Backlash Against FDA Added Sugar Content On Food Labels

Last year’s announcement by the Food and Drug Administration to have every food product label to show data as to the amount of sugar, in terms of teaspoons, that has been added, has sparked an outcry from food manufacturers, trade associations and politicians against the labeling revision mandate.

The FDA’s solicitation of public comment brought 287,889 responses and was a benchmark as to the interest and importance of the issue. Food manufacturers believe that this labeling mandate will alter how individuals will shop for the groceries and change dietary habits according to professionals like Brian Torchin.

Label requirements now mandate the total sugar content of products but not declare specific amounts of added sugar during the manufacturing process. Food industry representatives contend that all sugars are the same and see no valid reason to differentiate between the types of sugars.

The Dairy Institute of California stated that individuals are well informed when making proper dietary selections and argue that crucial trade secrets will be exposed if mandated to reveal the amount of sugar in their formulations. As well, the cranberry industry states that high quantities of sugar are added to harvested cranberries to make more palatable.

Advocates for label revision cite that food processors are attempting to conceal the amount of sugar in their products, to make consumers think they are choosing healthy and nutritious products, and they should be aware of the dangers associated with high sugar consumption.

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