Brian Torchin’s Unusual Leadership in Medicine

Brian Torchin currently serves as the President of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) Staffing. He has several years working with physicians in just about every specialized field and assisting in opening and managing medical offices. He opened his first offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida, which his showcases.

Torchin, aside from having a reputation at HCRC as their top recruiter, also participates in numerous speaking engagements. In his speaking engagements, he provides insightful advice on establishing and maintaining a smooth medical practice and also on what to avoid.

Torchin himself started out as a chiropractor and quickly familiarized himself in the field and in what’s needed for the field. From there, Torchin and his team founded HCRC with the vision of assisting healthcare clientele in hiring the best staff possible for themselves. In doing so HCRC does the background checks, consultations and even the training in order to take that extra work and money away from the facilities themselves.

For their Twitter, HCRC writes pieces of advice for healthcare facilities as to how to hire the best staff members for themselves. They also give tips as to how to best hire staff from online networks, such as LinkedIn. They also provide articles on advice as to what precautions medical facilities need to take in order to ensure the best for both their patients and their staff. In fact, Torchin himself believes very much in emphasizing having a facility that’s welcoming and friendly to patients.

HCRC Staffing is basically acts as a head-hunter to hiring medical staff. It is headquartered in Philadelphia and hires staff to work extended hours and weekends in order to ensure the best hiring experiences for every job in the medical field from chiropractic to nurse practitioner jobs. They have experience assisting for hire for every type of medical centers from urgent care facilities to private practices. They operate worldwide.  Brian is completely changing the face of the staffing industry worldwide.

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