Babies and Pre-Adolescent Children Don’t Experience Nerve Pain

Babies don’t have nerve pain, such as that caused from a pinched nerve or slipped disc. Neither does a pre-adolescent child. If either age group has to have a limb amputated, they don’t experience phantom limb pain like adults do either said Marcio Alaor BMG. That’s good news for them and perhaps one day the recent discovery of this will be good news for adults, if the phenomenom that causes them to be free of nerve pain can be harnessed and used to treat adults.

In babies and children who have not yet reached puberty, the immune system naturally provides them with protection from nerve pain. Before reaching puberty, a child doesn’t feel the pain caused from a herniated disc or other back problem, even if the problem exists in their body. If they have lost a limb due to an accident, they won’t feel phantom limb pain until after they reach puberty.
The reason these physical conditions can exists in a pre-adolescent body without causing pain is rooted in the child’s immune system. The young immune system produces enough anti-inflammatory chemicals to block the nerve pain. As the child ages, the amount of anti-inflammatory chemicals produced by the body lessens and the inflammation-causing chemicals take over and the post-puberty child begins to feel nerve pain.

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