Betsy DeVos and the Rise of School Choice.

When Betsy DeVos took her seat on the Senate floor for her confirmation hearing, the world was tuned in. Now, in a regular year most people wouldn’t really care to see federal appointments go through the political process, even ones as important as the Secretary of Education. With that being said, the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Party and his corresponding election campaign changed everything. All eyes were on DeVos and while she struggled, at times, she was still ultimately confirmed. One of Donald Trump’s most important ‘outsider nominations’ was put into place and nothing would ever be the same. With all of that being said, DeVos will be taking on a position that will be notably hard to succeed in due to the nature and enormity of the job. Let’s look at how DeVos is approaching the job in order to see if she’ll be successful. Learn more:


For Betsy DeVos, education has always been a passion. Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. by way of Michigan where she served as the Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman for four or so years. DeVos did more than just serve in an advisory role for the Michigan Republican Party, she essentially helped to change the entire world of education inside of the state. You see, Betsy DeVos is a proud reformer and her entire political career has been focused on changing the education system to be more in line with the writing of Milton Friedman.


Dubbed ‘school choice’ for ease of conversation, Betsy DeVos has been a champion and proponent for education reform for the better part of the past 30 years. When DeVos first took up the mantle of school choice activism, she was existing on the relative fringe of the movement. Thanks to her tireless work, and two charities, school choice has risen to become something that conservatives around the country are able to get behind. School choice argues for less government intervention in education and more private control. Now, 17 states employ school choice institutes with more than 250,000 students being enrolled into the institutions.


While Betsy DeVos has had success at the state level, she must be aware that things will be much different in Washington. In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will be going toe to toe with political icons and legends who have spent their entire lives honing their craft. In order to succeed here, Betsy DeVos will have to be both calm and poised while also showcasing her confidence. School choice will be a tough pill to swallow for many longtime government politicians but it is the box on which she has chosen to stand.


As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will be in a leadership position. She will stand as an icon for conservatives to follow for the duration of her time in office, however long that may be. IF DeVos wants to continue succeeding then she must stand by her ideals, hold fast to party and faith, and keep pushing her prospects.

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