internationally when it comes to handling Litigation matters. The firm is one of the front-runners in embracing the idea of business management. The company has over 300 employees regarding lawyers and back office staff.

Ricardo is well experienced in legal matters with more than 20 years involvement in the field. He is the forerunner of the mass litigation model that is broadly used in Brazil. Tosto has landed various huge deals due to his prominence as a business lawyer. Ricardo Tosto’s firm has been able to apply a practical approach to handling mass litigation cases which have added to lot goodwill to the office form its customers. The issue of Ricardo lacrosse camp is one case that brought him into the limelight.

The other fields of the lawyer Ricardo Tosto’s firm are Executive, Conservational, Adjudication, Finance, Public, Commercial and Contracts, Agreement, Competitive, Consumer, Litigation, Electoral and Political, Domestic and Succession, Foreign Desks: China Desk, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Regulatory, Corporate Criminal, Debt and Credit Reorganization, Company, Labor and Social Security, and Tax. The firms are well versed in handling the named matters.

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