Andrew Rolfe Champions for Charities Funding with no Restrictions

What’s the need of raising money for charity and have no impact in people’s life? That’s the question that prompted Ubuntu Education Fund founder, Jacob Lief to adopt a different method of funding. According to the founder, after raising a significant amount of money and speaking to high- profile events, he realized that money collected by the fund did less to uplift the life of children. Ubuntu Education Fund helps alleviate children in Port Elizabeth’s townships in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province from poverty. By providing a good education to children, it guarantees a long lasting solution to the poor. Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe resolved to say no to donors who came with restrictions on their funds. Today, the fund operates with a much smaller budget but achieves more than it did before.


Through the Ubuntu Model, the organization works closely with the community to develop individual plans for children. Therefore, each child is provided with stability, health, and education as instruments to get them out of poverty. However, finding donors ready to part with their money with no strings attached is not easy. Granters goes to arm’s length to control how the money gets used. Others issues specifications on how the money gets spent. Even in death, some donors still impose their will on charities. However, donors on the board and with professional experience contribute positively to the activities of the funds.


In some cases, when a donor is involved personally in the organization strategy, the terms of the grant can create restriction of the expenditure of the money. They don’t offer support for specific projects. Instead, they donate on a yearly basis. Therefore, non-profits are expected to reapply for the funding annually. What institutions require is an ongoing source of money that helps the organization in the expansion of their programs. Upfront discussion between grant–makers and grantees is, therefore, necessary. Additionally, it should be clear that the philanthropic power dynamic lies not with donors but the non-profit organizations.


Andrew Rolfe works beside Jacob Lief as the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. A B.A in philosophy, politics, and economics provides Andrew Rolfe with the leadership qualities necessary for running this institution. Besides holding the position of Chairman and participating in board meetings, Andrew Rolfe also makes monetary contributions to the organization.


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