Bulletproof Coffee Takes Off

Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee recipe and brand invented by cloud-computing expert David Asprey. Over ten years ago, Asprey was travelling in Tibet when he drank some tea made of yak butter and was completely floored. The tea gave him energy, made him think more clearly and got rid of his altitude sickness. He was in negative ten-degree weather, but after drinking the tea he suddenly felt warm. So, when he returned home to the United States he tried to recreate the tea in a new recipe for coffee.

After many experiments, he developed a recipe for Bulletproof coffee that includes butter from grass-fed cows. Asprey, along with many other people, feel that Bulletproof coffee gives drinkers a special and unique boost of energy. The basic idea is that a little fat puts the human body into fat-burning mode and raises overall alertness. LATimes announced that Bulletproof coffee is being sold out of a shop in Santa Monica and in other places and is taking off in sales. Asprey plans to expand the Santa Monica shop into a nationwide chain if all goes well.

The coffee even has some celebrity supporters. Actor Brandon Routh says that he loves it and drinks it with co-workers on the set to raise his energy level. Also, talk show host Jimmy Fallon is another enthusiastic drinker.

Asprey, who is 42, calls himself a “biohacker”. This means that he is always trying to find new ways that technology and science can make him more fit. He’s a big believer in all things science, and even serves Bulletproof Coffee in lab beakers. He has an enormous Internet following. As far as Bulletproof Coffee goes, he feels that the combination of a little fat and a dose of caffeine helps stimulate the brain. From the loyalty the coffee is generating, it seems that he is on to something.

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