Brad Reifler’s Economic Viewpoint about the Results Of the 2017 Presidential Elections



Brad Reifler is the grandson of Refco’s founder Ray E. Friedman who graduated from Bowdoin College. He has built his name as a consistent entrepreneur and hedge fund manager. Brad began his first business as Reifler Trading Company in 1982.Refco later bought the company in 2000.Reifler was managing international derivatives. He then proceeded to open Pali Capital in partnership up to 2008. Pali Capital earned $200 million in benefits under Brad’s leadership, as evidenced by Bloomberg. It also expanded to the US, UK and Australia with an addition of more than 200 employees.


Reifler launched Forefront Capital in May 2009 and deployed experience asset managers to advise clients such as institutions on investment plans. His former positions as the Director at Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European Investment Bank equipped him for the Director position at Sino Mercury Company. Brad Reifler recently expressed his views on how the presidential elections will affect the country’s economy in an article, stating that there are significant ways each of the candidates will have a different effect on every American’s livelihood.


He broke down the statement by first explaining how differently Clinton and Trump will simplify the taxing code. Brad Reifler stated that Clinton’s approach would add complexity to the capital gains calculation so as to affect the average American who doesn’t earn a minimum of $1 million. By that change, the capital gains will be taxed according to the duration the investor-owned it.

He wrote that Trump would achieve the same by taxing fewer income levels, hence affect deductions and existing taxes on the high earning individuals.


He continued to add that both candidates plan to increase subsidies for the child care costs, hence breaking the child care taxes. The two candidates also plan to remove some parts of the estate tax. Brad also noted that Trump would repeal the estate tax, increase capital gain taxes and reduce subsidies for small enterprises, whereas Clinton would lower property taxes, as well as the capital gains taxes. Brad concluded by encouraging voters to be keen and cautious on their choice. He explained that while the economy wouldn’t affect some people’s social security, it would profoundly impact some few critical economic areas.  Read his full article here:

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