Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund Bring Aid to Those in Need

It, unfortunately, has become an all too common sign of our times, every day humanitarian crisis continues to strike unfortunate people across the planet, often without any positive outlook or help to come to those who need it most. Even more unfortunate, the governments of the world are often unable to directly step in and help those affected by famine, neglect, war, and poverty due to border lines and complaints from within those borders. This has left those who are most vulnerable to harm left with very few options in terms of seeking relief to their strife.


Luckily NGO and non-profits across the globe have stepped in to help where government agencies are unable to, for whatever reason that may be.


The Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe, and A Better Vision for Tomorrow in South Africa


One of these philanthropic non-profits taking the lead on helping those in need is not only changing the lives of all those that are fortunate to connect with the organization but also changing the very way that non-profits operate as well. The Ubuntu Fund under the leadership of its board member, Andrew Rolfe, has done away with an age-old restriction set upon charitable organizations, restrictions that act as a hindrance to the charitable work.


Many non-profits and charitable organizations that operate across the globe often rely on the help of individuals to fund many of the efforts utilized to help affected lives across the globe. Though often with those donations come a set of restrictions dictating exactly how those donations can be used. Once a safeguard set in place to help prevent the misuse of charitable donations, the restrictions that donors place have recently become an obstacle for many charitable organizations.


Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund have opted instead to only accept donations without the usual strings attached to better allow them to serve people. Revolutionary and certainly a sign of a change to come, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund have taken the first steps towards a better type of charitable organization.


If you would like to learn more about the work that Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund are doing please visit




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