Betsy DeVos: Who Is She

She is the eleventh United States Secretary of Education, and she assumed office when Donald Trump came into power. She has been known to be a businesswoman, philanthropist, and politician.

What She Is Known For

She has had a strong advocacy for schools choice, voucher programs in schools, charter schools, and the reformed Christian community. These are her interest and are the reasons why she is the head of education in the country today.

She is of the DeVos family which has been a very strong force in the education sector countrywide and has been lauded as very charitable having given several million dollars to support education endeavors by underprivileged students.

Together with her husband Dick DeVos they have been hailed as the philanthropic family that helps the education sector grow; especially in their home state of Michigan. These have been the highlights of what her family has done for the American People.

The Bathroom Debacle

During the Obama administration, a law was passed that allowed transgender students to use any of the bathrooms in their schools that they were comfortable with. This was aimed at making these students feel welcome and accepted into society.

Well, this plan worked, and they were comfortable having their choices and orientations respected until Trump came in with his objections about the whole thing claiming that it was not very advisable to do so. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on the side that proposed the bill should be rescinded.

This caused a rift that pitted the attorney general against Betsy DeVos who is known for taking strong stands on such issues that involve educations. She was strongly opposed to the decision that they made. Read more on CNN.

Finally, They Strong Armed Their Way

Yes, that is right. Betsy DeVos was forced to sign and agree with them that the bill should be rescinded that allowed all students to be cohesive and comfortable. This has sparked debates about the attitude that the Trump Administration has towards minorities and the LGBTI community in general.

The Bully in The Classroom

Mr. Sessions who has been very much against the expansion of the gay, lesbian and transgender rights has been pitted against many people who advocate for equality and justice to the whole of the world and American citizens who are discriminated against because of their orientations.

Betsy was one of them because her sector involves taking care of the students and the Attorney General has used his position to force her to agree with him. Mr. Trump himself wanted her to drop the opposition that she mounted to curb Mr. Sessions.


Betsy DeVos has shown great dedication to her sector, and she has been in the limelight for fighting for the comfort and acceptance that all students need to function properly. This indicates that she is a strong woman who knows where her interests lie.

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