Baltimore Restaraunt Feeds the Homeless

Michael Tabrizi, the owner of Baltimore restaurant Tabrizi, has opted out of the much-needed money-making Baltimore Restaurant Week. Instead, he has partnered with local homeless shelters and an army of volunteers to provide food for Baltimore’s homeless from July 20 to 25 reports Marcio Alaor BMG. He has also lined up the assistance of the Baltimore Area Concierge Association to organize the transportation of these diners to and from the restaurant. There has yet been no official by any other Baltimore restaurant concerning the matter, but Tabrizi hopes that more of his fellow restaurant owner’s will also come on board.

Tabrizi’s decision came after deciding that it was more important to do something for the welfare of the city after the chaos of recent months. During its five-day service to the homeless, the restaurant will be closed to the public so it can concentrate on its benevolent project. Tabrizi’s primary goal is obviously feed their hunger but he also hopes it will also give them exactly that—hope. He said the menu for this anticipated event has not been completely finalized but will likely consist of either chicken or beef, vegetables, sparkling cider, and ice cream. For further details on this story read this article.

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