Betsy Devos – Taking Philanthropy to the next level

Betsy Devos, a unique personality who generously steps forward to create an equal and a spectacular right for the students. Betsy Devos is a living example when one talks about ‘Philanthropy’. A business woman, Politician, an activist and the 11th and the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is a boon for students. Devos graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. She later married Dick Devos who is an entrepreneur, community activist and a philanthropist. Her interest in serving and standing up for equal educational rights for the students evoked when she came across the work leader in her home town. The leaders strived to gain equal opportunities for students. This provoked her to find her utmost desire. ‘Equal rights to every student’. Betsy Devos led parents and children as a mentor of the at-risk children in the Grand Rapids Public School (Michigan) from the past 15 years.

Devos has made a firm position in the education policy, almost from the past thirty years. Devos says that the time spent at the Grand Rapids public school has changed her life and her perspective about education forever.She was interviewed by the Philanthropy magazine a few years back. When they asked about her leading role in the movement, Devos simply replied that she and her husband Dick supported the parents whose children studied at Potter’s House Christian School for many years through scholarship funds. She also mentioned that she had been active on the boards of two national charities, Children First America and the America Education Reform Council. These two national charities helped in enhancing the educational choices for students. She started a politician action committee called the Great Lakes Education Project in Michigan. The purpose was to promote education by establishing public schools of choice. It was a successful movement indeed.

Devos claimed that this was the beginning and this was the period when she started to involve with American Federation for Children. Jhon Walton and Dick Devos established the All Children Matter. It was a politician organization which was chaired by Betsy Devos.The interview ended with an interesting question. The magazine asked Devos what was success to her? Devos humbly replied that all parents should get the privilege to have an opportunity to choose the best education setting for their children and the children should get the privilege to choose and pursue education with many opportunities. After supporting the students wholeheartedly for the new education choices in 25 states, Devos looks forward to work with President Trump and assures to bring in many more opportunities and enhance various measures for the equal rights for the education of the students.

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