Bay Area Schools Call First Ever Rain Day

It appears that one should never say never in terms of the weather, as the Bay Area has been hit with rain storms.

A powerful storm is making its way through the Bay Area, including Oakland, San Francisco and surrounding areas. The storm will bring heavy rain and high winds, which are expected to peak on Thursday. This has prompted schools in the area to call their first ever ‘rain day.’

Meteorologists say that this could be the worst storm that this area has seen in 6 years. Winds could hit up to 50 mph on Thursday, along with several inches of rain.  Check out the streaming forecast on Youtube!

School districts announced that schools would be closed Thursday, citing concerns about student safety. Officials said the closure could extend to Friday, if the storm causes power outages or damage from high winds.

Richard Carranza, a San Francisco Unified Superintendent said he took the school closure decision very seriously. He explained in a statement that student safety was a priority, and he didn’t want to risk students getting injured or overly delayed getting to and from school.

Safety of school staff was also a major consideration. Staff absences could lead to inadequate student supervision, which also prompted the decision to close the schools.

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