Bringing Autism Into The Light

Sanjay Shah was born in Britain where his youngest son Nikhil was born. In the year 2011, Sanjay’s son was diagnosed with Autism. At first the thought of his son having this condition was rather alarming to both himself and Nikhil’s mother. Instead of letting this condition tear their family apart, they allowed it to rebuild their lives in a very positive way. One day while Sanjay was going about his normal everyday routine, something clicked inside of his head. What if there was a way that he could create music gigs all around the world that would help raise money for Autism research? How miraculous would that be?

Sanjay had hardly let the thought finish forming in his head before he started creating an outline of the events. It wasn’t long before musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Buble’ were greeting Sanjay at the door of the events he put together. All the money from these events will go to Autism research to help doctors and parents of Autistic children understand the condition better. As we all know, Autism is where a child or adult severely lacks the development of social relationships and communication skills. The benefits from these events will help everyone further understand how the brain works when an Autistic individual is placed in a social situation. Some may react differently than others, depending on the severity of their condition.

By Sanjay creating these events to benefit Austism research, he is giving families hope that one day they will better understand what their loved one goes through on a daily basis. For anyone who cannot make it to the Autism Rocks events, you can donate any amount of money to Sanjay Shah’s Go Fund Me page. On here can you donate money and leave a comment for other individuals to read when they visit the page. Always keep in mind that every donation counts, whether it is one dollar or one hundred, it makes a big difference in Autism Awareness.

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