Autism Speaks Supports Vaccines

Nationally, the current outbreak of the measles virus has spread to 14 states and infected 104 people. Researchers have pinpointed the start of this current outbreak started at what was intended to be a magical place also known as Disneyland. Since then, numerous of people have argued for and against vaccinating children against the deadly virus. Most of the fears revolve around the recent increase in autism. While others point out that the research making these claims has been proven false and its author shunned by the medical community. Some on the right have wanted to advocate for parental choice while others point out that these vaccines save lives.

Now the leadership of the autism advocacy group known as Autism Speaks is now chiming in on the argument. But not in a way that some would expect. They are actually favoring the actual scientific research that says there is no link in vaccines causing autism and are advocating strongly that all kids should get vaccinations. Currently 33 states mandate all children receive vaccines prior to entering school without a personal belief exception. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that Mississippi usually comes in last in most national categories, actually leads the country by having the highest percentage of vaccinated children at 99.7%. Colorado has the lowest percentage at 81.7%. Researchers believed they had almost eradicated the measles virus through the MMR vaccine in 2000. But the debunked research led to many parents not getting their kids shots and allowing the virus to reemerge.

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