Betsy Devos’ Active Involvement In The Education System’s Reform

Betsy Devos is a dedicated philanthropist on a mission to reform the education system and the integration of digital learning forums in schools and homes. She undertook her undergraduate studies at Calvin College and became actively involved in the school’s political activism. To date, Betsy has an experience of over 30 years in the field and has spearheaded a variety of campaigns, and political and party organizations such as the Michigan Republican Party. A unique quality of Betsy’s pursues is her establishments of non-profitable agencies such as the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation ( and the Windquest Group, which she founded in partnership with her husband, Dick Devos. Dick Devos was the Republican nominee for the governor post in Michigan in the 2006 elections and the former chairman of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Betsy uses her various parties to engage the community in kind acts and donates to various courses in the society. Apart from running her foundations, Betsy is on many organization’s boards, such as the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church and the Foundation for Excellence in the Education Union.

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Betsy earliest philanthropy began when she visited the Potters House Christian School many years ago. She explains that the curiosity, safety, and love among the kids and school staff inspired her to revisit the school regularly, to experience its magnificence in helping children. According to her explanation, Potters House Christian School supported a lot of parents with low incomes, seeking to give their kids the best from the education system. Betsy and her husband Devos then dedicated their resources towards supporting the school immensely so as to maximize the children’s learning experience. In 1990, Betsy set up a foundation that offered scholarships to students from low-income earning families but soon realized that more parents needed the services to send the kids to school. Betsy joined the American Education Reform Council and Children First America organizations and with the support of her husband resorted to campaigning the passing of Michigan’s school charter bill. The bill would ensure the expansion of the school’s education choices by allowing the use of tax credits and vouchers for scholarship applications. After the bill had failed to pass, Betsy began Great Lakes Education Program to support the inclusion of more charter schools in the Michigan region. The organization’s success inspired her to engage with the America Federation for Children to educate the society on the importance of a better educational system. The agency has rendered the most favorable results in Florida, where more than 50,000 students attend the school of their choice with tax credit scholarships. Betsy believes that all parents have a right to send the kids to schools outside of the home zip codes and support the realization of their God give purposes.

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