Brad Reifler Trying To Open The Door To The 99% For More Investment Opportunities

Brad Reifler has seen much of the financial world and has managed hedge funds and equity investments for some of New York’s finest companies and executives. But he’s now focused on doing something different with Forefront Capital. He wants to bring the 99% of middle class American’s who currently don’t have the opportunity to invest in alternative funds, into the fold. Reifler has taken note of the movie Money Monster, taking into account how many investors have been left behind, or given bad advice by brokers simply looking to make a profit whether or not the investor wins or loses.

Brad Reifler wants to change the current landscape by giving these lower income investors tips on how they can improve their strategies, and how they can find affordable investment vehicles. First Reifler cautions investors not to simply throw their eggs in one basket, or in this case the stock market. Secondly, he urges people to do their due diligence on the managers they choose to manage their funds. And lastly, he encourages people never to detour from their investment goals, and to stick with funds that are doing well.

Brad Reifler started out as a discretionary accounts manager with his first company, Reifler Trading Inc. And he started using proprietary methods for derivatives strategies in his next company, Pali Capital, a company that earned in excess of $1 billion dollars by the time Reifler had finished his term there. His current company, Forefront Capital became exceptional at attracting the fortune 500 industry and investment banks. His company focused on the top 1% of clients for a few years, but now Reifler wants Forefront to offer investment services to the other 99%.

This latest move came some years after Reifler had tried to invest his father’s life savings in an alternative investment account for retirement, but couldn’t because his father lacked accreditation. So Brad Reifler set out to change this crisis by implementing a low $2,500 investment opportunity through Forefront Capital. He’s been working with the SEC and other governing bodies to make sure that the middle class and non-accredited investors can become accredited easier, and have less restrictions on where they can invest.

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