Are Water Drinks with Vitamins Better Than Plain Water?

Americans are well aware of the obesity epidemic. As a result, they are changing their diets, exercising more, and taking vitamins. It’s something I’ve been talking about extensively with Lee G. Lovett.

Healthy food and drinks are being advertised and offered by many companies. In fact, vitamins and minerals are being added to many drinks: water, juice and sports drinks. Even though the levels of vitamins may be small, nutritionist worry the vitamins could be harmful.

In today’s world, many different foods are beginning to be fortified with vitamins. In addition to drinks, vitamins A and D are often added to food such as bread and milk. There is concern that people are exceeding their daily requirements.

Vitamin water is made with synthetic vitamins. Some experts don’t think there is much benefit from synthetic vitamins. They recommend getting vitamins naturally from the food that is known to produce a particular vitamin.

Additionally, vitamin water also costs more. It can cost as much as $3.50 per bottle. Many health experts maintain that water is still the best liquid for hydration and overall health. You can always add flavor if plain water is too dull.

Mineral water may taste good, but its nutritional value is not that much more than what plain water provides. Rather than waste money on vitamin water, drink tap water for free and you can save on your grocery bill.

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